mistakes to avoid when shipping your car

Shipping Your Car: 4 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Shipping your car can be complicated, and there are many essential steps to consider before you set off.

The last thing you want is to run into any problems along the way, so it’s important to know the most common mistakes to avoid when shipping your car. Knowing what to look out for will ensure a smooth, stress-free car shipping experience.

Below are just a few examples of the mistakes to avoid when shipping your car to help guide you along the way. 

Being Unprepared

It is imperative before shipping your car, that you are prepared for the procedure before the driver arrives to pick up your vehicle. In order for them to evaluate your automobile and make a note of any damage that may already be there on the bill of lading, your car needs to be clean.

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In addition to this, you need to have the appropriate documentation available for them to review. This comprises a photo identity, a printed-out copy of your e-mail confirmation of your booking, a certificate proving that you are covered by insurance, proof that you own the vehicle, and the vehicle’s registration.

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Not Doing Sufficient Research

A significant number of people will just conduct a search on Google for “auto transport” or another term of this nature, and then they will make their reservation with the first firm that they come across.

On the other hand, there are a surprising number of businesses that have questionable reputations. Some businesses would lure customers in with an attractive price, and then, once they take ownership of their vehicle, they will tell them that there “has been an issue” and that they need to pay an additional amount.

Some businesses would lure customers in with attractive prices, and then, once they take ownership of their vehicle, they will tell them that there “has been an issue with shipping your car” and that they need to pay an additional amount.

This can add up to several hundred dollars and must be paid in full before your shipment can proceed. In the event that you do not pay, they will keep your vehicle in storage, potentially until you take them to court.

Before you schedule your vehicle transportation, you just need to conduct some research to determine whether or not the company in question can be trusted. Use websites such as Consumer Affairs and Google reviews to research what previous clients of a vehicle transport company have to say about the business.

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Putting Your Faith in Promises That Sound Too Good to Be True

The process of transporting automobiles is one in which unexpected occurrences are possible at any point along a shipment’s journey. This includes delays caused by traffic as well as delays caused by adverse weather.

A car shipping firm cannot, in all likelihood, guarantee a specific day for the delivery of a customer’s vehicle because it is not practicable.

You should be able to get a three- to five-day window from any car shipping firm that is at least somewhat credible on when they will deliver your vehicle to its final destination, and this window should be based on the whole distance of the cargo.

Leaving Personal Items in Your Car Unattended

If you keep personal belongings in your vehicle while shipping your car, the shipping insurance will not cover the cost of replacing or repairing those belongings in the event that they are lost or destroyed.

Hence, you will be responsible for paying the total cost of replacing any valuables you leave in the vehicle that are later discovered to be missing or damaged. When your vehicle is picked up to be shipped, you should do yourself a favor and remove any crucial objects that could be inside of it.


The procedure of exporting an automobile can either be straightforward and uncomplicated or challenging and difficult. Everything hinges on how well you are prepared for the vehicle to be picked up and delivered and how few of the faults listed earlier in this paragraph you make.

Use this guide from the very beginning when shipping your vehicle, when you are gathering quotations and researching firms, all the way through the delivery of your vehicle in a secure manner to ensure that it was done successfully.

If you can avoid making these mistakes, you will save not just thousands of dollars but also a ton of time.

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mistakes to avoid when shipping your car
mistakes to avoid when shipping your car