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Enclosed Auto Transport: Providing The Highest Level Of Protection For Your Vehicle

Enclosed Auto Transport: Providing The Highest Level Of Protection For Your Vehicle   With over 10 years of experience in the auto transport business, eShip Transport understands that not every car requires the same level of protection while on the road. In response to the different needs of our clients, eShip Transport is proud to offer our enclosed auto transport services.

Enclosed auto transport is the right choice if:

  • You consider your car an investment
  • You are concerned about dust, dirt, and pollution
  • You do not want to subject your car to snow, hail, or extreme cold and heat
  • Your car is an antique or has a custom or expensive paint job
  • You want an extra level of protection from theft

Closed and Covered Car Transport Trailers

Available in two levels, a soft side with a regular ramp and a hard side with a hydraulic ramp, we have an enclosed transport option to suit every need and budget.

Hard Side With Hydraulic Ramp

eShip Transport’s hard-side trailer option provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle. Surrounded by hard walls on all sides and a hard roof, nothing will be able to touch your vehicle including dirt, dust, road debris, snow, hail, or strong wind. We guarantee that your car will arrive at its destination in the same condition that it was in when it was loaded. Our hard-side trailer option also features a hydraulic ramp, ensuring that your vehicle will not be damaged during the loading and unloading process. The hydraulic lift is also perfect for loading exotic cars with low clearance.

eShip Transport’s hard-side trailer is our most expensive option, but the peace of mind provided when shipping an expensive or rare vehicle is priceless.

Soft Side With Regular Ramp

eShip Transport’s soft side trailer is the less expensive of our two enclosed auto transport options. If you are transporting a car that is less high-end but still requires it to be protected from the elements, soft-covered auto transport is the service we recommend.

Your vehicle will be covered by a large tarp which will be securely fastened over and around it, providing a physical barrier between your vehicle and road dust, grime, and heavy weather. However, as this option has soft walls, it does not offer the same level of protection as the hard-side trailer.

Damage to vehicles on a covered auto transport service using a soft side trailer is extremely rare and we guarantee that your vehicle will reach its destination safely and in great condition.

eShip Transport Is Always The Right Choice

eShip Transport Is Always The Right Choice    Whether you choose our top-of-the-line hard-side trailer option or our less expensive soft-side trailer option, we guarantee that you will enjoy our outstanding customer service and attention to every detail of your transport. As an eShip Transport client, you will be assigned your own designated agent who will guide you through the process from pick up to delivery. Your agent will also be available to you directly to answer your questions or give you an update on your vehicle’s progress. From our fully bonded and insured drivers to our door-to-door service and 24-hour vehicle tracking, eShip Transport is committed to ensuring that your auto transport experience with us is excellent in every way.

What is the Difference Between Open and Closed Transport?

What is the Difference Between Open and Closed Transport?   Think of it as the difference between a Honda and a Ferrari. You’ll pay a lot more for the Ferrari, but the Ferrari performs a lot better. If the two were in a race, the Honda wouldn’t stand a chance.

So, while you’re paying more, you’re also getting more in return. That’s what happens with enclosed transport for your vehicle. Enclosed transport is more expensive, but the trailer thoroughly protects your car.

Open transport is competitive, but your car has no protection from dust, debris, and weather while in transit. A covered auto transport trailer is a middle option, providing more protection while not being as expensive as enclosed car transport trailers.

Which Option is Best for Me?

enclosed auto transport   In this section, we’ll look at each option in more detail.

Open Transport

This is the most common method of transporting vehicles. Most companies that you call will offer this method only. That’s why some providers can come in with very low quotes. Be wary of them; they’re only offering open transport.

With this method, the cars are loaded onto a trailer as is. The carrier moves them just like they are. This means that the vehicles have no protection against the elements and dirt (or debris) on the road.   Now, in all fairness, this is the most popular means of transport because it’s relatively low risk. The risk of damage to your car is around 5%. That’s pretty good by any standards. And, if you have an average-priced vehicle, this can save you some money.

There’s a low chance of damage and, if anything does happen, repairs are inexpensive. If, on the other hand, you’ve got a more expensive vehicle, like a Lexus or Ferrari, that 5% risk becomes more significant. With a luxury vehicle, even a small scratch is costly to repair. If your car is a collector’s item, scratches could dramatically decrease its value. Either way, it’s not worth taking the risk of transporting high-value vehicles without protection. 

The advantage of using open transport is that it’s a lower cost. A further advantage is that it’s easy enough to find a carrier. Open carriers are a lot more common than their enclosed counterparts. 

From the carrier company’s point of view, an open trailer is:

  • Less expensive to operate
  • Cheaper to buy

Of course, none of these considerations will mean anything to you if you’re a collector looking after your prized possession.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This entails using a trailer that offers the vehicles inside significant protection. There are two types available, and we’ll deal with this in more detail in a second. The primary advantage of these enclosed carriers is that they provide more protection for the vehicles inside. The cars are better protected from the elements and debris flying up from the road.

If you want the best protection for your vehicle, this is it. Naturally, you’ll need to expect to pay a little more for the added protection of an enclosed transport.

There are Two Types of Enclosed Transport

Hard Side with Hydraulic Lift

This is the premier option and best-suited for high-end vehicles that have low clearances. What sets this apart is that a hydraulic lift is used to lift the car into place. This process reduces the chance of damage when we load or unload the vehicle. The container that we put the cars into also has hard sides. The hard sides completely protect the vehicle inside from dirt and debris on the road.

Soft Side with Regular Ramp  

This is slightly less expensive. While this option certainly provides a greater level of protection for your vehicle than open transport, it does lack in protection in comparison to enclosed transports with hard sides and hydraulic lifts. With soft side transport, there are no hard sides to the trailer. The carrier covers the trailer with a tarp, so the vehicle does have a barrier from the outside elements. That said, there are gaps and holes in the tarps that dust and debris can work their way through.

Expedited Auto Transport 

Maybe something went wrong with the original company that you hired to move your vehicle. Perhaps something came up that makes it necessary to expedite the transport. Perhaps you need your vehicle at its destination sooner, rather than later. It doesn’t make a difference – the point is that you can’t wait for the typical length of time. Whatever the reason, give us a call. We deal with an extensive network of reliable carriers. We’ll help expedite the transport for you. 

Expedited transport will cost a little more, but we’ll still negotiate the best possible rate for you. So, if you need your vehicle moved across the country fast, call us for the best price and service. Enclosed auto transport offers real extra car with enclosed or covered Car Shipping.

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