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The Best Military Auto Transport Services in America

eShip’s Military Auto Transport Services is the only choice for worry-free auto transport services vehicles for military families. eShip is the best auto transport service in America! Get car shipping military discounts, when required to move to a new station or location.

As an active member of the military, you can be called upon to move yourself and your family to a new location at the drop of a hat. eShip Transport is here to help. By offering auto transport for your Personal Operating Vehicles at discounted prices, we can make the move go a little smoother.

What Is Military Permanent Change Of Station Auto Transport?

A Permanent Change of Station orders can come to active military members at any time and require them to move their family and belongings to a new location very quickly. This is the purpose of eShip’s military auto transport solutions offering the best services possible to active military personnel requiring reliable transports that arrive on time.

eShip auto transport services team is always on standby to receive these types of calls and ready to provide our quality military auto transport service. Hire eShip for your next car shipping military discount. eShip is America’s favorite military vehicle shipping service assisting military personnel and their families with affordable transport services they can rely on.

The Military will typically cover the cost of moving one Personal Operating Vehicle, but, today’s typical American family tends to own more than one personal vehicle. 

The expense involved with transporting any additional family vehicles is not covered by the military and is the responsibility of the family. Contact eShip to get discounted auto transport services tailored for military members and their families.

eShip Transport provides worry-free transport of Personal Operating Vehicles for military families all over the country every day. If you are in the military currently and require relocation for yourself or your family contact eShip Transport, and set up a military auto transport service right away!

A Change of Statin Can Be Stressful. eShip’s Military Auto Transport Team Can Help.

A Change of Station can be tough on military families. eShip Transport is committed to making the military auto transport move a little easier. We guarantee that your vehicle will be picked up and arrive on time at the locations of your choice.

You will never be charged until we have found a dependable hauler for your vehicle and your dedicated shipping agent will be available to you to answer your questions and offer advice from the start of the process until you take delivery at your new home.

You can rest assured knowing that we only do business with carrier companies that are fully bonded and insured and whose drivers have many years of experience facilitating auto transport for military families.

Our goal as a military auto transport company is to take some of the stress and hassle of a sudden required military move out of your hands so that you can focus on moving and settling your family and household at your new location. Our military auto transport service is specifically tailored to personnel in the military and their families. 

Get Free Car Shipping Quote and Inquire About Out Military Auto Transport Service Offerings!

eShip Military Auto Transport Discounts for Military Members.

As a way of saying “thank you for your service” to our military families, eShip Transport offers Personal Operating Vehicle shipping discounts. It’s the least we can do for the brave men and women who protect our country. eShip’s car shipping rates military discount is only one of many benefits customers receive at eShip Transport across America.

Regardless of your current location, or where you need your vehicle moved, eShip Transport is pleased to offer this discount to all active-duty Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard as well as veterans, Reserves, National Guard, and military dependents.

Why Make eShip Military Auto Transport Services Your Choice for Shipping Personal Operating Vehicles? 

eShip has over a ten-year track record in the auto transport industry for outstanding customer service and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We offer convenient door-to-door auto transport to and from all corners of the United States and we also offer overseas shipping.

We provide quick and accurate upfront quotes and are pleased to offer discounts for our military families. Call eShip to ask about our car transport service military discount if you are currently serving and require auto transport.

When you choose eShip Transport as your auto transport company to ship your Personal Operating Vehicle, we guarantee to be at your side every step of the way. 

At eShip we make sure that all military auto transport jobs are carried out to your complete satisfaction. 

eShip Transport is proud to offer military car shipping services across the nation.

The Best Military Auto Transport Services
The Best Military Auto Transport Services

What is the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Transport? 

Think of it as the difference between a Honda and a Ferrari. You’ll pay a lot more for the Ferrari, but the Ferrari performs a lot better. If the two were in a race, the Honda wouldn’t stand a chance.

So, while you’re paying more, you’re also getting more in return. That’s what happens with enclosed transport for vehicles. Enclosed transport is more expensive, but the trailer thoroughly protects a car.

Open transport is competitive, but your car has no protection from dust, debris, and weather while in transit.

Which Military Auto Transport Option is Best for Me?

In this section, we’ll look at each auto transport option in more detail. Military auto transport service options for transit.

Open Auto Transport

This is the most common method of transporting vehicles. Most companies that you call will offer this method only. That’s why some providers can come in with very low quotes. Be wary of them; they’re only offering open transport.

With this method, the cars are loaded onto a trailer as is. The carrier moves them just like they are. This means that the vehicles have no protection against the elements and dirt (or debris) on the road.  

Now, in all fairness, this is the most popular means of transport because it’s relatively low risk. The risk of damage to your car is around 5%. That’s pretty good by any standards. And, if you have an average-priced vehicle, this can save you some money.

There’s a low chance of damage and, if anything does happen, repairs are inexpensive. If, on the other hand, you’ve got a more expensive vehicle, like a Lexus or Ferrari, that 5% risk becomes more significant. With a luxury vehicle, even a small scratch is costly to repair.

If your car is a collector’s item, scratches could dramatically decrease its value. Either way, it’s not worth taking the risk of transporting high-value vehicles without protection. 

The advantage of using open auto transport is that it’s a lower cost. A further advantage is that it’s easy enough to find a carrier. Open carriers are a lot more common than their enclosed counterparts. 

From the carrier company’s point of view, an open trailer is:

  • Less expensive to operate
  • Cheaper to buy

Of course, none of these considerations will mean anything to you if you’re a collector looking after your prized possession.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This entails using a trailer that offers the vehicles significant protection. There are two types available, and we’ll deal with this in more detail in a second.

The primary advantage of these enclosed carriers is that they provide more protection for the vehicles inside. The cars are better protected from the elements and debris flying up from the road.

If you want the best protection for your vehicle, this is it. Naturally, you’ll need to expect to pay a little more for the added protection of enclosed transport.

There are Two Types of Enclosed Transport

Hard Side with Hydraulic Lift

This is the premier option and is best suited for high-end vehicles that have low clearances. What sets this apart is that a hydraulic lift is used to lift the car into place. This process reduces the chance of damage when we load or unload the vehicle.

The container that we put the cars into also has hard sides. The hard sides completely protect the vehicle inside from dirt and debris on the road.

Soft Side with Regular Ramp  

This is slightly less expensive. While this option certainly provides a greater level of protection for your vehicle than open transport, it does lack protection in comparison to enclosed transports with hard sides and hydraulic lifts.

With soft-side transport, there are no hard sides to the trailer. The carrier covers the trailer with a tarp, so the vehicle does have a barrier from the outside elements. That said, there are gaps and holes in the tarps that dust and debris can work their way through.

Expedited Auto Transport 

Maybe something went wrong with the original company that you hired to move your vehicle. Perhaps something came up that makes it necessary to expedite the transport. Perhaps you need your vehicle at its destination sooner, rather than later.

It doesn’t make a difference – the point is that you can’t wait for the typical length of time. Whatever the reason, give us a call. We deal with an extensive network of reliable carriers. We’ll help expedite the transport for you. 

Expedited transport will cost a little more, but we’ll still negotiate the best possible rate for you. So, if you need your vehicle moved across the country fast, call us for the best price for military vehicle transport.

Year-Round Vehicle Shipping Military Discount

Nationwide car movers military discount to all active military members. reliable transport services to ship car across country military discount added to all active military members. eShip offers the best military auto transport services hands down!

eShip offers the best military discount car shipping service. Our military car transport services are available year-round to individuals serving in the military. With over a decade of transport industry experience, eShip is a great choice for a military shipping company.

Military Auto Transport FAQs

What are the benefits of transporting my car to another state?

What are the benefits of transporting my car to another state?

The main benefit of using an auto transport service is that it saves time when compared to personally driving your vehicle to another state; you don’t have to worry about spending time and money on gas or lodging accommodations along the way, and you can rest assured that your vehicle won’t face any risk from theft or vandal activities while in transit due to professional handling procedures adopted by licensed vehicle carriers.

Does the military pay to transport vehicles?

Does the military pay to transport vehicles?
Jessica Mansch
Jessica Mansch
June 19, 2023.
I can't say enough wonderful things about eShip and its customer service reps. After being put through the ringer with a few other companies, I had the pleasure in speaking with Joanna at eShip. She explained the entire process, how the board works and the reality of what to expect and then patiently answered all of my questions. Unlike the other transport services, Joanna was always available via text or call. Thank you Joanna and eShip for the seamless transport!!!!!
May 5, 2023.
I have used Eship to transport my child's car three times. And all three times? Outstanding service from the time the car is picked up until the time it arrives at the destination. Great, professional and kind staff with good prices and great service. I can easily give Eship a FIVE star review.
Don Verni
Don Verni
April 6, 2023.
Mark did a great job shipping our cars from Florida to New York. Very transparent, informative, great communition and service. We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them. Many thanks.
February 12, 2023.
I recently used eShip Transport for the transportation of my household goods and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service I received. The team was professional, responsive and always available to answer any questions I had. The delivery was timely and the goods were in perfect condition upon arrival. The pricing was also very competitive and the entire process was seamless. I would definitely recommend eShip Transport to anyone in need of reliable and efficient moving services. Five stars!
Peter Maletich
Peter Maletich
January 20, 2023.
Mark Anthony was great to work with, honest, transparent, available, direct and competent. I highly recommend trusting him to get your car shipped! I bought a new Telluride on the other side of the country and I was working with the shipping broker the dealership found, but they were hard to get a hold of, I was not a priority to them, and they couldn't tell me how much they take for commission or what their plan was for finding a good driver. After over a week with no progress, I called eship and in my first conversation with Mark, he explained the entire shipping process to me, including unavoidable risks, which other brokers downplayed, and he showed me what the other broker was offering for the job, which helped me realize the other broker was being dishonest. I switched to Mark and eship and he found me a driver within a couple days. It was a small outfit that Mark had no experience with, but Mark explained while that carries some risk, the reputation looked good, he double-checked the validity of their insurance, and he thought we should go for it. The driver was great, responsive during the shipment, and got my car here without a scratch!
Military Auto Transport Services | eShip Transport
Military Auto Transport Services | eShip Transport

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