Car Shipping Hawaii

Incredible weather, pristine beaches, and plenty of recreational opportunities make Hawaii an excellent place to live. The island state is known as the best destination for water sports. You can go diving, surfing, swimming, and many other exciting water activities. However, the cost of living on this beautiful island is significantly higher than the national average. According to a Living in Hawaii report, it costs about 30% more for the goods and services in Hawaii than they do in the mainland USA. If you wish to move out of the state, what will you do for car shipping Hawaii?

Shipping a car from the island state to mainland America involves traveling more than two thousand miles. So, you should not hire random car shippers; instead, you should look for a professional car transport company. eShip Transport has been shipping vehicles across the country, including Hawaii, for more than a decade. We are a BBB accredited auto shipping company. Use our free car shipping calculator for a free car shipping quote.

What Makes Car Shipping from Hawaii Challenging?

What Makes Car Shipping from Hawaii Challenging?     Shipping a car from Hawaii to mainland America is not easy. It involves vehicle shipping over land, water, or air. It costs a significant amount to ship the car from Hawaii to the mainland USA. If you have a basic model or your car is old, you need to analyze if it is worth shipping it from Hawaii to the USA. Moreover, there is a risk of damage as the car will travel a long distance. If you hire the wrong car shipping company, you have to repent later.

So, it’s essential to choose the best car transport company. You must check the reputation of the company before hiring it. eShip Transport has been rated five-star by Consumer Affairs for providing excellent car shipping services. Do you want to know the cost of car shipping from Urban Honolulu Hi to New York, NY? Call us for an instant car shipping quote.

Is Enclosed Auto Transport a Better Option for Car Shipping Hawaii?

Is Enclosed Auto Transport a Better Option for Car Shipping Hawaii?     When you ship a car a long distance, the first thing that comes to your mind is safety. It does not make sense if you receive your vehicle in a damaged condition even after spending a significant amount. So, you must think about the safety of your car, and enclosed transport offers better safety. It protects your vehicle from dust, dirt, and damage. 

It will cost more than open auto transport, but you can have peace of mind. However, if the value of your car is not much, you can choose open transport. eShip offers affordable enclosed car shipping services. Know the cost of car shipping from East Honolulu, Hi to Houston, TX. Call us on 800-906-6909 or get a free car shipping quote online.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping from Hawaii to the other US States?

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping from Hawaii to the other US States?    When you ship the car from Hawaii, you need to take care of a lot of things. It is crucial to prepare your car before shipping to ensure it reaches its destination safely. Here are some tips to help you prepare the vehicle for shipping.

Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car is essential before shipping it to a long distance. It helps you spot if there is any dent or scratches before and after car shipping. You must record the car exterior when the car shipping company comes to pick up your car.

Remove Any Moving Object

Your car will move a lot during transportation. If there is any luggage or other object inside the vehicle, it will move and cause damage to your car. You should also take out the removable items like the music system and other accessories.

Repair any leakage

Car shipping companies may refuse to transport your car if there is a leakage, or they may charge you more. So, you should get the leakage repaired before shipping your vehicle.

Lock The Car

Car shipping from Pearl City, HI to Chicago, IL, involves risks. There is a risk of theft as well. It’s better to lock the car while handing it over to the vehicle transport company.

Confirm Vehicle Transport Insurance

Your car will travel thousands of miles during transportation from Hawaii to other US states. It can get damaged on the way. So, auto shipping insurance is a must if you ship a car from Hilo, Hi to New Jersey, NJ. It will give you peace of mind since you can claim compensation if the car gets damaged or the carrier has an accident and your vehicle becomes inoperable. eShip Transport provides a platinum protection plan that gives comprehensive insurance coverage.

What is the Best Time to Ship a Car from Hawaii to the Mainland USA?

If you have to ship your car urgently, you don’t have a choice. However, if it is not urgent, you should avoid the summer season to ship your vehicle. According to a report, about 31 million people move to a new home in the USA every year, and most of the moves take place in summer only. So, the car shipping cost is higher from May to August. eShip Transport offers the most affordable price for car shipping in Hawaii. Use our car shipping calculator to know the cost of shipping a car from Hawaii to the Mainland USA.

Why take chances by hiring a random auto transport company when you can hire the best in the business at an affordable price? Choose eShip Transport for car shipping Hawaii. Contact us for a free quote.