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eShip Transport is the best car shipping Washington DC servuce company. Washington DC is a bustling city where all the critical political decisions are taken. Despite the city having all the amenities for modern living, you can find a lot of greenery and wildlife. It makes the city an excellent place for living. According to a Washington Post report, Washington DC ranks fourth among the best places to live in US cities. However, the cost of living in this city is much higher than the national average. 

That’s why many people like to move out of this city. If you are leaving Washington DC for some reason, how would you ship your car? Would you choose a random trucker or hire a professional auto transport company? eShip Transport offers the most reliable option for car shipping in Washington DC. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ car transport company. Would you like to know the cost of shipping a car from Washington DC to Las Vegas, CA? Use the eShip car shipping calculator to get a free quote for car or motorcycle shipping.

Should you choose open or enclosed car transport?

Should you choose open or enclosed car transport?Many people are confused about whether to choose open or enclosed auto transport. If you can’t decide whether to choose open or enclosed car shipping, you should know both facts to make the right decision.

Open car shipping

In the case of open car transport, your vehicle will be subjected to dust, dirt, and debris during transportation. However, it costs you less money than enclosed auto transport. If you have a basic model or an older car, it’s better not to spend too much money on transportation. Open car transport will be a preferred option.

Enclosed car shipping

If you have a luxurious or a new car, you won’t like getting dirty or a dent on it. Enclosed car carriers protect your car from dust and debris. Apart from this, the chances of scratches or dents are low. The cost of enclosed car shipping is high with most auto transport companies. However, eShip Transport offers affordable enclosed auto transport. Get a free quote with us for Car Shipping from Washington DC to Miami, FL.

How to prepare my car for long-distance shipping?

How to prepare my car for long-distance shipping?Shipping your car to a long distance in a random truck is not a great option. You need to choose the right auto transport company and prepare your car before shipping to a remote city. So, how would you go about car shipping from Washington DC to Los Angeles, CA? Here are some tips to prepare your car for long-distance shipping.

Wash your car

Cleaning your car is a must before auto shipping. It helps you spot if there is any scratch or dent before or after shipping. Then take pictures or make a video of the exterior of the car. You can identify if there is any damage during auto transportation.

Don’t keep any luggage or loose item inside

During car shipping, your vehicle will shake. If there is any movable item inside the car, it will move and cause damage to your car. Moreover, putting luggage inside the car will make it heavier, and it will cost you more.

Don’t leave the fuel tank full

Many people are confused about whether to leave fuel in the tank or not. Shipping a car to a long distance can be risky if the fuel tank is full. Car shipping from Washington DC to Houston, TX, will subject your vehicle to travel through uneven roads. If the fuel tank is complete, it can leak during transportation and catch fire. So, don’t leave more than 25% fuel during car shipping.

Factors affecting car shipping cost

Factors affecting car shipping costThe cost of auto transport depends on various factors. Distance plays the most crucial role in determining the price. The more the distance, the higher is the fuel consumption, and it will cost you more money.  Apart from this, time of the year is another factor to consider. 

The summer season is the busiest time for car shipping companies, and the charges are higher because of higher demand. Unless it is essential, you should avoid car shipping in May, June, and July. 

Car shipping costs you more when you schedule your move urgently. You will have fewer options if you have to move the car in a couple of days. However, eShip Transport offers affordable shipping even if you book at the 11th hour. Do you want to know how much does it cost for car transportation services? Contact us to get a free quote for car shipping from Washington DC to Chicago, IL.

How to choose the best car shipping company?

How to choose the best car shipping company?With hundreds of auto transport companies operating in the USA, finding the best car shipping company is not easy. Most auto transport companies make tall claims, but the reality is different. You can see thousands of complaints about car shipping on the Internet. However, you can avoid this situation if you keep a few things in mind

Benefits of choosing eShip Transport

Benefits of choosing eShip TransporteShip Transport has been among the top three auto transport companies for more than a decade. With prolonged exposure to car shipping, we know what it takes for safe and affordable car shipping. Our team straps your car correctly to ensure your car is safe during transportation. We follow all the safety guidelines mentioned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 

Moreover, our platinum protection plan ensures you get compensation for any damage to your car or RV transport. Apart from this, we offer expedited and enclosed car transport for car shipping Washington DC.

Avoid a random truck when you can get an affordable car shipping Washington DC eShip Transport? Contact us for a free quote.