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eShip Auto Transport, a top-3 Nationwide auto transport service for 10+ years shipping vehicles. Best car transport services across America. Our award-winning automotive transport services are second to none.

Over the past decade, eShip Auto Transport has created the most reliable, trustworthy, and safest car shipping service in the nation. eShip auto transport services team has moved all types of vehicles to and from every state in the USA. Whether you need to ship a compact car. limousine, over-sized trucks, or assets like classic cars and exotic cars

eShip has the right vehicle movers for every professional auto transport.

Over the last ten-plus years, we’ve built eShip Transport up to become one of the most reliable and trusted auto transport companies in the United States. eShip’s automotive transport services always have a high demand in America, but when hiring a car shipping company make sure you do your research first. See, not all auto transport firms are created equal!

How Long Does it Take to Transport a Car
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Available Car Transport Service Options:

For individuals requiring fast car transportation, eShip offers expedited car transport services in open and enclosed transport trailer options! Use eShip’s express car shipping services to make sure your car gets there on time!

Best Vehicle Transport Service Online

The eShip auto transport service proposition is simple – we’ll give the best possible service. We only work with trusted professional vehicle transport carriers who insure their cargo. If a car is damaged due to the car carrier’s negligence when having auto shipping to another state, you’re covered. Not all auto transport companies offer this level of protection! 

Car shipping transport companies like eShip, come once in a lifetime. Top-rated transport leader in truck shipping service for over a decade! Rated a Top Nationwide Vehicle Shipping Company on Consumer Affairs! Find car Transport services like eShip that offer enclosed transport services with the highest level of auto carrier insurance to cover your assets.

To make sure, if the carrier is not covered, eShip pays for any damages to your vehicle. If vehicle delivery is more than 48 hours late, for any reason besides weather or truck breakdown, you’re also covered. We’ll pay for car rental services up to $300. Trying to find the best car shipping broker to move your vehicle just got much much easier now that you found eShip!

Are you searching for best car shipping service?

We will be the last car shipping company you will ever call for all your transportation service needs! Our customers use our car shipping service to ship a car many times! We are the best Auto Shipping company, hands down! These two features are all part of our value proposition to clients. You don’t pay a cent towards the insurance mentioned above.

Car Transport does not have to be overly expensive or overly complicated! Car Transport Services with eShip will ensure your car shipping experience is top-notch! Experience, reliability, and trustworthiness are the foundation of our Nationally Awarded car transport services.

The best Nationwide car transport service for 10+ years shipping vehicles. eShip Auto Transport offers the safest car transport services across America.

The eShip Auto Transport Team is always ready to move all types of vehicles to and from any state in the USA.

Ship a compact car. limousine, oversized trucks, or assets like classic cars and exotic cars, eShip has the right vehicle movers with highly rated auto transport reviews on services for every type of car shipping requirement.

Your Trusted Partner in Vehicle Transportation: eShip Transport
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What is the Difference Between Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Transport Service?

Think of it as the difference between a Honda and a Ferrari. You’ll pay a lot more for the Ferrari, but the Ferrari performs a lot better. If the two were in a race, the Honda wouldn’t stand a chance. There are two significant differences in vehicle transport companies in America – we offer Open Air Auto Transport and Enclosed Trailer Auto Transport.

Superior car delivery service from door to door in the USA. So, while you’re paying more with a Ferrari vs. Honda, you’re also getting more cars in return. That’s what happens with enclosed transport for your vehicle. Enclosed is more expensive, but the trailer thoroughly protects your car.

Classic cars definitely require high insurance coverage. The enclosed carrier is the best transport type for a luxury car. If you have any questions about carrier’s insurance when offering door-to-door transport service inquire before booking the trip! Open-air motor transport is more affordable, but your car has no protection from dust, debris, and weather while in transit. 

When considering the best option for auto shipping, consider the value of the vehicle. Let eShip’s transport experience handle moving a car. Our hassle-free express auto transport services are handled with verified and commercially insured auto transport carriers and not auto transport rentals.

Which Auto Transport Option is Best for Me?

In this section, we’ll look at each vehicle service option in more detail.

Available Car Transport Service Options:

For individuals requiring fast car transportation, eShip offers expedited car transport services in open and enclosed transport trailer options! Use eShip’s express car shipping services to make sure your car gets there on time!

Open Trailer Transport Service

This is the most common method of transporting vehicles. Most companies that you call will offer this method only. That’s why some providers can come in with very low quotes. Be wary of them; they’re only offering open auto transport services. With this method, the cars are loaded onto a trailer as is. The carrier moves them just like they are.

This means that the vehicles have no protection against the elements and dirt (or debris) on the road. Now, in all fairness, this is the most popular means of transport because it’s relatively low risk. The risk of damage to your car is around 5%. That’s pretty good by any standards. And, if you have an average-priced vehicle, this can save you some money.

Open Trailer Transport for cars is the most economical way to ship a car.

There’s a low chance of vehicle damage and, if anything does happen, repairs are inexpensive.  If, on the other hand, you’ve got a more expensive vehicle, like a Lexus or Ferrari, that 5% risk becomes more significant. With a luxury vehicle, even a small scratch is costly to repair. If your car is a collector’s item, scratches could dramatically decrease its value.

Either way, it’s not worth taking the risk of transporting high-value vehicles without protection. The advantage of using an open transport service is that it’s a lower cost. A further advantage is that it’s easy enough to find a carrier. Open carriers are a lot more common than their enclosed counterparts. 

From the car moving company’s point of view, an open trailer is:

  • Open Transports are less expensive to operate
  • Open Transport Trailers have a lower purchase entry
Get open auto transport services! | eShip Auto Transport
Get open auto transport services! | eShip Auto Transport

Of course, none of these considerations will mean anything to you if you’re a collector looking after your prized possession. Open car transport definitely has its gaps in coverage, so if you are looking for the most protection possible, use enclosed transport for the best car shipping results. Open or enclosed-vehicle shipping is definitely a better option than driving across the country!

Enclosed Trailer Transport Service

This entails using a trailer that offers vehicles significant protection. There are two types available, and we’ll deal with this in more detail in a second. The primary advantage of these enclosed auto carriers is that they provide more protection for the vehicles inside. The cars are better protected from outdoor elements and debris flying up from the road. Get reliable enclosed auto transport services from eShip Transport.

Enclosed Auto Transport | Covered Car Shipping
Enclosed Auto Transport (soft side / regular ramp & hard side / hydraulic ramp) Options.

If you want the best transport service protection for your vehicle, choose eShip. Naturally, you’ll need to expect to pay a little more for the added protection of enclosed carrier auto transport

Most enclosed transport companies offer larger insurance coverage for their customer. The shipping cost of a closed trailer is definitely higher than open vehicle transport.

eShip is the best auto transport service for all types of vehicles!


There are Two Types of Enclosed Transport Services for Vehicles

Hard Side with Hydraulic Lift This is the premier option and best-suited for high-end vehicles that have low clearances. What sets this apart is that a hydraulic lift is used to lift the car into place. This process reduces the chance of damage when we load or unload a vehicle.

The container that we put the cars into also has hard sides. The rigid sides completely protect the vehicle inside from dirt and debris on the road. Soft Side with Regular Ramp is slightly less expensive.

While this transport option certainly provides a greater level of protection for your vehicle than open auto transport, it lacks protection compared to enclosed car transports with hard sides and hydraulic lifts. With soft-side transport, there are no hard sides to the trailer. The carrier covers the shipping trailer with a tarp, so vehicles have a barrier from outside elements.

That said, there are gaps and holes in the tarps that dust and debris can work their way through.

Expedited Car Shipping Service 

Maybe something went wrong with the original company that you hired to move your vehicle. Perhaps something came up that makes it necessary to expedite the transport services. Perhaps you need your vehicle at its destination sooner rather than later. Do you need faster vehicle transport services? Get reliable expedited auto transport services from eShip Transport in any state.

Get Expedited Auto Transport PA Services! Get Car Shipped Fast!
Get Expedited Auto Transport Service! Get Car Shipped Fast!

Expedited Shipping Service can make it happen fast! It doesn’t make a difference – the point is that you can’t wait for the typical length of time. Whatever the reason, give us a call. 

We deal with an extensive network of reliable auto carriers providing the most efficient direct express auto transport solutions. We’ll help expedite the transport for you.

Expedited car transport service will cost a little more, but we’ll still negotiate the best possible rate for you. So, if you need your vehicle moved across the country fast, call us for the best price and service to ship a car…

Jessica Mansch
Jessica Mansch
June 19, 2023.
I can't say enough wonderful things about eShip and its customer service reps. After being put through the ringer with a few other companies, I had the pleasure in speaking with Joanna at eShip. She explained the entire process, how the board works and the reality of what to expect and then patiently answered all of my questions. Unlike the other transport services, Joanna was always available via text or call. Thank you Joanna and eShip for the seamless transport!!!!!
May 5, 2023.
I have used Eship to transport my child's car three times. And all three times? Outstanding service from the time the car is picked up until the time it arrives at the destination. Great, professional and kind staff with good prices and great service. I can easily give Eship a FIVE star review.
Don Verni
Don Verni
April 6, 2023.
Mark did a great job shipping our cars from Florida to New York. Very transparent, informative, great communition and service. We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them. Many thanks.
February 12, 2023.
I recently used eShip Transport for the transportation of my household goods and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service I received. The team was professional, responsive and always available to answer any questions I had. The delivery was timely and the goods were in perfect condition upon arrival. The pricing was also very competitive and the entire process was seamless. I would definitely recommend eShip Transport to anyone in need of reliable and efficient moving services. Five stars!
Peter Maletich
Peter Maletich
January 20, 2023.
Mark Anthony was great to work with, honest, transparent, available, direct and competent. I highly recommend trusting him to get your car shipped! I bought a new Telluride on the other side of the country and I was working with the shipping broker the dealership found, but they were hard to get a hold of, I was not a priority to them, and they couldn't tell me how much they take for commission or what their plan was for finding a good driver. After over a week with no progress, I called eship and in my first conversation with Mark, he explained the entire shipping process to me, including unavoidable risks, which other brokers downplayed, and he showed me what the other broker was offering for the job, which helped me realize the other broker was being dishonest. I switched to Mark and eship and he found me a driver within a couple days. It was a small outfit that Mark had no experience with, but Mark explained while that carries some risk, the reputation looked good, he double-checked the validity of their insurance, and he thought we should go for it. The driver was great, responsive during the shipment, and got my car here without a scratch!

Ship a Car with eShip's Transportation Service

Do you need a car shipping quote? Our customers demand the best auto transport service! To hire the right vehicle transport company, check public internet sites for auto transport service reviews you can find our vehicle transport reviews on all the major channels online, like Google, Consumer Affairs, Facebook, the BBB, and many others!

If you desire peace of mind when you need to ship your car, use the covered transport service from eShip’s auto transport brokers. Other companies like eShip can be found throughout the World Wide Web as top-rated transport companies. Do you want to ship a vehicle in an open or enclosed trailer? eShip will assist you with this vehicle shipping process by aligning an auto carrier with pickup and delivery dates!

With eShip Vehicle Transport Services, you do not pay for car delivery until the vehicle arrives! The best car shipping service in America is eShip. Shipping a car does not have to be stressful! Ship a car with eShip Car Shipping Services! Need to know more? Keep reading about eShip nationwide transport company. Shipping your vehicle just got easier.

Car Shipping Services 

If you are searching the internet for car shipping companies, you are very fortunate to find eShip already! Not all car transport companies are the best option to ship a car! To ship a car with eShip Car Shipping Company, it’s easy! Just fill out our easy-to-use auto-shipping quote form and check your email!

The auto shipping quote will be generated based on the information provided – Remember, with the car shipping quote, this number does not reflect the final shipping cost! In our transport company, we strive hard to educate consumers on bidding wars within the auto shipping industry. Did you know the division for car transport services at eShip Transport is eShip Auto? One of the most trusted car transport services in the auto transport industry.

As a top-rated auto transport broker, we work hard to get the best vehicle transport rates, while not asking for any deposit until everything is ready to transport a vehicle from one location to another with each and every step of the transportation tracked until transport has fully completed.

Car Transport Services in America

Car transport carriers help ship cars from door to door! Car carriers can take a car across the country quickly and easily! Get a reliable auto transport quote for a great job from the number-one carrier company in America! To get your car moving, fill out an easy-to-use calculator to get your estimated prices. There is no such thing as free motor transport!

Car transport in America is priced per mile. Car shipping companies usually move more than 2 vehicles at a time. The price per vehicle averages about $1 a mile for open and up to $3 per mile for enclosed. Cost does include insurance for the customer.

What are some tips for transporting my car to another state?

What are some tips for transporting my car to another state?

Here are some tips when transporting your car across states: find out which type of vehicle shipment suits best on your needs (enclosed trailer vs open auto); research different car transport companies carefully before making a booking decision; check terms & conditions thoroughly prior to ordering any shipment so that you can estimate possible risks involved in such operation; prepare vehicle ahead of time (inside & outside); giving a detailed description about condition/features of the vehicle clearly both visually as well as verbally; non-stop communication with the auto transport carrier until delivery completion; inspect vehicle property post receiving.

What are the benefits of transporting my car to another state?

What are the benefits of transporting my car to another state?

The main benefit of using an auto transport service is that it saves time when compared to personally driving your vehicle to another state; you don’t have to worry about spending time and money on gas or lodging accommodations along the way, and you can rest assured that your vehicle won’t face any risk from theft or vandal activities while in transit due to professional handling procedures adopted by licensed vehicle carriers.

What are the risks of transporting my car to another state?

What are the risks of transporting my car to another state?

The main risk associated with transporting your vehicle is potential damage while the car is in transit due to mishandling or failure to secure the car during transit adequately enough (in the case of open auto transport). Damage caused by severe weather conditions may also occur in some cases if an enclosed trailer is not chosen for vehicle transportation purposes.

How do I prepare my car for transport?

How do I prepare my car for transport?

Preparing your car for transport includes removing all personal items from inside the vehicle; washing it; checking if tires are properly inflated; fully disabling toll tags, and inspecting the interior and exterior of the car before handing it over to the vehicle transporter so that any existing damage can be noted in writing before pickup takes place. Pictures should also be taken on pickup to fully identify the car before and when it’s placed on the car transport carrier.

How much does it cost to transport a car to another state?

How much does it cost to transport a car to another state?

Prices for transporting a car vary depending on factors such as distance, type of transport service (open vs enclosed auto transport), pick-up/delivery locations, date of transportation, etc. On average, you should expect to pay anywhere between $500-$2,500 for open auto transport services and up to $6,000 for enclosed trailer shipping services.

How long does it take to ship a car to another state?

How long does it take to ship a car to another state
4-7 days usually, but dependent on transport scheduling.

Need to know how long it takes to ship a car to another state? Generally, it depends on the scheduling of the transport carriers. You can ship a car from New York to Florida in about a week, however, if you schedule on the wrong day, then it could take up to 10 days. The same applies to any state.

There are two main types of auto transport when it comes to timelines. Standard auto transport and expedited auto transport. Get professional car shipping services to ship a car to another state like NY to FL car transportation services or California to Texas as transport examples. Hire the best transporters to get your vehicle from New York to Florida.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

The difference between car transport when looking at open and enclosed transport options is the trailer that carries the car. Enclosed transport is protected from the elements and not usually visible from the outside. Open transport are the big, open-car carrier trailers commonly seen. Both carrier types keep the cars secure as they are locked in place. Open carrier auto transports are usually designed to handle transporting more cars.

What is transportation and an example?

What is transportation and an example?

Transport is characterized as an approach to moving things starting at one spot and then onto the next location. So understanding what is transportation and examples include illustrations of transport including city transport, road transport, and mainly vehicle transport. Transportation via land, air, and water.

How long does auto transport take?

eShip #1 Auto Transport | Top-Rated Vehicle Transport Company

The average transit time for auto transport on open transport or enclosed car transport from pick up to delivery on transport going coast to coast is between 7-10 days. From either coast to the Midwest averages 3-7 days. Visit our auto transport section to find more information on car transport options available throughout the United States.

Whether you are looking for the cheapest way to transport a car using open auto transport or want to add some additional safety by using a covered auto transport, which uses either soft-sided trailers or vehicles that get individually covered on an open-air car transport trailer. To use the most secure and safest type of auto transport, using enclosed auto transport which encloses a vehicle in a hard-sided vehicle trailer.

Not All Car Shipping Companies are Created Equal – Hire Only the Best to Ship a Car

Car shipping companies have big boots to fill! Car transport is a high-demand industry. eShip Car Transport has been known to supply the best car shipping services! Transport companies are not all created equal – some charge a fee before the car delivery is even scheduled! Proper car transport brokers like eShip will align the ideal pick-up and delivery for their customers. 

If you need vehicle shipping services, do not just hire anyone, hire the best to ship a vehicle, and simply do not go with the cheapest auto transport!

How car shipping works: When you find a car transport service, you must request a car shipping quote from that company. The company will estimate the car shipping cost and email that data to you. Our brokers will then explain how automotive transport works to the customer and answer any car shipping questions. To ship a car, we must first post the car on the auction board where all the auto shipping companies share their loads. 

Then a desirable car transporter will work with the brokers to get the car scheduled for pickup. Once the car is scheduled for pickup, you can use a credit or debit card to pay the deposit. The transport broker is responsible for ensuring insurance coverage on the car trailer is valid. When the car arrives, insured carriers will reach out to the customer to align the car delivery.

If the car safely made it to its’ destination, pay the auto carrier the remaining balance of the auto shipping quotes remaining balance. This is a standard operation in the car shipping service industry. Shipping cars are driven around vehicle shipping quotes, shipping cars until the car arrives, and the best car shipping companies get all the good reviews.       

Is auction vehicle transport insured?
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Car Transport from Florida to Alaska to Hawaii to Maine – If you need the best quality car shipping services in America, you can trust eShip Car Transport! Car shipping no longer needs to be a worry! 

eShip leads the car transport service industry with over a decade of customer satisfaction. 

Excellent customer reviews, reasonable prices, professional service, excellent customer service, & no hidden fees make the best auto shipping companies

Experience the experience of Top-Rated Quality Auto Transport Services!

At eShip Transport, we value every customer and strive to always provide the best auto transport service. Whether you need a vehicle shipped to another state for vacation or due to relocation, eShip Transport has the right transport service solution for every transport need across America!

Reliable & Affordable Open Auto Transport Service
Reliable & Affordable Open Auto Transport Service
Enclosed Auto Transport | Covered Car Shipping
Enclosed Auto Transport (soft side / regular ramp & hard side / hydraulic ramp) Options.
#1 Fastest Auto Transport Services
#1 Fastest Car Transport Services