Shipping a Car, Boat, or RV to & from Hawaii – Pacific Islands

Shipping a Car, Boat, or RV to & from Hawaii – Pacific Islands

Who is Eship?

Eship Transport is a family-owned and operated auto transport agent. Specializing in long-distance auto transports such as auto transport from US to Hawaii & auto transport from Hawaii to US. With decades of experience shipping cars for consumers, businesses, and even the military – Eship is your leading auto transport broker in the Pacific. Our customers rely on the easy and convenient service Eship delivers cars domestically and internationally. If you need your car shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, or even back to the United States Mainland – Eship Transport will get the job done! If you need to ship a car to Hawaii, ship a boat to Hawaii, or even ship a RV to Hawaii – get a Free Auto Transport Quote from Eship to ensure you’re getting the best deal! Our exceptional agents are standing by to answer any questions you might have regarding shipping vehicles to Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, or other Pacific Islands.

Competitive Auto Transport Pricing

Eship is the industry leader for competitive Auto Transport pricing and excellent customer service. Shipping a car with Eship provides customers with peace of mind above all else. The cost to ship a car to Hawaii really depends on the time of year and overall availability within the shipping route.

  • Best way to get a quote for shipping a car to Hawaii is fill out our Free Auto Transport Quote form or call our amazing customer Service
  • Shipping a car from the US Mainlands to the big island of Hawaii will start around $1,397 
  • Shipping a car from Hawaii to US Mainland is less expensive than getting to Hawaii and the average cost to ship a car from Hawaii to US is $800