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Get the best-enclosed auto transport services! When you need to transport a car, it’s good to have a range of shipping options to transport a vehicle to another state. Get enclosed auto transport with eShip’s top-rated auto transport services Nationwide. eShip Auto Transport provides the best transportation options for enclosed car shipping. 

Over the last ten years, we’ve developed a network of professional enclosed car transporters.  See our Enclosed Auto Transport Reviews. It’s this network that makes us confident that we can get you the best deal on enclosed vehicle shipping

At eShip Car Transport Services we offer top-rated enclosed car shipping services unmatched by other car transport companies. Get fully enclosed car transport for the best-enclosed car shipping experience. Fully enclosed car shipping requires car transport from specialized enclosed car transport trailers. 

With eShip’s 3-step transport process get easy auto ship choices for covered car transport and let our transport specialists connect the most secure and reliable enclosed car transport companies to create the needed routing for your enclosed transport. When requesting enclosed car shipping, customers can choose between soft-sided and hard-sided fully enclosed car carriers from trustworthy and dependable car shipping companies

When using an enclosed car carrier, usually means you will be shipping a car direct. These factors increase the cost. Other items that affect shipping cost, is vehicle size, shipping distance, will it require special lift gates or vehicle ramp. Ir is common to see exotic cars and luxury cars transported in enclosed trailer. Many exotic cars require special ground clearance. These high value vehicles require special pickup and delivery ground clearance enclosed trailer ramps.

Choosing the Right Enclosed Auto Transport Companies

When selecting an enclosed car transport company, consider their reputation, customer experiences, and commitment to customer service. Request detailed car shipping prices and get a car shipping quote to get information upfront to avoid any surprises later on. Get a free car shipping quote below by completing the form to receive shipping costs for the car shipping quotes.

Enclosed Auto Transport Options

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What's Enclosed Auto Transport?

If you’re not sure what enclosed auto transport is, don’t feel bad. Most carriers provide only open car transport. Most auto carriers can not provide the needed enclosed shipping solution for classic cars exotic cars. Most car transport companies prefer focusing on open transport only since It’s competitive and allows them to carry more vehicles than enclosed car transport. It’s a good option for many cars because damage to vehicles is relatively rare.

If you’ve got a high-value car or a collector’s item though, open transport just doesn’t offer enough protection. An open trailer provides no protection against the weather, road hazards, or dirt and debris from the road. Those cars might start out looking like new. After a long trip, though, they become dusty and could get scratched. Weather and road conditions can affect the car. Shipping your car in a fully enclosed trailer provides the extra protection high end vehicles deserve. 

Enclosed car transport provides vehicles with more protection. The level of protection depends on the trailer itself. There are two basic options enclosed car shipping here.

Enclosed auto transport, also known as enclosed car shipping, is a service provided by auto transport companies that safeguard your vehicle during transit. This type of car shipping involves placing your vehicle inside fully enclosed transport trailers, providing an extra layer of protection from potential damage and weather elements.

Hard-Side with Hydraulic Ramp

If you’re old enough to remember the Knight Rider series, you’ll remember the tricked-out semi that Kitt retreated to. A hard-side trailer might not be able to make a car talk, but it offers optimum protection.

Enclosed Car Shipping is More Expensive, But Offers Best Protection!

  • Protected from the elements: Not even hail will affect your vehicle. There’s no chance of sun damage. Rain won’t leave spots and road grime won’t ruin the finish.
  • Completely enclosed: That means that the only dust or debris touching your car is what was on it when they loaded it. So, if a passing vehicle kicks up a stone, it won’t get anywhere near your vehicle.
Is auction vehicle transport insured?
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Soft-Side Trailer

Kitt could just as easily hide in one of these. These trailers are slightly more economical to run because they’re a little lighter. The difference here is that a heavy tarp covers the sides. The tarp also provides excellent protection for your vehicle.

The benefits are similar to what we’ve discussed above, with one big difference. The tarp is attached to the frame with ropes strung through eyelets. While the tarp keeps your auto safe from debris, dust can still come in through the eyelets and gaps in the tarps. Technically speaking, if an extremely sharp item moves at high speed, it could cut the tarp. It’s not very likely, but it is possible.

Enclosed Auto Shipping

Enclosed auto shipping ensures that your vehicle is shielded from various external factors such as road debris, harsh weather conditions, and potential theft. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to ensure their vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition it left.

Over the years eShip Auto Transport has created an easy auto-ship method using a 3-step process. Enclosed transport
usually requires dedicated car carriers providing these types of car shipping services in the states where you plan to ship a car using covered car transport. 

Unlike most car shipping companies, eShip has a vast network of car carriers providing fully enclosed solutions. 

Reasons to Consider Enclosed Transport?

When Should You Consider Enclosed Transport? If you’ve got a beaten-up old car that’s showing signs of wear, enclosed transport is probably overkill. We’d recommend this service in the following situations:

Car is a Collector’s Item or an Investment

A 1961 Porsche Coup that’s been well-maintained is worth a fair amount. That same model, in mint condition, is a lot more valuable. How do you keep it in mint condition? By not ever putting it on the road. If you must transport it, you should use an enclosed trailer for maximum protection. That way, it arrives in the same condition that it was left in.

It’s Winter, and There’s Snow

Snow is fun to play in. It’s hard on your vehicle, though. It’s not so much the cold itself, but rather the salt and treatments used to keep the road from becoming too slippery. When you’re driving, the salt can be kicked up and scratch the paint or damage the hubcaps. Many enclosed car transport companies close some areas during winter. eShip is unlike other car transport companies offering car shipping year-round.

Car is an Antique

If your antique car can’t keep up with the others on the road, you’ll need to transport it carefully. Keeping it enclosed in the process protects it from debris on the road and weather conditions. Enclosed auto transport trailers are built specifically to deal with these transport situations.

Car Has Low Clearance

Technically, you can transport a Ferrari or Lamborghini in open transport. You could also do some severe damage just by loading it. For cars with low clearance, there’s a risk that the back end will scrape as you load them into a standard trailer.

A hard trailer with a hydraulic lift solves this problem. You’ll drive/push the car onto the flat lift platform instead of having to drive up a ramp. The elevator then gets it into position, and you can ease it into the trailer.

What are some tips for transporting my car to another state?

What are some tips for transporting my car to another state?

Here are some tips when transporting your car across states: find out which type of vehicle shipment suits best on your needs (enclosed trailer vs open auto); research different car transport companies carefully before making a booking decision; check terms & conditions thoroughly prior to ordering any shipment so that you can estimate possible risks involved in such operation; prepare vehicle ahead of time (inside & outside); giving a detailed description about condition/features of the vehicle clearly both visually as well as verbally; non-stop communication with the auto transport carrier until delivery completion; inspect vehicle property post receiving.

What are the benefits of transporting my car to another state?

What are the benefits of transporting my car to another state?

The main benefit of using an auto transport service is that it saves time when compared to personally driving your vehicle to another state; you don’t have to worry about spending time and money on gas or lodging accommodations along the way, and you can rest assured that your vehicle won’t face any risk from theft or vandal activities while in transit due to professional handling procedures adopted by licensed vehicle carriers.

How do I prepare my car for transport?

How do I prepare my car for transport?

Preparing your car for transport includes removing all personal items from inside the vehicle; washing it; checking if tires are properly inflated; fully disabling toll tags, and inspecting the interior and exterior of the car before handing it over to the vehicle transporter so that any existing damage can be noted in writing before pickup takes place. Pictures should also be taken on pickup to fully identify the car before and when it’s placed on the car transport carrier.

Is enclosed transport worth it?

is enclosed transport worth it

Why Don’t I Drive the Car?

Why Don’t I Drive the Car? If it’s your daily use vehicle, that’s certainly an option. But you have to consider a range of factors here before making your decision. Before taking your car on a long drive that it may not be ready for, you might want to read a few reasons to ship a car in an open or enclosed car carrier.

  • Driving across the country is expensive: It’s not just gas and tolls you have to pay for. You’ll need to pay for places to sleep, refreshments at rest stops, and so on. Transporting the car can work out more competitively than driving it yourself.
  • Do you have company for the trip: You might find long-distance driving tough if you don’t travel much. It might be fine for a few hours but think about several hours of driving every day for a few days.
  • It adds to the wear and tear of the vehicle: Driving across the country can easily add a few thousand miles to the odometer. And, technically, you’re not getting much value out of this unless you make it a real road trip experience.
  • You probably have better things to do: This is especially true if you’re moving to a new state. Those days spent in the car could be put to use unpacking or getting your kids settled instead. Enclosed Auto Transport.
Jessica Mansch
Jessica Mansch
June 19, 2023.
I can't say enough wonderful things about eShip and its customer service reps. After being put through the ringer with a few other companies, I had the pleasure in speaking with Joanna at eShip. She explained the entire process, how the board works and the reality of what to expect and then patiently answered all of my questions. Unlike the other transport services, Joanna was always available via text or call. Thank you Joanna and eShip for the seamless transport!!!!!
May 5, 2023.
I have used Eship to transport my child's car three times. And all three times? Outstanding service from the time the car is picked up until the time it arrives at the destination. Great, professional and kind staff with good prices and great service. I can easily give Eship a FIVE star review.
Don Verni
Don Verni
April 6, 2023.
Mark did a great job shipping our cars from Florida to New York. Very transparent, informative, great communition and service. We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them. Many thanks.
February 12, 2023.
I recently used eShip Transport for the transportation of my household goods and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service I received. The team was professional, responsive and always available to answer any questions I had. The delivery was timely and the goods were in perfect condition upon arrival. The pricing was also very competitive and the entire process was seamless. I would definitely recommend eShip Transport to anyone in need of reliable and efficient moving services. Five stars!
Peter Maletich
Peter Maletich
January 20, 2023.
Mark Anthony was great to work with, honest, transparent, available, direct and competent. I highly recommend trusting him to get your car shipped! I bought a new Telluride on the other side of the country and I was working with the shipping broker the dealership found, but they were hard to get a hold of, I was not a priority to them, and they couldn't tell me how much they take for commission or what their plan was for finding a good driver. After over a week with no progress, I called eship and in my first conversation with Mark, he explained the entire shipping process to me, including unavoidable risks, which other brokers downplayed, and he showed me what the other broker was offering for the job, which helped me realize the other broker was being dishonest. I switched to Mark and eship and he found me a driver within a couple days. It was a small outfit that Mark had no experience with, but Mark explained while that carries some risk, the reputation looked good, he double-checked the validity of their insurance, and he thought we should go for it. The driver was great, responsive during the shipment, and got my car here without a scratch!

eShip Enclosed Auto Transport Service

enclosed auto transport serviceeShip is a well-established family-owned and operated business. When we say we put our customers first, we mean it. We’re the best option because:

  • We consistently rank in the top three companies by Consumer Affairs with great transport reviews.
  • We’ve achieved and maintained our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • We’ve been in business for ten years.
  • Each client is assigned a personal consultant. You deal with this consultant from start to finish. That means never having to hold while someone gleefully transfers you to the “right” department. You contact your consultant, and they’ll do the running around.
  • We’re open seven days a week.
  • We offer accurate quotes. Our policy is to be honest about the enclosed auto transport cost upfront. You’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before you commit. We don’t add nasty surprises or additional costs when we present the final bill.
  • You don’t pay a dime until we confirm the deal for your enclosed vehicle transport

If you are looking for covered car transport near me and want to work with professional transport companies that treat you honestly and fairly, contact eShip today. Check out reviews from Consumer Affairs, Google, Facebook, and Yelp to name a few!

Enclosed Transport: Safety & Security

Enclosed transport is often the preferred choice for those who value their vehicle’s condition above all else. Whether it’s a luxury sports car, a vintage classic, or a customized vehicle, enclosed auto shipping provides the highest level of protection.

Choosing the best enclosed auto transport service ensures that your vehicle is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. The cost of enclosed car shipping may be higher than other options, but the peace of mind and superior protection an enclosed carrier offers make the transport costs a worthwhile investment.

The use of enclosed car transport is widespread among owners of luxury vehicles, sports cars, classic cars, or any automobile that requires additional care. Enclosed car shipping services offer several advantages over a traditional open car trailer. While the enclosed car shipping cost may be higher, the added protection and peace of mind it provides make it a worthwhile investment for car transportation.

Covered Car Transport Solutions

Enclosed car shipping is usually requested when someone needs a luxury or antique car transported. Depending on the car shipping needs like traveling through harsh weather, snow in winter, or around loose gravel mountains as a few examples where even regular cars can benefit from enclosed car transport.

eShip provides a 1-2-3 easy auto-ship service setup. When getting enclosed transport with eShip’s car shipping services, you will get assigned a dedicated transport agent to track and provide the best customer service possible in the car shipping industry. If you have ever dealt directly with the car transport industry, you would know that having a dedicated transport agent by your side will make the pick-up and delivery much easier for you.

Covered car transport solutions are unique and not all transport brokers are able to provide the service throughout the United States. eShip is recognized as one of the best car shipping companies. The two reasons are customer service and the experience of being able to provide solutions like enclosed vehicle transport.

Enclosed Auto Transport Services to Ship Vehicles
Enclosed Auto Transport Services to Ship Vehicles

Most auto transport companies say they provide enclosed auto transport services, however, call eShip to make sure you get reliable and trustworthy transport for fully enclosed trailers from responsible auto transport companies across the nation, including Canada and Hawaii!

Specialized Handling for Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed auto transport is particularly suitable for high-value or classic vehicles that require delicate handling. Transport companies that offer enclosed services employ trained professionals who understand the unique needs of these vehicles. Enclosed carrier auto transport uses specialized equipment and techniques, like low ground clearance options to ensure professional handling throughout the transport process. An affordable option is open transport since car shipping prices will be higher for enclosed vehicle transport.

Protection from Elements During Car Shipping

Enclosed trailers shield your vehicle from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, and intense sunlight. This added protection helps prevent damage to your vehicle’s exterior and interior. It’s no secret that enclosed car carriers have high customer ratings and customer reviews easily show the preferred customer ratings while the downside becomes the enclosed car shipping cost.

Enclosed Car Transport Offers Reduced Risk of Damage

By opting for enclosed auto transport, you minimize the risk of damage caused by road debris, flying rocks, or other accidents. The enclosed trailer acts as a shield, providing a buffer zone between your vehicle and potential hazards on the road being picked up by car trailers tires and passing cars..

Enclosed Car Transport – Superior Transport Option

The best option for transporting high-value vehicles. It provides unmatched protection against weather conditions, road debris, and prying eyes. Additionally, reputable companies offering this service ensure professional handling, adequate insurance coverage, transparent pricing, and customization to match specific client needs. Whether you are a collector, owner of a classic or exotic car, or simply someone who values your vehicle, opting for enclosed auto transport is a worthwhile investment for car transport service keeping your peace of mind.

Schedule Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed auto transport offers invaluable protection for your vehicle during transit. Whether you own a classic car, an exotic vehicle, or a collector’s item, choosing an enclosed transport service ensures that your valuable possession arrives safely and securely at its destination.

Call eShip today for auto transport services. At eShip we specialize in car transport, providing the best car shipping experiences, unmatched by other enclosed auto transport companies. The transport industry is not an easy one to maneuver. Fortunately, at eShip we have been providing customers with transport solutions for over 10 years.

We have created an amazing portfolio of well-vetted experienced enclosed car transport carriers, letting you ship a car direct on enclosed carriers. Get reliable covered and enclosed trailer transport solutions across the United States. Start the auto-shipping process today with eShip for easy auto-ship options for vehicle transport in open and enclosed transport car carriers.

Reliable car shipping services offering soft-sided and hard-sided covered car transport trailers. With our network of available auto haulers, eShip is one of the few car shipping companies that can offer enclosed vehicle transport using the best auto transport companies for fully enclosed vehicle shipping trailers. The enclosed car shipping cost is higher, however, is the best option when you need to secure a vehicle from damage on transportation. 

Our customer service team are specialists in selecting the best-enclosed auto transport companies to transport vehicles efficiently.  Call eShip today to get a free quote and provide assistance setting up your enclosed car transport service!