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Out of the thousands of RV Transport service companies out there, eShip Transport is among the very few that have a BBB A+ rating. This follows our ten years plus of experience in consistently meeting our clients’ expectations. As a family-run business, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. 

Get reliable and affordable RV transport services with eShip Transport Depending on length of transport, the location being delivered to and time of year, all contribute to the overall cost of having an RV transported. eShip Transport will always strive to achieve the best pricing for defining RV transport cost per mile.

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What makes our RV transport services so unique?

Reliable RV Transport Services

eShip Transport is one of the few RV transport service companies that doesn’t charge deposit on RV Transport until we have a reliable driver sourced for RV with required experience for your type of RV.

Reliable RV Transport Services

Unlike our competitors, we don’t like wasting our client’s time. We only charge you when we are sure your RV is ready to be transported. Other RV transport companies will charge you a deposit and keep you waiting as they look for a driver or a means to get your RV to its destination.

At eShip, we believe face-to-face interaction with our clients allows us to build trust. That is why we have a physical office. We are always open for business—seven days a week, 365 days a year.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach us online. You can conveniently book our services online or via phone, just like you would in a physical location.

Professional Moving of RV with Dedicated RV Transport Agents

We have been in this business long enough to know how clients, especially the new ones, feel when trusting their RVs with strangers. That’s why we have dedicated shipping agents who guide our clients throughout the RV shipping process. We don’t want you to spend sleepless nights worrying about the state of your RV and where it’s at.

Let our guys handle all the nitty-gritty details while you sit back and relax. You can always contact your dedicated RV shipping agent seven days a week. When you have been in the transport industry for as long as we have, you understand that sometimes things can go wrong. That’s why we provide our clients with an eShip Protection Plan at no extra charge. If anything happens to your RV while in transport and your assigned carrier’s insurance doesn’t cover it, we will. 

Why Choose eShip for Your RV Transportation Needs?

eShip stands out as the best choice for reliable, trustworthy, and affordable RV transportation solutions in the United States. With years of experience in the industry, eShip has gained a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and for being one of the most reliable RV transporters and RV haulers in the business. 

Understanding RV Transport Services

Recreational vehicle (RV) transport services are specialized shipping companies that focus on the transportation of RVs, travel trailers, 5th wheels, and camper haulers across North America. These companies are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to safely transport your RV from one location to another.

The Role of RV Transporters and RV Haulers

RV transporters and RV haulers play a pivotal role in RV transportation. They are responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of your RV to your desired delivery location. This includes everything from conducting a thorough double-check of all fluid levels and systems to ensuring the safe loading and unloading of your RV onto lowboy trailers or other suitable transport platforms.

eShip Transport holds an A+ Rating with BBB

Worried we’ll be late with your RV delivery? That’s not common, but we offer up to $300 for a rental if your delivery is more than 48 hours late. However, this excludes any weather delays and truck breakdowns. We don’t have control over the weather yet!

Licensed and Registered with the FMCSA. We have some of the highest ratings in the industry. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating for our services. When you visit our profile on Consumer Affairs Reviews, we have thousands of 5-star ratings. They can’t be all wrong. 

Reliable RV Transport Service with Professional RV Movers

We have invested a lot in satisfying our client’s RV transport needs. We have a dedicated customer support team that is always on call. We make sure our support agents are friendly and helpful. We also have a penchant for delivering our client’s RVs right on time anywhere they want us to.

Is your RV crossing state lines?

Then, you need a reliable RV transport company that can deliver anywhere. This is where we come in. We have been known to transport RVs cross-country without a hitch or a change in our schedule. Our drivers are familiar with all the routes and all the conditions.

We are the best multi-state RV transport service company and guarantee safe delivery of your RV. We make deliveries from anywhere you want and deliver to any location you need, so long as the carrier can get in. Our personalized shipping agent will help monitor your RV and its status across all state lines. You will get timely status reports besides following your RV using our state-of-the-art GPS technology.

You can never go wrong using our RV transport services no matter where you are. Aside from having one of the best rates, our charges are pretty transparent. We have no hidden fees. Unlike our competitors who give very low quotes before finding a driver, we make sure we quote a price that will ensure your travel trailer is transported on time.

We provide top-quality service without outrageous prices. We offer premium quality RV transportation services with remarkable customer support. We don’t believe you should have to pay extra for a reliable RV transport service you can trust. 

We have been in business for more than ten years. We are also a family business. We treat all our customers like family, ensuring that all clients receive the same quality of service every time they reach out to us. 

Nearly all of our clients become return clients. With a massive online presence and physical offices, you can sit back and let us grease our elbows getting your travel trailer, motorhome or RV relocated down south for the winter or your new home.

Expedited RV Transport

If you find yourself stuck needing an RV moved last minute, we also offer expedited RV transport services. They often come at a slightly higher rate since there is less time to shop around for lower driver bids, but if you need an RV moved somewhere fast, we can get it there faster than the competition—guaranteed.

Kickstart Your Move with a Free Estimate

If you need motorhomes and RVs moved no matter where or why—you won’t find more reliable RV transport service, better customer support, fairer rates, or faster response times anywhere else. Choose eShip Transport Services today. 

Get reliable and affordable RV transport services with eShip Transport. Pricing for having an RV Transported, depends on various factors like does it require an RV driver or tow away transportation. Other factors for moving an RV include the length of transport, the location being delivered to and the time of year, all contribute to the overall cost of having an RV transported. eShip Transport will always strive to achieve the best pricing for defining RV transport cost of using a reliable RV hauler for your travel trailer. 

FMCSA Licensed Movers
FMCSA Licensed Movers

The eShip Advantage: Delivering More Than Just Your RV

At eShip, we understand the importance of your recreational vehicles. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your RV. We offer both tow-away and drive-away services, and our team of professional RV movers is trained to handle all types of RVs, from travel trailers and 5th wheels to class C motorhomes and toy haulers. 

Whether you’re shipping an RV across the country or just a few states away, you can trust eShip to provide a top-notch transport experience at an affordable price.

Get a free quote by visiting our office, filling in the contact form below, or giving us a call at 1-800-906-6909We promise you won’t regret it.

How much does it cost to ship an RV?

How Much Does it Cost to Ahip an RV?

The cost to ship an RV will depend on the size and type of RV, as well as the distance it needs to be shipped. The average cost for short-distance shipping is typically around $ 2.50-$ 4.00 per loaded mile for a Class A motorhome or around $400-$550 for a small travel trailer under 30 feet in length.

Long-distance RV shipping usually has a flat rate that ranges from $3,000 to over $10,000, depending on the origin of the RV and destination points. Other factors that can affect the cost to ship an RV include insurance fees, fuel costs, equipment rental fees and permits required by federal and state governments in order to legally ship the vehicle.

Visit the eShip Transport Services page to learn about eShip’s other transport services!

Is RV hauling worth it?

Nationwide RV Transport Services - RV Hauling

RV hauling can have many benefits, depending on the situation and goal of the user. If a traveler is looking to explore remote areas that are hard to reach with traditional travel methods, then hauling an RV may be worth it. An RV allows travelers to bring their home along with them wherever they go and enjoy the comforts of home while exploring different areas.

Additionally, due to the cost savings associated with sleeping in one’s own RV instead of booking expensive hotels or rental houses, RV hauling can be more affordable than other forms of travel. RVs also come equipped with various amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms which can add convenience for long-term trips or those taking trips with large groups.

For more information on RV Transport and other eShip Transport services visit the eShip Transport home.

What does it cost per mile to move an RV?

What does it cost per mile to move an RV?
Current costs start a little over $1.00 to over $4.00 per mile…

Finding what does it cost per mile to move an RV, requires a few considerations, to calculate the final cost on cost per mile to transport an RV. RV Transport costs can vary due to the distance RV is being transported, the size of the RV as well as the time of year for certain places requiring experienced drivers that will get your RV transported safely to its’ new location due to the current season. Other considerations that can affect the pricing of an RV transport service include the cost of fuel and tolls to reach the required destination.

As mentioned above, the time of year can also affect the pricing to get an RV transported. To add to this cost factor, another cost factor to realize the final cost to get an RV transported is how quickly you require the RV transported. If you require expedited RV transport, then expect to pay top dollar to get the RV relocated properly and quickly.

Ways to Reduce the Overall Cost Per Mile to Move an RV

It is recommended to pre-plan by thinking ahead and scheduling to get your RV relocated as far in advance as possible and try to do it during times when transport services get the cheapest. By talking to an RV transport specialist, they can assist in answering and helping plan an RV relocation to help make the cost to transport RV as cost affordable as possible.

Reliable and Affordable RV Transport Services
Reliable and Affordable RV Transport Services
Jessica Mansch
Jessica Mansch
June 19, 2023.
I can't say enough wonderful things about eShip and its customer service reps. After being put through the ringer with a few other companies, I had the pleasure in speaking with Joanna at eShip. She explained the entire process, how the board works and the reality of what to expect and then patiently answered all of my questions. Unlike the other transport services, Joanna was always available via text or call. Thank you Joanna and eShip for the seamless transport!!!!!
May 5, 2023.
I have used Eship to transport my child's car three times. And all three times? Outstanding service from the time the car is picked up until the time it arrives at the destination. Great, professional and kind staff with good prices and great service. I can easily give Eship a FIVE star review.
Don Verni
Don Verni
April 6, 2023.
Mark did a great job shipping our cars from Florida to New York. Very transparent, informative, great communition and service. We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them. Many thanks.
February 12, 2023.
I recently used eShip Transport for the transportation of my household goods and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service I received. The team was professional, responsive and always available to answer any questions I had. The delivery was timely and the goods were in perfect condition upon arrival. The pricing was also very competitive and the entire process was seamless. I would definitely recommend eShip Transport to anyone in need of reliable and efficient moving services. Five stars!
Peter Maletich
Peter Maletich
January 20, 2023.
Mark Anthony was great to work with, honest, transparent, available, direct and competent. I highly recommend trusting him to get your car shipped! I bought a new Telluride on the other side of the country and I was working with the shipping broker the dealership found, but they were hard to get a hold of, I was not a priority to them, and they couldn't tell me how much they take for commission or what their plan was for finding a good driver. After over a week with no progress, I called eship and in my first conversation with Mark, he explained the entire shipping process to me, including unavoidable risks, which other brokers downplayed, and he showed me what the other broker was offering for the job, which helped me realize the other broker was being dishonest. I switched to Mark and eship and he found me a driver within a couple days. It was a small outfit that Mark had no experience with, but Mark explained while that carries some risk, the reputation looked good, he double-checked the validity of their insurance, and he thought we should go for it. The driver was great, responsive during the shipment, and got my car here without a scratch!

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Understanding the Key Aspects of RV Shipping

When it comes to RV shipping, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of RV (travel trailers, 5th wheel, class C motorhomes, toy haulers, etc.), the distance to be covered, and the specific requirements of the RV owner. Shipping an RV costs can vary greatly depending on these factors, so it’s essential to find reliable RV transport companies that offer competitive rates. 

Exceptional Services by eShip RV Transport Company

When it comes to dependable RV transport, the eShip RV Transport Company stands out as a leading service provider. With years of experience in the industry, they have honed their skills and refined their processes to provide top-notch services for all types of recreational vehicles. Whether you own a travel trailer, an RV trailer, or a 5th wheel, eShip has got you covered. They offer both tow away and drive away services, ensuring maximum convenience for their customers. With eShip, you can rest easy knowing your RV is in capable hands.

The Role of Professional RV Transporters and Haulers

Professional RV transporters play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient transport of your recreational vehicle. Companies like eShip employ experienced RV haulers who understand the intricacies of towing different types of RVs. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to securely attach your RV to a lowboy trailer or pickup truck, ensuring its safe arrival at the desired location. With their expertise, RV transporters can navigate various road conditions and handle any challenges that might arise during the transport process.

Choosing Among Top RV Transport Companies

The market is filled with numerous RV transport companies, each offering a range of services. However, it’s essential to choose a company that not only meets your specific needs but also provides reliable and high-quality service. When selecting a transport company, consider factors such as their experience, customer reviews, and the variety of services they offer. 

Companies like eShip RV Transport Company, known for their reliability and excellent service, set the bar high in the industry. Their commitment to providing efficient and hassle-free transport services makes them a preferred choice among RV owners.

Travel Trailer Transport and Camper Hauling

Travel trailer transport and camper hauling require special attention due to their unique design and structure. Whether you’re transporting a travel trailer or a 5th wheel, it’s crucial to choose experienced RV movers who understand the intricacies involved in handling these types of RVs.

Choosing the Right RV Transport Company

There are numerous RV transport companies and shipping companies operating across the country, it’s important to choose one that is fully licensed by the Department of Transportation, has a proven track record, and can offer a seamless transport experience.

The Significance of Customer Service in RV Transportation

Customer service is paramount in the RV transportation industry. From the moment you request a quote to the time your RV is delivered, top-notch customer service can make all the difference in your RV transport experience. Look for RV transporters who prioritize customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Selecting the Right RV Shipping Company

Choosing an RV shipping company is a crucial step in the process of transporting your RV. The right company will have experienced RV haulers and transporters who understand how to handle different types of RVs, such as travel trailers, 5th wheels, and cargo trailers. They should also offer both tow away and drive away services to cater to your specific needs. 

An RV hauler will use a pickup truck or a similar vehicle to tow your RV trailer to your desired delivery location. On the other hand, a drive away service involves a professional driver taking your recreational vehicle on the road to its destination. It’s important to select an RV shipping company that provides both these options to ensure flexibility in service. 

Why Choose Professional RV Haulers

Professional RV haulers bring the expertise and equipment necessary for safe RV transportation. They understand how to properly connect your travel trailer or 5th wheel to a lowboy trailer or pickup truck, ensuring safe and secure transport. 

Moreover, they are skilled at navigating various road conditions and can efficiently transport your RV to your specified delivery location. So, whether you need to transport your RV across the country or just a few states away, professional RV haulers can make the process hassle-free and efficient. 

Remember, transporting an RV is not just about moving a vehicle; it’s about safely delivering your home away from home. So, ensure you choose an RV shipping company that treats your recreational vehicle with the care and respect it deserves.

Preparing Your RV for Transport

Before you hand over your recreation vehicles to the RV hauler, it’s essential to prepare your RV for transport. This involves checking the condition of your RV, securing all loose items inside, disconnecting any utilities / non-required power supply, and making sure all doors and windows are properly locked. 

Tip: Prepare Your RV Trailer Properly to Minimize Damage

In addition, you should also check the fluid levels, tires, and overall condition of the RV to ensure it’s ready for the journey. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of your RV before the RV shipments to document its condition in case of any disputes later on.