How Does Auto Transport Work?

How Does Auto Transport Work?

One of the most common questions from people who have never shipped a car or motorcycle before is how does auto transport or shipping work? Unfortunately, there isn’t much information out there in our experience, which leads to people making mistakes. Our goal with this article is to simplify the process as much as possible. 

What is Auto Transport?

Auto Transport is a service people use when they want to ship their vehicle to or from another state or city. These types of transport can occur nationwide or internationally. There are two main types of companies in this industry, both of which offer the same service: Auto transport brokers and auto transport companies. A broker is usually responsible for finding the right carrier to ship the car or motorcycle, taking the responsibility off of the individual client. An auto transport company is the company responsible for the actual transport of the vehicle. These companies employ the drivers. Auto transport companies will work directly with clients, cutting out the middle-man, but brokers take the frustration out of finding the right company with the best services available to move your specific vehicle to where it needs to be! 

Why Do People Need Auto Transport Services?

Many different individuals require the services of an auto transport company for a variety of reasons. College students, for instance, may not be able to drive their cars to school while relocating. People moving to another state may have more than one vehicle to move and may not be able to safely make the drive on their own. Car collectors literally own dozens of vehicles an

Auto Transport Options

It goes without saying that there are literally hundreds of auto transport companies. Surprisingly, there are only two main options when shipping a vehicle- Open Auto Transport or Enclosed auto Transport. When choosing a company, look for one who offers the services that best cater to your needs. KNowing the differences between enclosed and open auto transport is key to knowing what service you need to look for.

Open Auto Transport

An open carrier is a trailer with one or two levels, capable of hauling up to 10 vehicles. It is the competitiveest method of transporting vehicles, and the trailers are readily available. The drawback of using an open trailer is that the vehicles are exposed to the elements. It isn’t uncommon for vehicles to get dusted by debris such as road grime, dust, snow, rain, and the occasional rock.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed carriers offer more protection to the vehicles from the elements. That’s why if you’re transporting a vintage, luxury, or brand new vehicle, it should be done in an enclosed carrier. That said, enclosed carriers are more expensive as compared to their open counterparts.

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

Door-to-door auto shipping is a service offered by the company, ensuring your vehicle is delivered as close to your location as possible. This makes it unnecessary to drive a few dozen miles back home or to a storage or display center. It is important to note that some locations may be hard to reach. Typically in these circumstances, the company will deliver the vehicle at a nearby meeting place.

Auto Transport Summary

Like everything else, the auto shipping or transport industry has evolved dramatically over the years. It is important that you are aware of what’s offered and choose an option that’s right for your situation. KNowing your options is truly the best way to ensure that your vehicle reaches you on time and for a price that you can justify.

Motorcycle Shipping Specialists –

Motorcycle Shipping Specialists –

Everyone loves riding a motorcycle, but riding it a few thousand miles is practically impossible. Transporting a motorcycle to another city is challenging until you know that you can do it by sitting comfortably at your home. The professional motorcycle shipping companies can transport it anywhere, and no other company does it better than eShip Transport. We are one of the oldest companies in automobile shipping. Our superior service ensures your motorcycle does not catch a dent or scratch during the transportation process. Check our motorcycle shipping service and get a quick quote.

How do I Prepare My Motorcycle for Transporting with eShip?

The first thing you need is to remove any of your belongings. Then remove your motorcycle key from the ignition. It’s because no one needs to start your motorcycle. However, the steering should remain unlocked. Keep the tires inflated because it helps to roll the bike easily. There is no need to remove the fuel from the bike. Apart from this, you don’t need to do anything else when you ship your motorcycle through eShip Transport.  

What Are the Types of Motorcycles We Ship?

We ship almost every type of motorcycle, whether it is a standard one or a superbike. For more than a decade, we have transported every type of bike across the country. Here are some of the common types of bikes we ship.


  • Vintage motorcycles 
  • Restoration motorbike 
  • Classic bike 
  • Harley Davidson 
  • Dragster bike 
  • Non-runner bikes 

Advantages of Shipping Your Motorcycle with eShip Transport 

eShip Transport has more than a decade of experience in vehicle transport services. We have experts who can ensure the shipping of your motorcycle safely. We don’t charge any upfront fee and provide valid insurance to cover any damage caused during transportation. Apart from this, we provide an option to track your bike and assign a dedicated customer relationship executive who helps you with the status.  

Get a Free Quote on Your Bike Transporting

Moving your motorcycle from one city to another is not a challenge anymore. eShip Transport is a reliable auto transport company that ensures your motorcycle is delivered on time and without any damage. And we do it at a fair price. So, don’t wait anymore and schedule your shipping with eShip Transport.

Need a Highly Recommended Auto Shipper? eShip Transport offers the best auto shipping services in the industry

Need a Highly Recommended Auto Shipper? eShip Transport offers the best auto shipping services in the industry

The most likely reason someone would need to transport their car by hiring an auto transporter is to save time. You can imagine this time-consuming task in today’s fast-paced world. And while deciding on your auto shipping, it is crucial that you only choose a highly recommended auto shipper for your auto transportation needs. eShip Transport, with an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and regular five-star reviews from customers on Google, is a highly recommended auto shipper operating in the USA. Please do not hesitate to contact eShip Transport if you have any questions or concerns about your auto transportation. And in case you want your car to be shipped with us, request your free, no-obligation auto transport quote, and we will get your vehicle moving at the earliest.

Be prepared to wait

Be prepared to wait for pick-up and drop-off. International and cross-country vehicle shipping may take up to 20 days. You must consider factors such as heavy traffic, inclement weather, remote pick-up or drop-off areas, and bad road conditions, which all add time to the shipping process. In general, you should expect your driver to fly 500 miles a day.

Schedule your auto transport well in advance

You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to find a highly recommended auto shipper and the best price. While few companies provide expedited shipping at a premium, you should plan on scheduling a shipment at least a week or two ahead of time. This will allow you more time to compare prices and find the best auto transporter. With an option for expedited shipping, eShip Transport is here to solve all your concerns in terms of your car shipping. Request a fast auto transport estimate now.

eShip Transport works only with fully bonded and insured carriers

We at eShip Transport understand how important your vehicles are for you, which is why we strive to ship your car with the utmost care. When you ship your vehicles with eShip Transport, you can rest assured that all the carriers that we work with are fully bonded and insured and that they will transport your vehicle safely. We have a very stringent screening process for the carriers that we want ourselves to associate with. We only use carriers who rank in the top 5% of our rigorous screening procedures—wondering about the cost? Request a free, no-obligation auto transport quote now.  

eShip Transport is a highly recommended auto shipper

eShip Transport provides one of the best auto shipping services in the industry. eShip Transport is the most recommended auto shipper for hassle-free auto-delivery. Your vehicle will be delivered with special care and real-time alerts on its travel from one location to another. Excited to have your vehicle moved? Request a free auto transport quote now.

Get a Free Auto Transport Quote – eShip Transport

Get a Free Auto Transport Quote – eShip Transport

Easy and affordable car shipping services

Whether you are moving to a new city or a new state, there are plenty of reasons to go for auto transport services. No matter why you avail of the car shipping services, we at eShip help you get the best services to ship your vehicle to the desired location without any hassles behind. Our expert team dedicatedly works to provide the best shipping services. eShip aims to provide reliable automobile shipping services to all its clients keeping in mind their needs and requirements. Get a free auto transport quote- eShip transport.

Why One Should Opt For Vehicle Transport Services 

Whether it’s Car shipping or motorcycle shipping, it’s best to hire an auto transport company to complete the transition quickly without hassles. When you hire a vehicle transport service, you need not worry about the distance, fuel, or any other obstacle which might come in the way while transporting. A vehicle transportation company ensures that they save their clients’ time and complete the task at the earliest. So whether it’s your car or motorcycle you need to transport, relying on a  task-efficient vehicle transport service is your best option. 

What To Expect While Availing Car Transportation Services Online 

  • When you plan to avail automobile shipping with a transportation company, you would be given two options about how you want to ship your car, whether in open trailers or enclosed ones. Both the demands have different prices so you can choose according to your budget. 
  • While hiring a service, make sure that the company you have chosen can provide quality service. The motorcycle or car shipping company must have a responsible and experienced team of drivers. 
  • Ensure that the car transport service you have booked is ready to meet your demands, like time or date or destination of shipping the vehicle. 

Why Choose Us For Your Vehicle Transport Services 

Your automobile is no less than a treasure for you, and we at eShip Transport very well understand this. We are one of the largest auto transport companies in America that help clients move their vehicles from one destination to another. We ensure that we schedule proper transportation from picking up the car till it reaches the destination, and we make sure that we complete the transportation within the desired frame of time. 

  • Highly experienced team of professionals, drivers, and technicians for proper automobile checkups. 
  • 24×7 customer care assistance to ensure your peace of mind. 
  • Insurance facility to help with any unexpected incidents. 
  • A trusted brand with competitive and cost-effective transportation services. 

We are just a call away from Your Vehicle Transport! 

With such experienced & well-trained people and expertise in auto transport services, you might be convinced to avail our car shipping services. All you have to do is to contact us or email us. Our team will get back to you with the most economical shipping quote.

Easy and affordable car shipping services

Easy and affordable car shipping services

Easy and affordable car shipping services

There are a lot of reasons for which you might intend to get auto transport services. You might be buying a car online or moving to another location for a new job. Irrespective of why you want to get your car or any other vehicle shipped, our team at eShip is always there to assist you. You can quickly contact us via phone call or connect with our team via live chat. Our transport experts dedicatedly work towards attaining the automobile shipping needs of esteemed clients. Being the best car shipping company, you would never stay dissatisfied with our array of transportation services. Contact us to know more! 

Factors affecting the car transport services

The cost of hiring a car transport service would majorly depend upon the total shipping distance. Apart from that, some other factors include the vehicle’s size & weight. DOT and FMSCA are known to regulate the overall capacity of the weight carried by the haulers. The most crucial factor is the urgency to get your vehicle shipped. If you want to get your vehicle transported quickly, you can avail of our expedited auto transport, for which you’ll have to pay more. Your car shipping cost shall also depend upon the diesel prices during that tenure. However, besides all these factors, we will discover the most affordable auto transport for you.

What can eShip transport?

Whether you want to get motorcycle shipping or a Lamborghini, you will surely get satisfactory services from our end. Here are the various services that we serve for vehicle transportation:

  • Enclosed or Open Auto Transport
  • Motorcycle transport
  • RV Transport
  • Boat Transport


  • Expedited Shipping 
  • Household Moving

Our car shipper is just a call away!

Now that you are well aware of our expertise and skill set, you shouldn’t wait anymore! Try our auto transport services and have a hassle-free shipping experience. All you need to do is call us or leave a message. We would be there to serve you.