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Car Hauler Services Hawaii and Puerto Rico

The Best Car Hauler Services Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Get the best car hauler services Hawaii and Puerto Rico from eShip Auto Transport Services. Ship car from Puerto Rico or Hawaii to Mainland USA with eShip’s reliable carrier services to go across borders or water to get a car shipped with NO Hassles!

Whether you need to ship a car from Hawaii to Puerto Rico and vice versa, you need car shipping experts you can trust. With an extensive network of fully licensed bonded and insured carriers, we can provide you with safe and reliable shipping services. Provided that you assist us with the right vehicle details and zip code.

We offer open and enclosed car shipping within state lines and across the nation. From picking to delivering at your doorstep, we handle car hauler services from start to finish. Our auto transporters provide car shipping all over the country and abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Our auto shipping locations in Hawaii and Puerto Rico include San Juan, Houston, Tx, Honolulu, and other popular terminals. Besides affordable cost and quick services, we offer online tracking to monitor the progress from the vehicle’s origin to its destination. Speak to our experts to get the average cost to ship a car or request no-obligation online quotes. 

Car Hauler Services Hawaii and Puerto Rico – Summary

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Shipping A Car From Puerto Rico To Hawaii

When you need to ship a car from Puerto Rico to Hawaii, eShip Transport is the most reliable and affordable way to go. With multiple vehicle shipping through our advanced network of transporters nationwide, we can help with the most affordable car shipping from Puerto Rico to Hawaii

Once your vehicle is dropped off at the port of San Juan PR, our agent will inspect and record your vehicle’s condition before it is packed in a container to reach the USA. Then, upon its arrival in the US, a certified transporter will inspect the condition to match its pre-packed condition. 


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How Much Does it Cost To Import A Car To Puerto Rico?

The cost of shipping your vehicle to Puerto Rico will vary depending on its origin and destination. Besides this, there are multiple factors that might affect the final cost, including time of year, type of vehicle, and shipping method. For instance, if you are shipping a truck, SUV, or any other big-sized vehicle, it cannot be possible without logistical challenges. 

Larger vehicles tend to cost more. Besides finding a reliable carrier, eShip Transport ensures budget-friendly shipping. While we provide car shipping to Puerto Rico from all central locations in the Mainland USA, the only way to get an accurate quote for your vehicle is to call and get a free, personalized quote for a vehicle. 

Call 800-906-6909, to get your estimated cost of car shipping to Puerto Rico.

Shipping A Car From Hawaii To Puerto Rico

We take pride in providing our customers with excellent car shipping services, and we go the extra mile to ensure that every customer has a positive experience. If you are looking for car hauler services in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, we would be glad to help you with our advanced network of transporters nationwide. 

From your door in Hawaii to the port in Puerto Rico, we will take care of your vehicle from start to finish. With regular inspections and multiple methods of car shipping, we simplify the entire process to ease any potential complications regarding shipping a car from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. Popular areas where we serve in Hawaii include Honolulu, Hilo, and Kahului. Call now to schedule a pickup or get free quotes using an online calculator. 

How Much Does It Cost To Import A Car From the USA To Puerto Rico?

The cost of shipping your car will always vary depending on several factors, one of which is the origin and destination of vehicle transportation. Therefore, there are multiple options for car shipping. For example, your vehicle may be located in the middle of the country and need first to be transported to the coast to be shipped to Puerto Rico. 

This transport will typically be quoted at a much higher price than a vehicle shipping out straight from the port. At eShip Transport, we offer pickup from New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Hawaii, etc.

What Is The Affordable Car Transport Service?

We are not always the lowest in auto transport, but we are an affordable and reliable car transport service. Remember, you get what you pay for, and eShip is a 5-star car shipping company. With a vast network of nationwide bonded carriers and honest customer reviews, we pride on offering world-class car transport services from Hawaii to Puerto Rico and vice versa. 

Open or enclosed, whatever you choose, we can assure you of the best price guaranteed.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Car To Hawaii?


The cost of shipping a car from Puerto Rico or maybe you want to know how much would it cost to ship an RV to Hawaii. The cost to ship an RV or a car depends on the type of vehicle, distance, time of year, and time frame requested. It is impossible to provide an average cost-as other auto shipping companies may do – as those estimates don’t take any of your vehicle specificities into account. Again, auto shipping costs will vary greatly depending on your vehicle size and the distance needing to be traveled. 

Calculate quotes online or learn more about our shipping services using our simple online form at eShip Transport!

Why Choose eShip For Car Hauler Services Hawaii and Puerto Rico

There are plenty of reasons to partner with eShip Transport for car hauler services Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Above all, we respect your privacy, never distribute any personal information and provide quick pickup and deliveries from all residential or business locations. Check our 5-star customer reviews or frequently asked questions.

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Call eShip to get a free no-obligation quote or schedule your overseas auto transport pick-up now. Whether traveling to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or anywhere you need your vehicle, we simply need your zip code, destination, and vehicle specs to get you a reliable shipping quote to ship your vehicle with care and attention to detail.