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Get the best enclosed auto transport services! When you need to transport a car, it’s good to have a range of shipping options to transport a vehicle to another state. Get enclosed auto transport with eShip’s top-rated auto transport services Nationwide. eShip Auto Transport provides the best transportation options for enclosed car shipping. Over the last ten years, we’ve developed a network of professional enclosed car transporters.  See our Enclosed Auto Transport Reviews. It’s this network that makes us confident that we can get you the best deal on enclosed vehicle shipping.

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

enclosed auto transport If you’re not sure what enclosed auto transport is, don’t feel bad. Most carriers provide only open car transport. It’s competitive and allows them to carry more vehicles. It’s a good option for many cars because damage to vehicles is relatively rare.

If you’ve got a high-value car or a collector’s item though, open transport just doesn’t offer enough protection. An open trailer provides no protection against the weather, or against the dirt and debris from the road. Those cars might start out looking like new. After a long trip, though, they become dusty and could get scratched.

Enclosed transport provides vehicles with more protection. The level of protection depends on the trailer itself. There are two basic options here.

Hard Side with Hydraulic Ramp

If you’re old enough to remember the Knight Rider series, you’ll remember the tricked-out semi that Kitt retreated to. A hard side trailer might not be able to make a car talk, but it offers optimum protection.

It’s more expensive than other methods, but nothing is going to touch your car. It’s:

  • Protected from the elements: Not even hail will affect your vehicle. There’s no chance of sun damage. Rain won’t leave spots and road grime won’t ruin the finish.
  • Completely enclosed: That means that the only dust or debris touching your car is what was on it when they loaded it. So, if a passing vehicle kicks up a stone, it won’t get anywhere near your vehicle.

A Soft Side Trailer

Kitt could just as easily hide in one of these. These trailers are slightly more economical to run because they’re a little lighter. The difference here is that a heavy tarp covers the sides. The tarp also provides excellent protection for your vehicle.

The benefits are similar to what we’ve discussed above, with one big difference. The tarp is attached to the frame with ropes strung through eyelets. While the tarp keeps your auto safe from debris, dust can still come in through the eyelets and gaps in the tarps.

Technically speaking, if an extremely sharp item moves at high speed, it could cut the tarp. It’s not very likely, but it is possible.

When Should You Consider Enclosed Transport?

When Should You Consider Enclosed Transport? If you’ve got a beaten-up old car that’s showing signs of wear, enclosed transport is probably overkill. We’d recommend this service in the following situations:

Your Car is a Collector’s Item or an Investment

A 1961 Porsche Coup that’s been well-maintained is worth a fair amount. That same model, in mint condition, is a lot more valuable. How do you keep it in mint condition? By not ever putting it on the road.

If you must transport it, you should use an enclosed trailer for maximum protection. That way, it arrives in the same condition that it left in.

It’s Winter, and There’s Snow

Snow is fun to play in. It’s hard on your vehicle, though. It’s not so much the cold itself, but rather the salt and treatments used to keep the road from becoming too slippery. When you’re driving, the salt can be kicked up and scratch the paint or damage the hubcaps.

Your Car is an Antique

If your antique car can’t keep up with the others on the road, you’ll need to transport it carefully. Keeping it enclosed in the process protects it from debris on the road and weather conditions. Enclosed auto transport trailers are built specifically to deal with these transport situations.

Your Car Has Low Clearance

Technically, you can transport a Ferrari or Lamborghini in open transport. You could also do some severe damage just loading it. For cars with low clearance, there’s a risk that the back end will scrape as you load them into a standard trailer.

A hard trailer with a hydraulic lift solves this problem. You’ll drive/push the car onto the flat lift platform instead of having to drive up a ramp. The elevator then gets it into position, and you can ease it into the trailer.

Why Don’t I Drive the Car?

Why Don’t I Drive the Car? If it’s your daily use vehicle, that’s certainly an option. But you have to consider a range of factors here before making your decision:


  • Driving across the country is expensive: It’s not just gas and tolls you have to pay for. You’ll need to pay for places to sleep, refreshments at rest stops, and so on. Transporting the car can work out competitiveer than driving it yourself.
  • Do you have company for the trip: You might find long-distance driving tough if you don’t travel much. It might be fine for a few hours, but think about several hours of driving every day for a few days.
  • It adds to the wear and tear of the vehicle: Driving across the country can easily add a few thousand miles to the odometer. And, technically, you’re not getting much value out of this unless you make it a real road-trip experience.
  • You probably have better things to do: This is especially true if you’re moving to a new state. Those days spent in the car could be put to use unpacking or getting your kids settled instead. Enclosed Auto Transport.

Why Choose eShip Enclosed Auto Transport Service Us?

enclosed auto transport serviceeShip is a well-established family-owned and operated business. When we say we put our customers first, we mean it. We’re the best option because:

  • We consistently rank in the top three companies by Consumer Affairs.
  • We’ve achieved and maintained our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • We’ve been in business for ten years.
  • Each client is assigned a personal consultant. You deal with this consultant from start to finish. That means never having to hold while someone gleefully transfers you to the “right” department. You contact your consultant, and they’ll do the running around.
  • We’re open seven days a week.
  • We offer accurate quotes. Our policy is to be honest about enclosed auto transport cost upfront. You’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before you commit. We don’t add nasty surprises or additional costs when we present the final bill.
  • You don’t pay a dime until we confirm the deal.

If you are looking for covered car transport near me and want to work with a professional transport company that treats you honestly and fairly, contact eShip today. Check out reviews from Consumer Affairs, Google, Facebook and Yelp to name a few!

Enclosed Auto Transport USA - eShip Transport Services
Enclosed Auto Transport USA - eShip Transport Services