Home Tips

Put your most important items in a clear bin (rubber maid) instead of a cardboard box.

Most people don’t want to spend time going through boxes, and using a clear bin will allow you to easily locate the items you need. You can find rubber maid bins or similar clear bins ay any local Home Depot or Wal-Mart.

Label your boxes by room not by item.

Labeling your boxes by room allows you to quickly identify and unpack pack everything for that specific room. As an example mark each box that goes for the kitchen “kitchen stuff”. This will allow you to quickly find all of your kitchen boxes and place them in the kitchen. Of course you can mark different identifiers for each kitchen box. Example – Kitchen stuff (pots & pans).

Organize your new home (layout) ahead of time.

Organizing the layout of your new home ahead of time will make for an easier transition into your new home. Draw a basic layout and try to figure out where everything goes before you move in. This will save a lot of time and headache from trying to figure out things last minute.

Minimize space and save money by using containers you already have.

Items such as hampers, baskets and Rubbermaid bins can make for great “boxes”. This will help you save time and money on your move. Sometime you need to improvise by using household items as packing material.

Number each box.

Make sure you number each box with a unique number that will match an inventory list. This will help you locate boxes that you may need and insure all of your boxes arrived at your destination. Our relocation coordinators can walk you through this process if needed.

Use socks to pack fragile items.

Packing items such as glassware, small antiques or any small fragile items in socks is a great way to insure the safety of your items. We suggest that you pack your items as tight as possible so you don’t leave any room for shifting.

Pack heavy items in suitcases.

Pack heavy items in suitcases so you can simple open the suitcase and roll the item away. We find this to be a very resourceful tip that can save you from minor headaches.

Cords and surge protectors.

Use empty rolls of paper towels to organize wires and cords. The paper towel tube can act as an organizer rather than opening a box with a bunch of tangled wires.

Pack boxes tight.

Remember that your personal goods will be on a truck that’s bouncing around on the road. Make sure that you pack your boxes as tight as possible to avoid shifting while on the road.

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