Expedited Boat Transport

If you need to transport a boat to another location within a limited time, there is typically a lot of pressure to ensure cost-efficiency and timely delivery. Boat owners and dealerships often struggle to arrange rush boat transport without compromising on reliability and the watercrafts’ safety in transit.

For expedited boat transport solutions, look no further than eShip. We provide a wide range of benefits and add-on services to boat owners and dealers throughout the United States. The areas we cover include:

To learn how eShip’s expedited boat transport services can benefit you, keep reading. You can also contact us by filling out our free online quote request form or giving us a toll-free call at 1- 800-906-6909.

What is Expedited Boat Transport?

What is Expedited Boat Transport?  Expedited boat shipping is the process of ensuring faster boat delivery than usual. Clients who are dealing with time-sensitive- or rushed deliveries often request this type of transport service.

eShip fast-track the boat delivery process by:

  • Establishing direct routes between pickup and delivery
  • Increasing transit speed where possible
  • Reducing touchpoints
  • Assigning carriers with precise schedules and two drivers who can work in shifts

Expedited transport typically involves one mode of transportation. eShip’s expedited boat transport service also allows clients to track the process at any given time. We also optimize our carrier network to ensure that your delivery on time, but at the most affordable price.

How can Our Expedited Shipping Solutions Benefit You?

How can Our Expedited Shipping Solutions Benefit You?     The most significant benefit of expedited boat transport is guaranteed early delivery time. Boat dealerships typically use this service to meet the terms of their sales agreements or to provide their clients with added value and customer service. In some cases, owners or rental companies transport their boats to a location for sporting events or seasons, which render the shipments time sensitive. Expedited boat shipping is also ideal for snowbirds who want to ship their boats south for the winter or north for the summer without
Another benefit of expedited transport is fewer touchpoints in transit, which reduces the risk of damage to a watercraft.

Why Choose eShip for Rush Boat Transport?

Why Choose eShip for Rush Boat Transport?     If you need an expedited boat transport service, there are many transport companies from which to choose. So, what are the advantages of using eShip’s services? eShip is a family business with more than ten years’ experience in the transport industry. We are
one of the only companies in the transportation industry that has an A+ rating with the Better
Business Bureau (BBB.)

Our BBB rating is an objective indication that we carry out our business in a trustworthy manner, and that we go the extra mile to resolve any customer complaints. In addition to a high BBB rating, we also consistently rank among Consumer Affairs’ National Top 3.

Additional advantages of using eShip’s expedited boat transport services include:

  • On-time Delivery
  • No upfront deposit
  • Unlimited access to a professional team
  • A comprehensive protection plan

When arranging transportation for your boat, the last thing you want is to deal with delays. When requesting a quote from eShip, we ensure that the carrier will be able to deliver your boat at the date you request before giving you a quote. Unlike most other companies in the industry, we don’t accept an expedited shipping instruction unless we can secure a driver to transport the load in time. One glance at our review section is sufficient evidence that we deliver on time.

You will never have to go through the frustration of making other plans if you choose eShip for an expedited boat transport service. When you contact one of our competitors, chances are they will give you an attractive, unrealistically low quote. However, it is only after charging you an upfront deposit that they try to assign a driver for your delivery date – sometimes without success. If you request a quote from eShip, however, we don’t charge you any fees until we manage to arrange an expedited shipment. As a result, our quotes are accurate, and you won’t have to pay additional fees after delivery.

Knowing all the fees and delivery date before accepting our quote will allow you to plan accordingly. You will also be able to make arrangements with your dealer or recipient with peace of mind that the delivery will be on time. eShip’s team is available seven days a week, and we have an actual office in Coconut Beach, FL that you can visit at any time. Boat deliveries can take place at any time of the night or day, and you always have access to one of our reliable team members for questions or arrangements. When you sign up for our services, we will also assign you a shipping agent who will handle all your queries. The agent will also oversee the shipping process to ensure timely delivery. Unrestricted access to eShip’s team and the ability to track the boat transportation process means you are always on top of new developments. 

We have an eShip Platinum Protection plan available to clients at no additional cost. This plan includes rental reimbursement of $300 that you can claim if your boat is more than 48 hours late. This reimbursement doesn’t apply if the delay is the result of bad weather or a truck breakdown.
The plan also includes a “Damage Free Guarantee.” eShip guarantees that the carriers we assign are fully insured. If not, we will pay the cost to repair the damage.

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expedited boat transport  At eShip, we strive to provide each client with unparalleled customer service. We are licensed and bonded by FMCSA MC# 735249 USDOT 2248101, and we only use dependable carriers that are fully insured and bonded. Our expedited boat transport service offers no hidden fees, vehicle tracking, no terminals, and guaranteed competitive rates. To request our rush boat transport service, contact us today by completing our online quest report form. You can also call us on our toll-free number: 1-800-906-6909.