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We’re proud to offer our transport service areas nationwide across the USA. eShip provides shipping services all across the country.  Whether you need a car transporter in Kansas or Virginia, eShip has a service area near your neighborhood. We’re here for you!

US Service Area Regions Where Transport Services are Offered:

eShip Transport is a national car transport company with highly-rated auto transport services. At eShip Transport Services, we want to make a move as simple as possible for you. Whether you are moving your home to a new state or need carRV, or boat transport to another state, eShip has the right transport and relocation services in the area where you need home or vehicle transport services.

We here at eShip Auto Transport work to get you the best transport rates to secure your driver to transport your vehicle within the dates you require. Our transportation network covers transport service areas throughout every state and city in the United States.

To find out more on moving vehicles, RVs or your household to another state, in your service area, fill out our free online service transport quote request or you can also give us a call, toll-free, at 800-906-6909 and speak to one of our car transport representatives who can help you get free auto transport quotes and answer your questions about transport service areas or anything and everything car shipping related.

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USA Transport Service Area Locations

Ship all types of cars, RVs, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles to any state! If you are looking for international locations, don’t worry, eShip is licensed to transport to/from any country. Get the best transport services on land, air and even the sea with overseas transport requirements. Contact an eShip Auto Transport Specialist to handle your vehicle shipping requirement in the transport service area you need service at.

eShip Transport Service Areas Throughout North America

Transport Solutions Offered Throughout USA Service Areas

Auto transport ranks as our most popular service. We offer you a choice between:

  • Open Transport: This is a cost-effective option for transporting your vehicle. The car travels in an open car carrier. As a result, it can endure exposure to the elements. This option is better for a standard ride than a collector’s item.
  • Enclosed Transport: Enclosed transport provides an extra level of protection for that special car. The trailer has a metal roof and metal or tarp sides. The metal-sided options are the priciest but offer the most comprehensive protection.

If you can’t decide which to choose, call us at 800-906-6909. Our friendly team is happy to discuss your options with you. “Don’t Forget Our Free Platinum Protection Plan” At eShip, we always go the extra mile. We offer our Platinum Protection Plan free of charge. Here’s what you get:

  • Full repairs for damages in the unlikely event that the carrier isn’t insured. We guarantee that your hauler is fully insured. If it turns out they’re not, we’ll foot the bill for repairs.

Up to $300 refunded for car rental if the carrier delivers your vehicle more than 48 hours late. Delays caused by weather or breakdowns are not covered. Driving a boat across the country is a very different proposition from driving it to your local lake. Let us take care of the details for you so that you can relax on this one. We’ll arrange for the safe transport of your boat to its new home. 

Do you need to get your motorcycle to its new home as cost-effectively as possible? Speak to us about motorcycle transport services. As with cars, you’ll need to select whether it’s open or enclosed transport. 

Naturally, our free Platinum Protection Plan is extended to you here, as well. Unscrupulous movers have burned many of us. 

We’ve heard our share of horror stories here as well. Like “movers” that pick up your items and disappear. Or companies that give a lowball quote, only to pad the bill once you have no choice but to pay it.

Do you need to move to a new home?

That’s why we started our household moving division. We wanted to provide our clients with safe and reliable alternatives. We thoroughly check every mover wishing to join our network. And we regularly review their performance to ensure that they deliver the service you deserve. RVs offer an excellent option for when you want to get away from it all. If you don’t have time for a road trip, though, they become cumbersome to move.

We’re here to handle that stress for you. Give us a quick call, and we’ll arrange for your RV to make its way to your new home. Sometimes you need to get things moving as fast as possible. If you’ve got an urgent vehicle, motorcycle, RV, or boat to transport, call us. We’re available seven days a week for just these emergencies.

Jessica Mansch
Jessica Mansch
June 19, 2023.
I can't say enough wonderful things about eShip and its customer service reps. After being put through the ringer with a few other companies, I had the pleasure in speaking with Joanna at eShip. She explained the entire process, how the board works and the reality of what to expect and then patiently answered all of my questions. Unlike the other transport services, Joanna was always available via text or call. Thank you Joanna and eShip for the seamless transport!!!!!
May 5, 2023.
I have used Eship to transport my child's car three times. And all three times? Outstanding service from the time the car is picked up until the time it arrives at the destination. Great, professional and kind staff with good prices and great service. I can easily give Eship a FIVE star review.
Don Verni
Don Verni
April 6, 2023.
Mark did a great job shipping our cars from Florida to New York. Very transparent, informative, great communition and service. We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them. Many thanks.
February 12, 2023.
I recently used eShip Transport for the transportation of my household goods and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service I received. The team was professional, responsive and always available to answer any questions I had. The delivery was timely and the goods were in perfect condition upon arrival. The pricing was also very competitive and the entire process was seamless. I would definitely recommend eShip Transport to anyone in need of reliable and efficient moving services. Five stars!
Peter Maletich
Peter Maletich
January 20, 2023.
Mark Anthony was great to work with, honest, transparent, available, direct and competent. I highly recommend trusting him to get your car shipped! I bought a new Telluride on the other side of the country and I was working with the shipping broker the dealership found, but they were hard to get a hold of, I was not a priority to them, and they couldn't tell me how much they take for commission or what their plan was for finding a good driver. After over a week with no progress, I called eship and in my first conversation with Mark, he explained the entire shipping process to me, including unavoidable risks, which other brokers downplayed, and he showed me what the other broker was offering for the job, which helped me realize the other broker was being dishonest. I switched to Mark and eship and he found me a driver within a couple days. It was a small outfit that Mark had no experience with, but Mark explained while that carries some risk, the reputation looked good, he double-checked the validity of their insurance, and he thought we should go for it. The driver was great, responsive during the shipment, and got my car here without a scratch!

Auto Transport – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

eShip takes the worry out of shipping your vehicle across the US. We make sure you understood the details in shipping my vehicle and then exceeded my expectations! 

I would recommend them to anyone looking to have a vehicle shipped, they make the entire process seamless and painless!

Dealing with eShip has been a pleasure. When there were glitches with the transport company communications he was there and made things happen, I never felt alone. They checked in with me multiple times during the process. My car was picked up on the day promised, and delivered in perfect condition. I am very happy with my experience.

I used eShip to move my Subaru Impreza from Northern California to Baltimore. I researched shipping companies and went with eShip because of the feedback from customers that I found online. Their people were professional. They made the delivery across the country in about a week, which was impressive. It was perfect.

How Things Work for Transporting and Shipping in USA Service Areas

Call us toll-free at 800-906-6909 or submit the form on this site. We’ll need to know the necessary details: 

  • What you’re transporting.
  • When you need the item or items transported.
  • Where the item will be fetched from.
  • Where the item will be delivered to.

Once we have a good idea of what your needs are, we’ll provide a quote. Unlike most companies, we don’t ask for a deposit at this stage. We prefer to confirm that we can find the right driver for your needs first. Why don’t we charge you before this point? 

There are two reasons:

  • Why should you pay if we can’t help you? Companies who ask for a deposit before locking in the deal with a carrier want you locked in as well. After all, if you’ve already paid the money, you can’t easily take your business elsewhere.
  • We want you to get the best possible deal. Sometimes carriers will offer highly discounted rates to fill their vehicles. If they’re offering that discount, we pass the savings directly to you.

We’ll only request money once we’ve got the deal secured. Once the payment is complete, we’ll assign you a personal relocation specialist. If you have queries, need updates, or have any issues with regards to the carrier, you call your specialist. Providing you with a specialist is part of the personal touch that we take pride in. All of our clients deserve our best, personalized service. Giving you one point of contact makes personal service a lot easier to do.

Why Choose eShip Auto Transport Services? 

  • We’re a family-owned and operated company with a decade of experience.
  • Our Better Business Bureau rating is A+, consistently. That’s almost unheard of in our industry. 
  • We have a license as moving brokers by the Department of Transportation.
  • Consumer Affairs has rated us in the country’s top three transportation brokers. 
  • We’re open for business every day of the week. 
  • You don’t have to pay anything until we choose a driver.
  • We don’t charge anything for your Platinum Protection Plan. 
  • Our network is one of the largest in the country. 

When it comes to transporting your valued possessions, you need reassurance. You need to know that you’re hiring a reliable, professional company. You need to know that the carrier is going to take the same care of your possessions as you will. At eShip, we work with a network of trusted carriers. We’re happy to vouch for our carriers because we’ve selected them so carefully. 

Take the guesswork out of your next home move or auto transport project. Call eShip today to get transport provided in your service area!

The Best Transport Service Area Coverage with Nationwide Transport Services
The Best Transport Service Area Coverage with Nationwide Transport Services

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