Shipping a vehicle via an open carrier is considered to be standard in the auto shipping industry, and as an honest and dependable company, we’ll discuss the benefits – and drawbacks – of open car transportation.


Open auto transport carriers are the main types of auto shippers in the industry today. They are built to haul a number and a variety of different vehicles, from three-car haulers that are designed for more local moves all the way to ten-car haulers that, more often than not, you see shipping vehicles along interstate highways. Open auto transport carriers are definitely the easiest carriers to find on the road today, not to mention the cheapest.
Open auto transport carriers are designed to haul multiple vehicles, which makes it cheaper not only for customers to ship their cars, but for carriers as well – at least when it comes to fuel and maintenance. Open transport trucks typically get better gas mileage than enclosed auto transport carriers and require relatively less maintenance, which helps keep costs low. Also, they are cheaper to buy outright, which makes it easier for people looking to become an auto transport carrier to actually acquire the truck they need to start operating. Due to lower fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, and cheaper costs to buy and own, there are many more open carriers on the road than any other type of transport truck, and that also helps keep prices low.


While open auto transport carriers are considered the standard in the industry, they may not be the safest in the industry, and this can have an impact if you’re shipping any vehicles to the dealership. We here at eShip Auto Trans are dedicated to openness and honesty when it comes to dealing with our customers, and we would be remiss if we told you that damage during transport never happened at all. Because it’s just not true. Damage to a vehicle being shipped on an open car transport truck is rare – only 5% of all vehicles shipped annually have any type of damage, while the other 95% arrive completely unscathed. However, if your vehicle is incredibly rare, expensive or otherwise really, really valuable, open transport may not be as safe for that vehicle as it would be for a daily driver.
Well, the main reason is because with a vehicle that you drive daily, you are constantly exposing it to risk when you drive and cars don’t exactly hold their value well over the first few decades of life. There are vehicles that are definitely meant to be invested in, but they’re incredibly expensive; you don’t buy a commuter car to look at, you buy it to drive. And that means depreciation. And auto transport trucks will actually help common vehicles keep their value longer, simply because you aren’t putting thousands of miles on it when you ship. And since so many vehicles shipped every day are for people to actually drive them, open carriers being the most common definitely makes the most sense.

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