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Do you need an auto shipped to Canada from the US? International auto shipping from USA to Canada is not overly difficult if you have done it before. If you have never shipped a car from the US to Canada, this article will do you very well! There is required paperwork for auto transport from US to Canada and many people are unaware of the rules and procedures for international auto shipping. 

In this article, we will give you some quick resources for shipping cars, trucks, and SUVs to Canada, and additional references/links for shipping a car from US to Canada. The cost to ship a car to Canada from USA depends on what you are shipping and what type of transport you request. Hiring the best auto transport company to ship your car will reduce your stress. You can get a free auto transport quote to ship a car from USA to Canada quickly and easily! 

Cross-Border Auto Shipping from USA to Canada

International auto shipping from USA to Canada sounds like a big deal and a lot of stress! Indeed, snowbirds from Canada come down to warmer states like Florida and Texas to enjoy life. When their cold winter is over, they ship their cars from the USA back across the northern border to Canada. 

Many cars, trucks, and SUVs get shipped across the US-Canada border every day! If you need a car shipped from US to Canada, the easiest way to do it is hire a professional international auto shipping company such as eShip! eShip will help with all of the required paperwork and provide the best possible service for the cost! If you need international auto shipping from USA to Canada, get a free quote from eShip!

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Required paperwork for auto transport from US to Canada

It is important that you are very careful with the paperwork that is required for US registered vehicles that are being transported into Canada. We recommend that all of our customers look over the Canada’s Registrar of Imported Vehicles to ensure your vehicle is admissible into the Canada border. This could be a rather large problem if you get all the way there and get turned away. 

The vehicle owner will be required to send an original vehicle title or a certified copy by the DOT (Department of Motor Vehicles) to the expected border crossing at least 80 hours before you plan on crossing. If you decide to use our services, our international auto transport team is all over this for you. Our dispatchers will immediately supply the contact name of the border crossing facility, but a photo ID will be required upon time of crossing. 

Additional references and links for shipping a car from US to Canada

We have collected some additional resources for our viewers to quickly gain knowledge.

  • The US Customs-Import A Car dictates the requirements for the importation of any vehicle into the United States. Every time when a snowbird moves a car from Canada to Florida, they must fill out a US Customs form.
  • eShip Transport Canada offering international, US, & Canadian car shipping and freight brokerage services
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Admin also outlines the rules and regulations of the mechanical safety requirements of motor vehicles 
  • US EPA FORM 3250-1 is an important article of declaration regarding the importation of motor vehicles and their engines which are subject to the federal air-pollution regulations and law.
  • To get more information about registered importers and the modifications needed to meet either NHTSA or EPA standards go to Registered Importer List
  • For the PDF version of the HS-7 Form click here, this is required when a vehicle does not comply with the NHTSA rules and regulations, but an exemption is possible
  • US Customs 3299 Form is a declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles

Cost to ship a car To Canada from USA

If you are firmly moving to Canada or coming to stay for an extended visit, most likely you would like to bring your car along. The easiest way to get your car from the USA to Canada is to simply drive it yourself and fill out the paperwork at the border. The reality is, a lot of people are unable to achieve this daunting task and rely on professional companies such as eShip to ship a car to Canada. Getting the best cost to ship the car is what eShip strives to do for its customers. 

Using a professional auto transport company such as eShip to move a car to Canada is definitely going to be more expensive dollar for dollar than driving yourself, but it will reduce the wear and tear that many miles will have on your vehicle, the time it’s going to take to drive the vehicle (this is worth more than most people realize), and the peace of mind knowing that a professional is going to handle it. 

International auto shipping is not competitive and the pricing depends on the type of vehicle, time of year, and type of transport services requested. For the amount of time and distance it takes to get from US to Canada, eShip believes the best way to import a car to Canada is with us!

Import or Not to Import – This is the question

The question of does this count as an import or not…depending on if the vehicle is going to remain in Canada or not determines if it is an import. If you are a student, visiting for an extended period, or on a temporary work visa then your car is not going to be an import. If you are a Canadian resident and it will be a daily driver then it must be considered an import and you will have to pay duties and taxes when entering Canada. 

These fees can be exuberant for luxury and oversized gas-guzzling vehicles. If importing a vehicle from US to Canada, eShip’s customer advocates are here to give you the closest most accurate quote possible and keep you informed along the way!

Best auto transport company in 2021 to ship car from USA to Canada 

Enclosed auto transport from US to Canada is the best way to ship a car to Canada in 2021. eShip’s International Transporters have the finest enclosed trailers in the industry. These types of transports are not necessarily for your daily driver, as an open auto transport is much more affordable than enclosed. 

eShip Transport Canada is the best auto shipping company for Canada in 2021 

When getting a free auto transport quote from USA to Canada consider a few things:

  1. Size of Vehicle
  2. Distance of Transport
  3. Transport Method
  4. Time of Yea

When considering transporting a vehicle from USA to Canada, the size of the vehicle is very important. Large trucks and oversized SUVs will not fit into standard trailer spaces and ultimately cost more to ship than a compact vehicle will. eShip has the best rates for shipping oversized vehicles into Canada. 

When considering the distance that has to be traveled to complete your transport, it’s important to consider the driver’s road time and fuel. Shipping a car from New York into the southeastern region of Canada is not going to cost nearly as much as shipping a car from Tampa Florida to Ontario Canada. You must consider the miles or kilometers that are to be covered as you calculate the cost of transporting the vehicle into Canada. 

Next, consider the shipping method options to ship your car: enclosed trailers or open-air trailers. An enclosed trailer offers the highest level of protection and is definitely more expensive than open air. Large vehicles do not always fit into the compact spaces inside the enclosed trailer, so only select vehicles can be transported by enclosed trailer. 

Most people who request enclosed trailers have expensive luxury vehicles or classic cars with high values. For such a long trip, open-air trailers are going to be the most economical way to transport from US to Canada. Finally, the time of year definitely weighs heavily on the cost to ship a car from US to Canada. Snowbirds use auto transport services in specific times of the years to avoid the rush!

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Get FREE Auto Transport Quote from USA To Canada!