With us, you always come first. We treat our clients properly because we appreciate them. We start with excellent service and then work to wow you. That’s one of the reasons that we’re one of the few companies in this industry to be rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau consistently. Vehicle Shipping in Southwest US

We’ve got extensive experience in the industry, and it shows. Let us meet your Southwest vehicle transport needs. We offer: 

The Southwest States That We Operate In

We offer our services in every state, including the following states in the southwest. If you’re in one of the following states, call us at (800) 906-6909. You can also complete the contact form on-site or drop us an email at

eShip Auto Transport in Southwest

Services That We Offer

Southwest Auto Transport

You may think that it’s competitive and easier to drive a car across the country. You’ll find that it’s not quite as inexpensive as you think. Here are some of the reasons that clients choose our services instead:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Gas could be the least of the expenses on a road trip. You’ll need to pay for food at rest stops, and places to sleep as well.  That can all add up fast. 
  • It’s more environmentally friendly: Those big car trailers have an advantage that we forget about. Instead of having 12 cars using fossil fuels and emitting pollutants during the drive, only the carrier does. 
  • Timesaving: Not everyone has the time to take on a long road trip.   
  • Less wear and tear: We could have lumped this in with cost-effectiveness, but we felt it deserved special attention. Having the car delivered reduces the amount of wear and tear on it. This becomes especially important when selling a vehicle.

You have two basic options here – open or enclosed carriers. If you’re not sure of the difference, here it is: 

Open transport is the more common and cost-effective option. The cars ride on one of those specialized trailers. The downside of this method is that there’s little to no protection from the elements.

Your car faces the elements and dust or debris. To be fair, this is not often an issue with most cars. There’s a minimal chance of damage occurring. The cost savings outweigh the potential risks.

That is unless it’s an extremely expensive or unique car. If you’ve just bought a brand-new Lamborghini, for example, you’ll want it better protected. That’s where enclosed trailers come into play.

There are two types of enclosed trailers. For the ultimate protection, you’ll want one with a metal roof and sides. Containers with tarp sides instead of metal are also a good option. The only issue is that the tarp does allow dust in.

If you still can’t choose, discuss this with our consultants at (800) 906-6909.

Vehicle Shipping in Southwest US

Southwest Boat Transport

We don’t have to tell you that delivering a boat can be tricky. If you need someone to assist with this more specialized task, we’ll find the right team for you.

Southwest Motorcycle Transport

Many of our clients opt to have their bikes delivered rather than driving them themselves. The reasons that they cite are the same as those mentioned for vehicles. 

Southwest RV Transport 

If you need an RV moved between towns, or states, give us a call. We’ll get you the best deal possible with specialists that know what they’re doing. 

Household Moving

Offering household moving services was a natural progression for us. We work with movers that we know are reliable. We’ll discuss your move with them and find the best candidate for the job. Call us and cross one tiresome item off your to-do list.

Expedited Shipping

If it’s possible to wait for delivery, we’ll advise you to do so. It’s more cost-effective that way. If you can’t, allow us to find someone who can handle the job quickly. Now, there are limits to what we can do. 

If it takes 62 hours of drive time to get to the new destination, there’s not much we can do to change that. Unless that is, you’re willing to hire a plane. What we can do is shorten the time it takes to collect your items.

So, instead of waiting two weeks for the carrier to call, we’ll try to shorten that to a day or two.

Vehicle Shipping in Southwest US

Our Platinum Free Protection Plan

This is an added extra that we’re happy to offer for free. We give it to you for your peace of mind. It pays out in two instances.

The first is if your car sustains damage during transport. Should the carrier not have you covered, we’ll step in. This insurance will fill in the gap.

The second is if the carrier is late with delivery through negligence. If they’re more than 48 hours late, we’ll give you up to $300 to rent a car. We wouldn’t think of leaving you stranded.

How It Works

eShip Auto Transport in SouthwestCall, email, or submit the form on our site. Our agents are happy to answer any of your questions. Once we’ve established the details of the deal, we’ll work on getting you a quote. 

This, again, is where we work differently than most companies. Many companies require you to put down a deposit before they even look for quotes. To us, that’s insane. It also often means that they’re low-balling the figures.

The only way to know what rate the carrier will charge is to find out from them. Those companies working the other way around are taking the chance that they’ve got the price wrong. You could end up paying more as a result. 

If they charge too little, they might not be able to find a carrier to take on the project. You might be left high and dry. We get the quotes first. That way, we know that we can assist you. Once we’ve confirmed the deal with both parties, we’ll ask for the money.

Another way that we make things easier is by assigning one agent to you throughout the deal. If you have any queries, you’ll know who to call at any time.

We don’t just hand you off to the carrier and hope for the best. If you’re experiencing issues with them, call us, and we’ll see how we can assist.

Vehicle Shipping in Southwest US


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