Boat Transport Florida to Bahamas

Are you in need of a trusted captain to get your boat or yacht from Florida to the Bahamian islands? Many anglers appreciate a captain taking their craft to the Bahamas for them while they choose to fly in. A significant amount of gas will be consumed as we transport your boat from Florida to the Bahamas as the trip is extensive. We know you will love the many exciting fishing opportunities in the Bahamas islands. If you are in need of assistance with transporting your fishing boats, fill out a free boat transport quote to find out exactly what your next steps are!

Boat Transport From Florida to the Bahamas

Boat Transport From Florida to the Bahamas      Getting your boat transported for Bimini or the Bahamas is an individualized process. Every boat is different, every situation is different, please understand all quotes are going to be slightly different! Boat transport from Florida to the Bahamas is a straight shot, but it can be dangerous and can burn a significant amount of fuel!

The Bahamas to Florida Boat Transport

The Bahamas to Florida Boat Transport    Transporting your boat or yacht from the Bahamas islands back to Florida mainland is a job in which the Eship Boat Transport team is highly skilled! After a long fishing trip, the last thing you want to do is jump waves all the way back to your east coast destination. Get your fishing boat or yacht transported from the Bahamas to Florida for as low as $395 per day with our professional captain. 

Interested in the Bahamas – Learn More about the Bahamas Islands

Interested in the Bahamas – Learn More about the Bahamas Islands    The Bahamas are extremely exciting and many tourists and anglers are fortunate enough to experience the fishing opportunities every day! There are so many fun things to do in the Bahamas such as fishing, boating, swimming, and nightlife! Learn more about the Bahamas before you transport your boat with Eship starting as low as $395 a day!

Fishing In Bahamas

Some of the best fishing in the world happens in the Bahamas! The finest fish live in the nicest waters of the world! Some of the fish that are popular in the Bahamas are :

Off Shore Fishing

  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Baracuda
  • Kingfish
  • Blackfin Tuna
  • Blue Marlin
  • Dolphinfish
  • Sailfish
  • Spanish Mackeral
  • Bonito
  • Wahoo
  • White Marlin

In Shore Fishing

  • Amberjack
  • Baracuda
  • Kingfish
  • Permit
  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Yellowtail
  • Spanish Mackeral 

If you desire to fish these sacred lands and catch these big game fish, contact Eship Marine Transport division to get your boat transported from the USA mainlands to the Bahamas Islands! For more information about fishing in the Bahamas check out this link

Boating in the Bahamas

When arriving by boat into the Bahamas, the captain and all passengers must go through Customs. Look into the travel requirements for traveling into and out of the Bahamas with Covid19 restrictions. There are Bahamas Entry Requirements and Entry Fees you should be aware of! Make sure when boating in the Bahamas, you respect the weather and use the right marine vessel! Anchoring in the tropical sands can be a challenge. Other than that, boating in the  Bahamas is a luxury you should definitely try at least once in your life! For more information about boating in the Bahamas check out  this link

Weather in the Bahamas

The weather in the Bahamas is beautiful most of the time!  Respect the weather advisories when fishing offshore as the tropical waves can become dangerous quite quickly! The water is pristine and beautiful, but mother nature is very powerful, and when there is a storm, respect the water to ensure your safety! For the most part, the Bahamas are sunny and beautiful so contact Eship Marine Transport today to get your boat transported to the Bahamas!

Things to Know About Bahamas

The most important thing to remember when traveling into the Bahamas is to bring your passport! A passport is required to travel to the Bahamas. The Bahamas currency is on par with the US dollar so no need to exchange your money. To ensure smooth traveling out of the Bahamas, make sure you have your return ticket secured and safe! All of your electronics will work in the Bahamas so no need for international adapters! In order to stay in communication with the USA Mainland, use Wifi based communication streams to cut down on your cell phone bill – the Bahamas will still cost you an international calling rate! Did you know English is the main language and most gratuity is already included in your restaurant bills! Drive on the left side of the road, but remember to set your clock for Eastern Standard Time! Even though your passport is required, US citizens have a Pre-Clearance to visit Nassau Paradise! So here are some quick things to know about the Bahamas when booking your boat transport with the Eship Marine Transport Division- Your trusted Boat Transporter to the Bahamas!

Best Boat Transport Company to the Bahamas from all Florida waterways

If you need a trusted captain for your boat up to 185 feet long, contact Eship Marine Transport department today for your complimentary quote. Our boat transport services start at $395 per day, fuel and dock fees not included. The peace of mind in not having to transport your boat to or from the Bahamas allows you to focus on the experience, not the journey!

Eship Boat Transport – Your Trusted Bahamas Boat Transporter

Eship Boat Transport – Your Trusted Bahamas Boat Transporter      When you need an honest, proven boat captain to get your boat from the Bahamas to Florida or from Florida to the Bahamas, get a custom boat transport quote today! Eship Marine Transport division is dedicated to getting your boat or yacht wherever you need it to dock! Our captains are rated for yachts up to 185 feet and start as low as $395 a day. 

Why Choose eShip?

When arranging boat transport services, you have a selection of several boat transport companies available. So why should you choose eShip? We are a family business that has been providing high-end boat transportation services for more than ten years. We also have an A+ rating with the Business Better Bureau (BBB,) which is unheard of in the transportation industry. Additionally, the Consumer Affairs consistently rank us in the national Top 3. The benefits of working with eShip include the following:

  • eShip Platinum Protection Plan
  • Complete availability
  • Reliable and safe transportation solutions
  • No upfront deposit

eShip Platinum Protection Plan 

When you sign up for our boat transport service, we will provide you with our eShip Platinum Protection Plan at no additional charge. This plan includes a guarantee that every carrier we assign is fully insured. If not, and in the unlikely event of damage, we will pay repair costs.The eShip Platinum Protection Plan also includes a rental reimbursement of up to $300. This reimbursement applies if your boat is more than 48 hours late and if the late delivery is not the result of bad weather or truck breakdown.


Unlike most of our competitors, eShip’s consultants are available seven days a week, and we have an office with a physical address you can visit. As a result, you can always contact us regarding late-night or weekend deliveries.When you sign up for our boat transport services, we will assign you a shipping agent. This professional consultant will be available to take care of your needs throughout the shipping process, every day of the week.

Reliable Boat Shipping

When shipping a boat, especially in terms of a transaction, the delivery date is significant. You need a boat transportation company to send the boat on time and deliver on the agreed date for the agreed price.Choosing eShip eliminates any unpleasant surprises. Contact us today to streamline your planning and transport your boat with peace of mind.

No Upfront Deposit

A prominent advantage of choosing eShip, over our competitors, is honest business practices. We only charge shipping fees after securing a driver for our shipments, and you don’t have to pay an upfront deposit.Because our first step is to assign a driver, you can rest assured that you are paying for on-time delivery. Our quotes are also accurate. Unlike our competitors, we don’t provide a “too-low” estimate before even knowing if there is a driver to take care of your shipment in time. We take the time to provide accurate estimates, so there will be no surprises upon delivery.

Who Needs Our Boat Transport Services? 

Our services are available to anyone who wants to eliminate the hassle associated with boat hauling. eShip transport solutions are ideal for you if you:

  • Recently purchased a boat online
  • Want to ship your boat south for the winter and north for the summer
  • Are moving to a new location and want to take your boat with you
  • Bought a boat on an auction and want to transport it back to your lot

Contact eShip Today 

At eShip, our objective is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Our professional team is always available to address any issues you may have. If you want to safely and reliably transport your boat, eShip is standing by to provide you with a high-end and personal service. Contact us today by giving us a call or completing the form on our website.