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Why Choose eShip Transportation?

Auto transport & shipping services from eShip. Rated top-3 best car shipping company, transporting across country locally to any state and city in United States. Whether you need car, RV, boat, or motorcycle shipped, eShip has consistently been rated one of the best car shipping companies for exotic car transport and classic car shipping. Find out easily how much it costs to ship a car today!

eShip Platinum Protection Plan is included at no charge with all vehicle transportations!

Transport Any Vehicle, Anywhere in USA

Whether it’s a moped for your teenager or a Lamborghini, you’ll get outstanding vehicle transportation service.
We provide shipping to/from any state:

Top-Rated Motorcycle Transportation Service


Ship any type of motorcycle and/or recreational vehicles.

Top-Rated Auto Transport Services


Ship any type of automobile. Open and closed shipping trailers available.

#1 RV Transportation Service


Ship any size RV to and from any state. Professional recreational vehicle transportation services,



Have your boat transported to and from any state in the USA!

National Household Moving Services


Need to move? Experienced multi-state household moving services available!

Express Transport of Vehicles


Ship vehicles by land, air and water! Professional auto transport services.

What eShip Auto Transport Offers

You need a car moved across state lines, and you need it done now. Jumping in and driving it yourself is out of the question. You’ll need professional vehicle transport services to get the job done.

There are a lot of vehicle transport companies out there, how do you know who to trust? We’re going to simplify things for you – we’re your best choice. Want to know why? We can think of many reasons. Here are a few:

Every Client Has Their Own Personal Vehicle Shipping Agent

At eShip, we believe in the one-on-one touch. That’s why we assign one agent to you throughout the whole process of transporting a vehicle. If you need an update, call them. That transportation agent will oversee the process from start to finish.

Why do we do this? Because it means there’s only one person accountable. With most vehicle transport companies, the process moves through several logistics departments. That means you’ll get transferred from one division to the next to get information. It can be confusing.

At eShip, we cut the confusion by assigning one agent to oversee the auto transport process. That way, you know exactly who to speak to at any time.

Get Platinum Protection Plan Free of Charge

We make sure that any driver working for eShip is fully insured! Have confidence with our Platinum Protection Plan for Auto Transport!

Our transportation protection plan includes:

  • Damage-Free Guarantee

    : Each carrier we use has comprehensive insurance. If not, and there’s damage to your vehicle, we’ll cover all the costs of repairs.

  • Rental Reimbursement up to $300

    : If your car is more than 48 hours late (for reasons other than weather or breakdown) we’ll pay for car rental up to $300. 

We’re Available 7 Days a Week

You can drop off your car to be transported, on any day of the week. We don’t expect you to work according to our schedule – you’ve also got a lot to do. That’s why we’re one of only a small number of vehicle transport companies that will accept cars every day.

What’s more, you don’t pay a cent until we have found the perfect driver for you. Unlike some of the less scrupulous vehicle shipping companies, we don’t charge storage fees. We don’t have to go to drastic measures to drum up some extra cash.

We’re Completely Honest with You

Will you find a lower price to ship a car? Probably. But we’re not going to make apologies for that. We charge a fair rate for quality vehicle transportation, and we want our clients to know what to expect.

Less scrupulous companies give lowball offers. These look great at first until you find out why they’re able to put forward such low quotes to transport your car

For starters, they’ll want the money upfront. Secondly, they sometimes don’t insure your car during transport. That is if your vehicle is even transported on time.

It’s also a common scam to get a lowball offer and then find additional fees tacked on at the end. Other transport companies might ask to pay for vehicle storage, handling, insurance, and so on. 

At eShip, we believe that you deserve better. That’s why our quotes are accurate upfront, and we don’t ask for a deposit until we’ve found the right vehicle carrier.

We Keep Our Promises

If we say that we’ll get your car there by a specific date, we mean it. We partner only with carrier companies who have demonstrated the same passion for customer service that we do.

We’ll make sure that your car is shipped & delivered safely and on time. And that you won’t get any nasty shocks in the final bill.

We’re an Established and Trusted Brand

eShipAuto Transport Company is family-owned and operated. Over the last ten years, we’ve been offering our clients nothing but the best. We realized early on that our clients are our most valuable asset. That’s why we’ll always look after you. Our outstanding vehicle transportation service means that we consistently rank in the Top 3 of the National Consumer Affairs comparisons. Our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating is something else that we’re proud of. Every day we work hard to maintain this rating. We understand the vehicle transportation industry perfectly. Over the last ten years, we made vehicle shipping to another state something of an art form.

Who Might Need Our Auto Transport Services?

If you’re new to having your vehicle shipped, you might wonder why people don’t just drive the car themselves. There are a lot of good reasons to go with eShip auto transportation services instead. These include: 

  • Your car’s fine for driving around town, but you’re not sure how it would perform on a road trip. Or, you’re happy to drive your bike over short distances but are nervous about taking it on a long road trip.  
  • Any company or person not wanting to crank up the odometer with a lot of unnecessary miles. 
  • Online dealerships want a safe way for their sales to be delivered.
  • Dealers transfer cars to other dealers.
  • Companies transferring work vehicles.
  • Collectors transporting vintage cars.
  • Boat owners
  • RV owners
  • Kids off to college
  • Easy Auto Shipping


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The best mover’s company around. All the workers are professional and they wrap all my luggage and stuff in a proper thick packaging to ensure safety of my belongings. Nice managing skills. Thank you for the help. Really appreciated and highly recommended.

Lance Braley


Free Auto transport quote, auto transport services

Their team has great knowledge. They always guide you about the whole process before making an agreement to make sure everything is done properly. I have used them for my Mercedes Benz C250 coupe.

Eric Landrum

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I have been in touch with eShip auto transport for the last year. They are number 1. They not only provide the best service but ensure the security of vehicles. I transport through them because they take care of my vehicles.

Micah Smith