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Are you looking for auto transport companies in Florida? Do you need someone to make your vehicle transport in Florida a breeze? Then step right up – you’ve found the best. At eShip, there’s nothing more important to us than our clients. Florida Shipping

We’ll secure the best deal for any item that you wish to transport. Give us a call at 800-906-6909, and we’ll assign you a personal agent. They’ll be your single point of contact throughout the whole deal, so you always know who to speak with.

eShip Auto Transport Has The People & Systems You Can Trust For Auto Shipping In Florida.

When you need to ship your vehicle, you need a company you can rely on to get the job done quickly, safely, and at a fair price. Whether you are shipping in state, state to state, or overseas, eShip Transport has the people and systems you can trust. We are Florida’s number one choice for auto transport because we guarantee a system that is streamlined and easy to navigate combined with the very best in customer service. From the time your vehicle is picked up until it is safely delivered at its destination, you can trust that you are in good hands.

eShip Auto Transport Employees: Always Ready To Serve Our Florida Customers.

At eShip Auto Transport, we believe that a big part of what makes us the best auto transport company in Florida is our outstanding level of customer service. All of our employees are dedicated to serving our customers in a timely and professional manner and they understand that our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied with your auto transport experience.

Empowered Employees

At eShip Auto Transport, we empower each and every employee to do what needs to be done to guarantee your satisfaction. eShip employees take pride of ownership in every auto transport we complete. Our high level of skill, integrity, and teamwork between departments ensures that our customers’ experience is first class all the way. From your initial quote to the safe delivery of your vehicle, our employees are available to you seven days a week to assist, advise, and guide you through the auto transport process.

Commitment To Training.

Employees who are confident, skilled, and proficient in their positions are employees who provide the very best customer service. eShip Auto Transport strives to make ongoing training and learning opportunities available to all of our employees. When our employees are up to date with and trained in the latest industry ideas and logistic advancements, we believe that they are best able to serve and meet the needs of our customers.

5 Star Service.

As a result of our commitment to ongoing training and empowering our employees to “make it right” for our customers, we have been awarded the highly prized A+ Ranking by the Better Business Bureau. Our employees work hard every day to maintain our 5 Star Overall Guest Satisfaction rating and are ready to ensure that when you book your auto transport with us, you will have a 5 Star experience too.

The eShip Auto Transport System: Simple, Efficient, And Effective.

Whether you are shipping a vehicle for the first time or you are a repeat customer, you will find the eShip Auto Transport system to be user friendly and easy to navigate. In order to be able to make your auto transport experience as stress-free and efficient as possible, we have broken the process into three fool-proof steps.

Get A Quote And Book Your Transport.

When you are ready to get a quote on shipping your vehicle, simply call us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents will be glad to help you. You can also use the free quote tool on our website. Once we have gathered the information we need, we will provide you with a fair and accurate quote. eShip quotes are always all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or unexpected add-ons. Before you make a booking with us, we do recommend that you get quotes from other auto transport companies. We are confident that you will find that eShip Auto Transport provides the highest level of service and the most dependable transport at the best price. All that’s left to do now is to schedule a pickup time for your vehicle at a location that is convenient for you. We will not ask you to make an upfront deposit and no payment will be due until the right driver has been secured for your auto transport.

eShip Auto Transport Picks Up Your Vehicle.

Your driver will meet you at your home, place of business, or any location that is convenient for you and large enough to accommodate our vehicle carrier. Every eShip Auto Transport driver has been carefully trained to carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle and to record it’s condition on a Bill of Lading before it is loaded for transport. This document could become important later in the very unlikely event that your vehicle should happen to sustain any damage during transit. Now, wave goodbye as your vehicle starts its journey to its new location.

eShip Transport Delivers Your Vehicle.

The last step in the system is the easiest; we reunite you with your vehicle. When your driver is approaching your delivery location, he will call you. Once your vehicle arrives and has been unloaded, you will have the opportunity to inspect it to ensure that it is still in the same great condition it was in when it started its journey. Once the inspection has been completed to your satisfaction, you will sign the final paperwork and that’s it… your vehicle transport is complete. 

Every Florida Transport Is Important To Us.

At eShip Auto Transport, we treat each of our customers with the same high level of care and customer service. That is why we are proud to include our Platinum Protection Plan with every booking.

Our plan includes:


  • Our price lock guarantee
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Your own designated transport agent
  • Car rental reimbursement of up to $300 if your vehicle is delayed more than 48 hours
  • Fully insured and bonded carriers
  • No upfront deposit required
  • Free storage at any of our eShip locations
  • Seven day a week service


Let us help you get your vehicle to where it needs to be!

How Can We Help You?

At eShip, we want to make your move as simple as possible for you. We’ll help you get the best possible rate for:


Florida Auto Transport

Why waste time and wrack up mileage driving a vehicle across the country? Our affordable auto transport service saves you time and money. We’ll find a reliable carrier at a reasonable rate to get your car from Point A to Point B.

We offer: 

  • Open Transport: This is ideal if you’ve got a standard car and need it transported at the best rate possible. A specialized car carrier will carry your vehicle. Because it’s hitching a ride with up to 12 other cars, it’s the more affordable option.  
  • Enclosed Transport: This is a pricier option but offers your car protection from the elements. Metal or tarp sides fully enclose the trailer. If you’ve got a high-end vehicle or collector’s item, this is the better option.

Don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure which option is best. Your personal consultant will talk you through your choices. 

Florida Shipping


Ask About Our Free Platinum Protection Plan

We don’t leave anything to chance. Our Platinum Plan comes standard with each deal. Better still, we don’t expect you to pay a dime for it. 

You’ll receive coverage in the following circumstances:

  • We only deal with professional carriers. If one of them takes shortcuts and doesn’t insure your load, the plan covers you if the carrier damages your car in transit. It’s not something that our clients have to claim often, but we’re proud to have it in place.
  • If the delivery is delayed by 48 hours because of means within the carrier’s control, we’ll pay your rental costs. We pay up to $300 so that you can stay mobile if the carrier lets us both down. 

Boat Transport Florida

If you’re moving to a new town, you want to be able to relax on your boat as soon as possible. We’ll find a carrier to transport your boat safely for you. It’s one thing to drag your boat down to the lake, but quite another to travel long-distance hauling it. 

Let us handle the stress for you. We’ve got a reliable network of specialist carriers. They can handle everything from an old rowboat to a luxury yacht.

Florida Shipping


Motorcycle Transport Florida

Driving a motorcycle over long distances can get tedious quickly. It’s also a losing proposition if you’re selling the bike. To drive from Los Angeles to Buffalo adds almost 400 miles to the odometer.

Let us handle the transport for you to prevent the monotony and excess wear and tear. Choose between open and enclosed options as you require.


RV Transport Florida

It sounds a little strange to be talking about transporting your RV. After all, one of the reasons that they’re so appealing is that it’s easy to pack up and go anywhere. That is, naturally, assuming that you have the time and the vehicle to pull them with. 

When you don’t have the time or the proper tow vehicle, get in touch. We’ll discuss your options with you for this rather special delivery.


Florida Household Moving

Moving to a new home is both exciting and stressful. Finding movers that are reliable and professional can be harder than you think. We’ve all heard the horror stories. There are a lot of cowboys out there that adopt a devil may care approach. 

Now, that may be charming in some circumstances. It’s not charming when it’s your furniture that they’re taking chances with, though.

Our network of professional movers is carefully vetted.


Expedited Options

Most transport brokers don’t offer this service because it’s difficult logistically. We’re not like most brokers. We’ll work hard to arrange expedited shipping of your vehicle for you.

Florida Shipping

How it Works

If there’s a more straightforward way to do this, we can’t find it. All you have to do is to call 800-906-6909 or fill in the form on this page. We’ll interview you to get all the details. We do ask a fair number of questions so that we understand your needs perfectly. 

Then the matchmaking begins. We tap our extensive network of contacts to find a carrier that can handle your project. We negotiate with them to get their best possible price. Then we contact you with your options. 

Unlike most others in this business, we only ask for your deposit once we’ve confirmed that a carrier is available. We don’t take chances here – there’s no way to guarantee the service or the price until we’ve spoken to the carriers themselves. So, there’s no need to make a deposit before that point.

Once we’ve received the go-ahead and deposit from you, we confirm the deal with the carrier. All that you have to do from this point is to ensure that the items to be transported are ready on the date agreed.  

Need the item delivered in a hurry? Speak to us about our expedited options.

Florida Shipping

Why Choose Us? 

  • Our business is family-owned and operated.
  • We’re well-established with ten years of experience under our belts.
  • We rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Consumer Affairs consistently ranks us in the top three transport broker companies nationally.
  • We’re registered licensed by the Department of Transport.
  • You don’t pay anything until we’ve confirmed the availability of a suitable carrier. 
  • Our free Platinum Protection Plan comes standard. 


Counties That We Service

We offer our services in every county in Florida. It doesn’t matter if it’s a prized vehicle or that mammoth gator you had stuffed, we’ll match you with the right carrier. Give us a call at 800-906-6909. Alternatively, complete the form on the page, and we’ll get back to you.

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