Affordable Car Transport from New Jersey

New Jersey has been one of the most expensive states in the USA. Be it cost of living, government tax, cost of properties, it is much higher than the national average. That’s why many people are relocating to other states. Moving to a new place is exciting, but there are a few challenges as well, especially transporting your car. It’s not easy to move your vehicle to another city. 

If your new abode is a few streets away, you can drive the car, but hiring professional auto transport is a wise choice if it is far away hundred miles. So, you should find a way to ship your car. How do you do that? You can either hire a carrier and ask them to ship your car or a professional car shipping company. So, which option would you prefer for car shipping from New Jersey?

Shipping your car through just any random carrier is not a wise decision. It can get damaged badly. So, hiring an auto transport company is the best option, but which one to choose? There are hundreds of car shipping companies around. eShip Transport is a Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ car shipping company. Get a free quote online.


How to prepare your car for shipping long distances?

How to prepare your car for shipping long distances?     Moving your vehicle over a long distance requires you to prepare it correctly. Otherwise, it may become damaged during transportation. So, how do you go about car shipping from Newark, New Jersey? Here is how to prepare your car for shipping a long distance.

Clean your car

Cleaning your car is essential to prepare it for shipping a long distance. Washing your car thoroughly can help you find if there is any damage during transport. However, cleaning only the exterior is not enough. You need to clean the interior as well. If there is anything inside your car, it can move during transport, damaging the vehicle. 

Remove added electrical wiring and any other electronic item

Removing added electrical wiring is crucial before car shipping. Your car will shake during transportation which can lead to a short circuit. If it happens, the vehicle can get damaged. If there is any other electronic item like a music system that is not fixed into position, you should remove that as well. They may get damaged during vehicle shipping.

Don’t fill the fuel tank

Making the fuel tank full will make the car heavier. It will add to the weight during car transportation. Moreover, filling the fuel tank can lead to leakage. You never know; there could be an unforeseen incident causing fuel leaks during transportation. Always leave only about one-fourth of fuel in the tank during auto transport.

Lock the car

Although unlikely, vehicles can be broken into or stolen during transportation. There is no reason for anyone to open the car during transport. So, lock your car to reduce the risk of theft during car transportation.

How to reduce the cost of auto transport?

How to reduce the cost of auto transport?     Auto transport costs a significant amount of money, so it’s crucial to know how to reduce car shipping costs.  The charges for shipping a car depend on several factors. Time of the year is a crucial factor that determines the price. The months of May, June, and July are the busiest times for auto transport companies. Most people like to go on a vacation to their second home in summer and take their car there. Avoid the summer season for car shipping unless it is essential.Another way to reduce the cost of car shipping is by booking in advance. Auto transport costs you more when you schedule the move at the last moment. Try to select the date at least two weeks before to avoid an additional charge. Moreover, opting for open auto transport will cost you less. Enclosed auto transport means your car will be sent separately in an enclosed trailer that will cost you more.

Should you choose terminal or door-to-door pickup and delivery?

Before opting for car shipping services, one question that comes to your mind is whether to choose terminal or door-to-door car shipping. Both types of transport have their pros and cons. When you choose terminal pickup and delivery, your car will be picked up and delivered to the nearest terminal. 

It is a little more of a hassle, but you will save some money. On the other hand, auto transport will cost you more when you choose home pickup and delivery. You can pick the right option according to your preference to ship a car.

How to find the best auto transport company?

How to find the best auto transport company?    Hiring the wrong car shipping services can cost you dearly. Your car can get damaged during transportation, and you won’t get any compensation for that. Choosing the right car shipping company is essential, but it is not easy. You have to consider multiple factors before picking any car shipping company.

Insurance is one of the most critical factors. If your auto shipping company provides insurance, it will cover any damage. Another crucial thing to check in the auto transport industry is customer reviews. These help you know about the service quality of the auto shipping company. Price is another thing to check. Many car transport companies have a hefty charge. 

eShip Transport has affordable pricing, and we provide platinum protection plans. Get an estimate using our online quote calculator.

Benefits of choosing eShip Transport for Car shipping from New Jersey

eShip Transport has been among the top three car shipping companies in the country. Consumer affairs have rated us with five stars in car transportation services. Here are the facts about us that make the best car shipping company.

  • No upfront deposit
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Insurance to cover any damage
  • Expedited and enclosed shipping is available
  • Affordable auto transport services
  • Efficient customer service
  • Licensed and bonded by FMCSA
  • Up to $300 reimbursement for more than 48 hours delay

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