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Top 5 Cost of Car Shipping FAQs and Their Answers – eShip Transport

The cost of car shipping depends on multiple factors in which the location of shipping a car matters the most.

While you will pay the bill, we at eShip Transport, a leading car shipping company, want you to understand how it is calculated clearly. Working with a trusted car shipping company is probably the best way to get the best deals and ensure that you are getting fair & precise calculations.


eShip Transport has an interactive online car shipping quote calculator which provides instant auto transport quotes. However, knowing the quote’s critical factors is the first yet essential step towards understanding car shipping costs. Keep scrolling to see some frequently asked questions about the cost of car shipping.

What are the general rules for car shipping?

At eShip Transport, we consider these when calculating the cost of car shipping.

  • Big vehicles usually cost more to ship than smaller ones.
  • Interstate shipping will cost less than international shipping.
  • For immediate shipping, you will have to pay extra.

Apart from these, some other things contribute to the cost of car shipping, including the size and weight of the vehicle. Large vehicles such as Chevy, Tahoe, or a full-size SUV motor will take more space. Thus, it may inflate the cost of shipping as well.

Should I Ship With a Small or Local Car Transporter?

There are thousands of car shipping companies. And guess what’s next? All those companies are vying for your business locally and internationally.

Companies like eShip, a professional auto transport management company, work with a large team and truckers network. We ship multiple cars at one time, enabling us to render pocket-friendly car shipping services more affordably than others.

Is the Cost of Car Shipping Less From a Major City Like California?

It is likely to be. Pickup and dropoff locations play a significant role in scheduling your transport and ultimately preparing the quotes. If you reside in a metropolitan city, you can find multiple trucks coming-in-and-out. Since these areas are heavily populated and well navigated, transport companies have more opportunities to set and make pickup & drop off. It ultimately results in lower prices.

What If I Need to Ship a Car ASAP?

It is natural to pay additional charges for immediate car shipping because the company will leverage all its resources at full potential to ship your vehicle as soon as possible.

We at eShip Transport spend plenty of effort to ensure quick shipment. We coordinate our vast network to schedule quick pickup and dropoff. You don’t have to wait longer because we keep you away from the others and create a different path for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car With a Military Discount?

To thank you for your services, we at eShip Transport offer a personal operating vehicle shipping discount. To learn more about it, you can visit our Military Auto Transport services.