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The 2021 Top Auto Transport Service in America


Why eShip is the Top Auto Transport Service of America in 2021

eShip Auto Transport is a leader in the Auto Transport industry, consistently transporting vehicles worldwide for three decades. eShip Transport has level EXPERT status when transporting – Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Boats, RVs, Campers, and Yachts. When it comes to customer service, the eShip team truly cares about every customer – as their customers trust that they are number 1 in the industry! eShip has a stellar reputation with positive reviews all over the internet! Customers come first with the eShip’s Platinum Protection Plan! If you seek the top auto transport service in America, eShip Transport reviews will show you they are the best!

Do you need to ship an exotic car, classic car, military vehicle, or recreational vehicle? eShip has exceptional customer service and a proven track record of being the best car shipping company in America. eShip will help work within your schedule and fit into the budget as they have partnered with the best carriers in the world! Hiring the right auto transport company can save you time, money, and stress. 

A real no-brainer when it comes to the top auto transport company in America, eShip trumps the competition! You can ship your vehicle with trust when hiring eShip on routes such as New York to Florida or auto transport from California to Florida. Whatever the destination is, you can relax knowing eShip is your best choice for car shipping!

What makes eShip the Top Car Transport Service

What makes eShip the Top Car Transport company in America is their attention to detail when partnering with the right drivers! All of our drivers must have a sparkling clean driving record and hold good standing with the DOT. eShip has the highest success rate in the industry because our drivers are the best auto transporters around. For over 30 years, our team has been assisting you with auto transport carriers, and the results speak for themselves! eShip will offer the highest level of value and confidence in the industry.

eShip’s attentive staff can give real support and understanding to the customer’s specific vehicle needs. The transport quote process requires vehicle information such as height, weight, clearance, operability or not, enclosed Transport or open Transport, and you can rest assured that all custom requests are dealt with by a professional! With this level of detail, there will not be any surprises. Our reputation is the best in the industry offering the best, most highly-affordable value of any car shipping service company. With five-Star Reviews throughout the internet, you can trust eShip with your auto transport needs!

eShip is Still Transporting vehicles During COVID-19

Yes, eShip Transport is still transporting vehicles during the covid-19 outbreak. The transportation industry is deemed essential by the Department of Homeland Security, so eShip will be ready to handle all of your car shipping needs and take the proper precautions for COVID-19.

eShip Transport’s drivers will always go above and beyond for the vehicles’ safety and their owners! For more in-depth answers to specific questions and concerns regarding the precautions taken with COVID-19, call our customer service team for the highest level of service! It is the top priority to transport vehicles without the possible risk of cross-contamination of any illness!

Need a Free Auto Transport Quote?

Do you need a free auto transport quote but are worried about a carrier damaging your vehicle? eShip has a Platinum Protection Plan that gives our customers peace of mind. Although there are times when unforeseen problems can happen, eShip’s outstanding customer service team is here to help get things back on track! Have confidence when getting your auto transport quote from eShip that your issues and stress will be minimized!

Driving your car across the country carries much more risk than simply hiring an auto transport company! Coast-to-coast auto transport is one that eShip continually successfully facilitates, review our reputation and search our reviews to see for yourself. There are many regulations in the auto transport industry. 

These regulations help us ensure our carriers are going to transport your vehicle successfully! eShip offers auto transport services for corporate relocation, military transfers, and all heavy equipment, nationwide 365/24/7 – if you need the top auto transport company in America, choose eShip Transport!

Our clients expect the highest level of service. To reach out to customer service agents, just call or get a fast, free auto transport quote online, and our experts will reach out to you! If you are looking for car shipping services, you have come to the right place for the right rate!

Car Shipping Services

eShip Auto Transport is America’s top car shipping company! With over 30 years of experience, our team has shipped hundreds of thousands of vehicles and gone millions and millions of miles with our coast-to-coast auto transport run! The highest level of experience allows for exceptional service when shipping cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, yachts, campers, SUVs, trucks, and more – if it has a motor, running or not, eShip Transport will take it to its destination! 

We are the first-class car shipping service at your fingertips. Simply fill out a quick form to get a quick quote to your email. Our company holds an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau to offers the finest door-to-door auto transport service. It holds 5- Star Status on Google, Consumer Affairs, Facebook, and other reputable community sites. When looking for the best car shipping services, call eShip!

Best Door To Door Auto Transport Company

Are you looking for the best option door for door auto transport? Getting your car shipped quickly is all about hiring the right auto transport company to get the job done! With most of our customers, timing is essential, so eShip works diligently at aligning the pieces for you! Inspecting the vehicle before the Transport is the most crucial interaction with door-to-door auto transport. The owner gets to sign off on the report before the car ships off – and then inspect it when it reaches its destination!

Door-to-Door Auto Transport means we will get your vehicle picked up from any address in the world and deliver that vehicle to any destination location. There are times when Transport can get a little tricky due to restrictions, so it is essential to work with the eShip customer service team to ensure the best door-to-door possibilities!

Auto Transport by Vehicle Brand

eShip Transport prides itself on the best customer service experience with all brands, makes, and models. Our transport fleet is exceptional, and our drivers are the best in the industry. eShip offers auto transport services for the following brands but not limited to these:

Enclosed Trailer Transport By Brand

  1. Mercedes-Maybach
  2. BMW
  3. Rolls Royce
  4. Bentley
  5. Porsche
  6. Bugatti
  7. Ferrari
  8. Audi AG
  9. Lamborghini
  10. Jaguar
  11. Aston Martin
  12. Land Rover
  13. Lexus
  14. Tesla
  15. McLaren
  16. Maserati
  17. Alfa Romeo

Open Trailer Transport By Brand

  1. Toyota
  2. Ford
  3. Chevrolet
  4. Dodge
  5. Honda
  6. Kia
  7. Volvo
  8. Mitsubishi
  9. Fiat
  10. Nissan
  11. Volkswagen
  12. Subaru
  13. Hyundai
  14. Chrysler
  15. Mini

These categorizations are based on how our customers’ shopping trends show but are listed in no specific order. It is also important to note that we can ship any vehicle in any method chosen by the customer. These lists are simply our most commonly shipped vehicles for each carry option. Enclosed auto transport is going to cost 30% more than open-air auto transport. Weigh the value of the car and the safety desired to get it from point A to point B. 

Understand that with open-air Transport, there are always risks of nasty wind-blown road debris. To have the most peace of mind and problem-free experience, choose the enclosed auto transport! For other transport needs, read on.Auto Transport State to State

It is much simpler to hire a professional auto transport company like eShip to transport your vehicle from state to state. Our drivers are the most experienced with all American routes, knowing the best way to transport your car! When considering an auto transport company to move your car from state to state, know that eShip is dedicated to these domestic auto transports and is here to serve their customers!

Exotic Car Transporters

eShip Transport is an expert in the exotic car transporting industry. Exotic cars should always go into an enclosed trailer for Transport. There are varying levels of enclosed trailer material and services offered for exotic car transport. Our number 1 mission is to keep your exotic car in pristine condition. Whether you need a luxury car moved, taken to the shop, or purchased/sold – you can trust our exotic car transport drivers who are fully trained with tremendous experience handling these vehicles. Our reputation is on the line, eShip will deliver.

Classic Car Transport

Classic car transport needs to be treated as meticulously as the classic car owners themselves would maintain. To ensure this happens, make sure to align yourself with a classic car transporter that understands the importance of security and peace of mind. Classic cars can tend to be an individual’s prized possessions, treated like family, kept in the highest condition possible – with the most extreme care! You can trust eShip Transport for all of your classic car transports: interstate or intrastate. Our classic car transport goes coast to coast with extreme care!

Enclosed Motorcycle Transport

An ideal way to transport your motorcycle across the country is enclosed motorcycle transport! eShip Transport is your number 1 choice for motorcycle transport!. With extensive experience and many thousands of motorcycles shipped, you can trust eShip to get your motorcycle delivered quickly, safely, and on time. 

Whether an owner, dealer, or collector – transporting a motorcycle can be a big deal, and choosing the right enclosed motorcycle transport company is clutch! Perfection is impossible, but our transporters are as close to a perfect motorcycle transport as possible! From ATVs to dirt bikes and trikes, eShip Enclosed Motorcycle transport is your #1 choice in America! Check out more of our motorcycle transport services here!

Boat Shipping & Yacht Transport Services

The repeat customers for boat and yacht transport services offered by eShip’s Marine Transport division demand the highest service level. eShip Marine Transport will exceed all expectations and deliver the perfect boat and yacht transport service. Not everyone can make these claims by transporting a powerboat, sailboat, fishing vessel, or motor yacht. 

You can learn a lot more about eShip’s Marine Transport division by clicking here. If you need boat transport by land, let us quote it. If you need a yacht transport by sea, let our head captain reach out to you and discuss your needs. eShip Marine Transport will be your superior boat transport service.

Heavy Equipment Transporters

Oversized equipment, dump trucks, earthmovers, and other large commercial equipment need to move from location to location. eShip Heavy Equipment Transport is here to help, and no job is too big and never too small! Our heavy equipment movers are experts in shipping large equipment in America. We understand the challenges faced with heavy equipment transport, and we know how sensitive these services are. To learn more about heavy equipment transport services from eShip, click the link. If you need a heavy equipment transport quote, please call our office, and our excellent staff will get the machines moving

Military Auto Transport

One of the most frequent needs of an active military member is the ability to respond quickly and effectively to the Permanent Change of Station order. These orders could send you to another state or across the country! eShip Military Auto Transport will offer its military personnel special pricing and unparalleled service. Our women and men in uniform deserve the best-priced military auto transport when changing bases or just moving around the country. If you are an active member of the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard – eShip Transport is here when you need to move your vehicle!

For the best auto transport service rates, please contact eShip Auto Transport @

Auto Transport Carriers

eShip Transport partners with the best auto transport carriers in America! Our carriers are highly trained to make sure your car delivery is exceptionally safe and secure in 2021. No matter where your vehicle needs to be picked up and dropped off, eShip Transport will be there with you every step of the way. 

In 2021, essential businesses such as eShip Transport will still be able to move your car from door to door. Many customers repeatedly rely on eShip to ship a car across the country. Let’s discuss some of the options available for our customers when shipping a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or even heavy equipment!

Open Car Transport Service

Do you need to ship multiple cars at once? Maybe you are in need of a different economical way to ship a car across the country. eShip Auto Transport is your number 1 auto transport carrier service in America. eShip offers a better value to be the competitive rates; most other auto transport companies overcharge and underdeliver. 

eShip Transport is trusted to ship cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, vans, boats, yachts, and even heavy commercial equipment. When searching for the number 1 auto transport service, you can trust eShip to deliver your vehicles with unparalleled precision and care. Open auto transport will be the most economical way to ship your car. To get an open car transport service quote, just fill out the quick form!

Enclosed Auto Transport Servicet

Enclosed auto transport, or enclosed car shipping, is the leader in auto transport luxury. Enclosed auto transport is like shipping your car in a garage. Safe from elements and road debris, eShip customers have been booking enclosed car shipping services from us for over three decades. If you own a luxury, high-end vehicle such as an exotic car, supercar, or classic car, you will most likely prefer the enclosed Transport! The level of service with enclosed Transport is VIP.  eShip prides itself on this service any time you need the most reliable door to door enclosed auto transport. Trust eShip and get an enclosed auto transport quote today!

Lowboy Auto Transport Service

In any construction, industrial, or commercial business – the need to transport heavy equipment arises and having a trusted heavy equipment transport company such as eShip is ideal! Our lowboy auto transport service allows us to move larger, higher, and heavier items like dump trucks, box trucks, earthmovers, and real-life Tonka machines! Sometimes, our lowboy transport services are also used for shipping construction materials. Nothing is too big, too heavy, or too tall for eShip’s lowboys! This is a specialty transport, so a standard quote just does not work. Please call the office to discuss your heavy equipment transport needs! Learn more about Lowboy auto transport services here.

Enclosed Car Shipping & Open Car Shipping: What is the difference

With car shipping services, the vehicle is transported by a truck in most instances! When a truck is transporting a car, it’s either in an enclosed trailer or an open auto carrier. The main differences between these two are PRICE & PROTECTION. Both will indeed get the vehicle to its destination.

Open Air auto carriers offer no protection from the elements when shipping a vehicle. This is okay when shipping a standard sedan, pickup, or SUV. When a higher level of protection is needed for the vehicle, enclosed auto transport is the way to go. It delivers more peace of mind for about 30% more cost than open auto transport. In conclusion, the difference between open auto transport and enclosed auto transport is the cost it will take to transport and the vehicle’s protection during the destination!

Need an Auto Transport Quote? Getting a car shipping quote is easy.

Do you need an auto transport quote? Getting one with eShip is super easy! eShip’s reputation for providing the highest quality car shipping services can be found all over the internet. We have many 5 star reviews on Google and supporting websites. Customers continue to come back to eShip when they need a vehicle shipped! Our Platinum Protection Plan will keep you peace of mind when shipping a car with eShip! Get a Free Auto Transport Quote Online to price-shop our car shipping services!

2021: Top 10 Tricks & Tips of Car Shipping Services

1. How much does it cost to get a car shipping quote from an auto transport company?

A car shipping quote relies solely on the information given when obtaining the quote. If you need a cost quote to ship a car, fill out the easy eShip Transport quote, and we will email you immediately! We will give you a quote, without a fee – free car shipping quote – anytime! If any other company doesn’t give you a quote for free or a price over the phone or email, you are most likely set up for rough transport. eShip Transport always gives free car shipping quotes!

2. Will car transport companies pressure you into signing a contract?

Another worry in the auto transport space is that companies pressure customers into signing a contract. This is not true. eShip Transport gives you a quote, and then you have the choice to hire them or not. Only once hired will paperwork be required; this is standard once the quote has been accepted. To find out about our reputation, search in Google for “eShip auto transport reviews” or a broader phrase like “auto transport reviews.” You will find many companies out there that claim to be expert auto transport companies, but few match eShip Transport’s rating with the Better Business Bureau! After reviewing the eShip reviews, you will see why so many customers repeatedly choose eShip!

3. Can I ship a car if I’m not available at the pickup or drop-off?

To keep the answer simple: Yes, Indeed! While we are building your transport service request, these concerns will be hashed out. With the owner’s permission, eShip carriers will pick up and deliver your vehicle anywhere. Most of the time, we prefer our customers to inspect the car with the driver on pick-up and delivery. If this is not possible, the owner should always take photos before Transport, and the carrier will take pictures upon delivery. To ensure COVID-19 standards are met, we will sanitize the vehicle.

4. How long does it take to ship a car?

Once the quote is accepted and the service order is placed for Transport, your vehicle will be scheduled for pick up as soon as possible according to your desired schedule. The vehicle will be assigned and picked up within days, and you will be properly informed along the process. Once the car is picked up, the driver will set expectations on when they think it will be delivered.

The estimations given below do not reflect the time it takes to process your transport service request and the vehicle being picked up – this is a standard 1-5 days

  • 2-3 Days needed for 1,000 Mile auto transport
  • 4-6 Days needed up to 2,000 Mile auto transport
  • 7-10 Days needed up to 2,500 Mile auto transport
  • 10-14 Days needed for all auto transport above 2,500 Miles

5. Should I ship my car on an open auto transport or an enclosed auto transport carrier?

The most important part of our car shipping service is to keep the vehicle safe while in our possession. Once the driver arrives at the pickup location, the vehicle will be inspected, and a Bill of Lading is given before the driver leaves that details all findings. eShip’s Platinum Protection Plan ensures that your car is covered against damages – but why risk it? 

The most competitive auto transport is open car carriers, but they do expose your vehicle to weather and windy blown debris on the highway. With enclosed trailers, you are protected from all of these mishaps. Enclosed auto transport is the ideal choice for exotic, classic, and supercars. Enclosed auto carriers will have the highest level of insurance to ensure your vehicle is covered!

6. When will I know when my car will be picked up and dropped off?

Our fantastic customer service advocates are always keeping you informed along the way. You will also receive the contact information for the driver and the dispatcher assigned to that driver! Our dispatchers will call you 24hr before your vehicle is expected to arrive. eShip Transport’s key objective is customer communication – when the customer knows what’s going on, the Transport is smooth!

7. When do I have to pay for my car shipping service?

eShip has learned over the years that our customers need different payment options and arrangements. Our fees work according to the service delivered, but our customers are our number 1 priority. Most auto transport companies charge a deposit at booking, another payment upon pick up, and the remaining balance on drop off. Corporate accounts have different terms like invoicing and net 30, but speak to our customer advocate and discuss what will work best for you!

8. Do I need to prepare my vehicle for the shipping process?

With some guidance from eShip, the process of preparing a vehicle for shipping is simple. Make sure if the car is operable, and all fluids and pressures are proper. Leave at most ¼ tank of gasoline to help with transport weight. Remove all personal items from the car. Pro Tip: Remove Toll Reading Devices!

  • Clean your car before Transport – cleaner cars show chips, scratches, and dents before Transport.
  • Check tanks, trunks, fluids, and pressures
  • Remove personal items, valuables, toll devices, and any other non-essential items in the vehicle. Limit personal belongings

9. Should I inspect the vehicle with the driver before and after the Transport?

Before delivery, the driver will contact you to arrange for delivery. It is suggested that you and the driver inspect the vehicle as the pre-vehicle condition will be matched with the post-vehicle condition so it is important that all notations are accurate and agreed upon. Upon delivery, the driver and the owner will inspect the car for any possible damages. 

If you chose an enclosed trailer there will most likely be no damage as it is a higher level of protection. With open carriers, the possibility is always there. If such situations happen, please contact our customer service team so our Platinum Protection Plan can assist!

10. Who do I call if I need an auto transport quote?

When you need a free auto transport quote, always call eShip or fill out a quick, online quote form! It is super simple and highly efficient for our customers. If you have a unique request, we urge all our customers to call in and discuss your needs. Our mission is to serve the highest quality auto shipping in the country! eShip Transport is the best auto transport company in 2021 and beyond!

Enclosed Auto Transport is the best way to Ship a Car.

The best way to transport your vehicle is in an enclosed trailer. We offer two different types of enclosed carriers: hard and soft-sided carriers. Enclosed Transport, as mentioned before, protects your vehicle from all potential harsh elements like wind, hail, unidentified flying objects, and any other harmful projectile that could challenge the Transport en route to the destination! 

Gentle slope ramps allow our carriers to load the lowest exotic cars and load large luxury SUVs. The enclosed trailer is our definite suggested way to transport high-end vehicles such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Aston Martin.

Explain Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport

Our explanation of a soft-sided enclosed carrier is to imagine an auto carrier you typically see on the highway and drape vinyl material over the carrier. This material can roll up and is flexible. It’s a great way to ensure no wind-blown debris damages vehicles. Soft-Sided carriers will protect against branches, pebbles, and most blowing debris, whether your journey is hundreds or thousands of miles long. 

These auto carriers are ideal for shipping luxury or sports cars. We ensure that when it arrives, it looks like when it left without needing a bath! Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport is a great way to ship your Ferrari! 

The mack daddy of enclosed auto transport is the hard-sided enclosed trailers. These fully enclosed trailers protect your vehicle like no other transport service. Our hard-sided enclosed carriers are almost impenetrable and are the most secure way to ship your exotic car. Most of our carriers can hold up to 6 cars as each has 2 levels with a hydraulic lift to position each vehicle. 

The lower vehicles are shipped inside these high-tech enclosed trailers as keeping the floor level allows for easy maneuvering. All of the enclosed trailers are also climate controlled. Hard-sided auto transport will give more protection than soft-sided with only a small increase in cost. The peace of mind in protection is worth it with high-value vehicles.

If you need to ship your Rolls-Royce from New York City to Miami Beach, Florida, definitely choose eShip’s Hard-Sided Enclosed Transport!

Pros vs. Cons of Enclosed Auto


Our explanation of a soft-sided enclosed carrier is to imagine an auto carrier you typically see on the highway and drape vinyl material over the carrier. This material can roll up and is flexible. It’s a great way to ensure no wind-blown debris damages vehicles. Soft-Sided carriers will protect against branches, pebbles, and most blowing debris, whether your journey is hundreds or thousands of miles long. 

These auto carriers are ideal for shipping luxury or sports cars. We ensure that when it arrives, it looks like when it left without needing a bath! Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport is a great way to ship your Ferrari!


The big con that sticks out to many who seek enclosed auto transport is the higher cost. Without a doubt, a higher level of protection and service will come with a higher cost. Due to the value of vehicles shipped, everything becomes more costly for everyone involved. Also, enclosed auto carriers are at a 1-10 ratio to open auto carriers on the road, so finding the right carrier to match your needs is not always easy, and this drives the enclosed Transport cost up! 

Another possible negative to enclosed carriers is that the lead time might be longer than an open carrier. Make sure you book ahead as best as possible to get the best car shipping lead time!

When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Here at eShip, we believe you should ship your car with an enclosed trailer all the time. We also understand that not everyone can afford this level of service. If you answer YES to any of the following questions, it will behoove you to choose an enclosed transport for your next car shipping need…

  • Does this vehicle have any sentimental value?
  • Does this vehicle carry an investment value?
  • Is this vehicle a classic, exotic, or luxury car?
  • Does the value of this vehicle exceed the open carrier insurance policy?
  • Does this vehicle have a unique paint job or any exterior features that are valuable?
  • Does this vehicle have a low ground clearance?
  • Is the weather going to be hazardous possibly?

It goes without saying that if any of these questions got a YES answer – choose enclosed auto transport! Do not risk a valuable vehicle to unknown hazards and ship with a hard-sided enclosed transport with eShip Transport today!

Why Trust eShip Transport with Enclosed Car Shipping

  • eShip Transport has several decades of servicing the auto transport industry. Our mission is to provide high-speed and safe door-to-door pick-up and delivery of any vehicle, anywhere in the country! In the unlikely occasion, an accident occurs, our Platinum Protection Plan is the best in the industry, and our claims experts are standing by to assist! You can have the greatest peace of mind when shipping your car in an enclosed trailer with eShip!

Coast to Coast Car Shipping

The most reliable coast-to-coast auto transport company in America is eShip Transport. The best reviews in 2020 made eShip Transport the number 1 auto transport in 2021! We guarantee that we will get your car shipped coast to coast, safely & efficiently! eShip’s coast-to-coast service has many great reasons, but here are a few that make eShip the best auto transport service:

  • eShip will save you money – Get a fast, free quote from eShip, and you will see how our prices are the best in the industry! We will ship your car coast to coast at the best price – saving you money
  • eShip will free up your time – Do not worry anymore. We will show up when we say, and our customer service advocates will handle the entire process for you
  • eShip makes moving cars fast and easy – All of our carriers keep our customers informed with all aspects of the trip

What’s expected with Coast to Coast Car Transport from eShip?

When it comes to coast-to-coast car transport, eShip Transport is the BEST! You can rely on us to move your car as our exceptional staff will ensure that every customer is completely satisfied! You can get a free coast-to-coast auto transport quote & can trust the eShip will be there to get it done! Our customers demand the highest level of professionalism!

What’s expected with Coast to Coast Car Transport from eShip?

Satisfaction is expected with coast-to-coast car transport from eShip! You avoid disappointment when you hire the best auto shippers in the industry. Our process starts immediately when you request a fast free auto transport quote. Make sure you choose the best company when shipping a car coast to coast. Here are some things you can expect when you ship a car coast to coast with eShip:

  • Customer Service – As soon as you request a quote, our customer advocates are ready to discuss your needs. You will never feel out of touch, we communicate throughout the entire process. eShip has the best customer service in the industry
  • Professional Drivers – The best auto transporters are aligned with eShip. All our drivers will inspect the vehicle before departure and upon arrival.
  • On-Time Pickup & Delivery – With eShip, you do not have to worry about a tight schedule! Our job is to work around your schedule and get the job done safely and efficiently!

Fast Free Auto Transport Quote Today

Finally, eShip Transport recognizes the challenges in finding a reliable auto transport company for your coast-to-coast destination. You can trust our team to be the best auto transport company in 2021 and beyond! Call us today and discuss your needs directly with our exceptional staff or just simply fill out the form with your requirements and check your email! When it comes to coast-to-coast auto transport- from receiving an eShip Transport quote to final drop off- calling us will get you the best-priced, least-stress value!

For the latest information visit: Offering Safe and Trustworthy Vehicle Transport Services


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