Are you searching for auto transport companies in Georgia? Do you need someone to make your experience with vehicle transport in Georgia quick and straightforward? You’re in the right place. At eShip, we put our extensive network to use to find the perfect carrier for you. Georgia Shipping

Speak to us if you want your item transported on time and safely. We assign a personal agent to deal with each case. They’ll match you with a reliable company and provide one point of contact for you. You’ll never hear, “Sorry, this isn’t the right department” from us.

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We can arrange to transport just about anything. We’ll assist when you want to ship your: 

We even offer expedited transport options.

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Georgia Auto Transport

Driving your car across the country can be an expensive business. The gas is only one expense to consider. When you add in costs like vehicle wear and tear, accommodations, and food along the way, it all adds up. The monotony of driving soon makes your road trip into a road chore, too.

Why bother when you can have the car delivered instead? You save time and money and don’t add unnecessary mileage.

Choose between: 

  • Open Transport: This is the auto transport version of carpooling. Transporting several cars at a time makes the exercise more affordable for the companies—and for you. The company loads your vehicle onto a specialized trailer.   
  • Enclosed Transport: This option costs more, but your car is better protected. Open carriers are excellent for day to day vehicles, but more expensive rides require a better option. Enclosed trailers protect your vehicle from the elements and debris on the road.

Don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure which option is best. Your personal consultant will talk you through your choices. 

Georgia Shipping

Speak to your consultant about our Platinum Protection. We’ll foot the bill for this coverage. Why? Because we’re committed to delivering top-notch service. We don’t duck for cover if there’s a problem. We step up to the plate and handle it.

Transporting a boat across town is challenging. Dragging it over a long distance without the right gear is exhausting. Speak to us, and we’ll find a company that has all the right gear to transport your boat securely. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of riding a bike, but there’s a distinct difference between riding for fun and riding because you have to. The former leaves you refreshed, while the latter leaves you saddle-sore. Keep your interaction with your motorcycle fun and functional by opting for professional moving services. As with other vehicles, you have the choice of an enclosed trailer or an open one. Do you need an RV moved to a new location? Save yourself the time and mileage by speaking to us. We have several specialist carriers within our network. They’ll make sure that your RV arrives ready for your next adventure.

Georgia Shipping

Moving to a new residence is equal parts excitement, nostalgia, and tension. We’ve all heard complaints about fly-by-night movers who pick up your furniture and never deliver it. These guys give the moving industry a bad name. Fortunately, they’re in the minority – we’ve got a bunch of great movers in our network. We vet all of them carefully before we consider adding them.

If our clients have negative experiences with any of them, we’ll remove them from our list. With our auto, boat, and motorcycle options, we also offer expedited service. This service ensures that your items are collected as fast as possible. To give fair warning, the charges are normally higher here.

That’s because we might need to convince our carriers to make a special trip. Still, if you need your vehicle or boat transported in a hurry, the extra expense is well worth it.

Georgia Shipping

How it Works

We keep things nice and easy. Make contact by filling in the form on this page or calling 800-906-6909. Our consultant will ask you some questions so that we fully understand what your project entails. 

From there, we assign your personal consultant. It will usually be the same person you spoke to initially, depending on their current caseload. Your personal consultant will then shop around to find the best fit for your needs.

They’ll then contact you and discuss your options. If you’re satisfied with the deal, we’ll ask you for the deposit. Most companies charge you the fee upfront. That’s madness as far as we’re concerned. How can they take your money before they’ve confirmed that they can find the right carrier? 

Unfortunately for many people dealing with those companies, they don’t know anything is wrong until they’re let down. Many of these companies give you a lowball quote to secure your business. The problem is that they then need to convince a carrier to accept that quote as well. 

That seldom works, leaving you scrambling for an alternative solution when you’re desperate. With eShip, when you pay your money in, you can rest assured that your booking is confirmed. We’ve negotiated with the carrier first so that you know what the cost is.

Georgia Shipping

Why Choose Us? 

  • We’re a family business.
  • The Better Business Bureau gives us an A+.
  • We’ve been in business for over a decade.
  • Consumer Affairs rates us in the top three in our industry nationwide.
  • The Department of Transport licenses us.
  • Every client gets their own personal agent.
  • We give you an accurate quote because we speak to our carriers before we provide an estimate.
  • There’s no money payable unless we can secure a deal for you.
  • You have the extra assurance of our Platinum Protection Plan.

Counties That We Service

No matter what Georgia town or county you’re in (or are transporting to,) we’re here to assist. With our extensive network, we’ll be able to match you with the right carrier. See for yourself by getting in touch. Call us toll-free on 800-906-6909 or fill in our contact form on this website.