Fast Car Shipping Service in Kentucky

Located in the west of the Appalachian Mountains, half of Kentucky’s area is covered with lush green forests. The state also has a large chunk of agricultural lands. With 49 state parks, Kentucky offers a great dwelling place for nature and wildlife lovers. Who can forget the horse farms? Lexington, Kentucky, is home to about 450 horse farms. Despite so many great things about Kentucky; yet many people are leaving the state, especially the younger population. According to a US Bureau of Labour report, about 4.4% of the state’s working population are unemployed. People are moving out of the state for better lifestyles and job opportunities. If you are also leaving Kentucky, how will you ship your car without any hassle?  eShip Transport is among the top three auto shipping companies in the country. We transport thousands of vehicles every year and ensure every customer is satisfied with our service. Get a free quote for car shipping Kentucky.

Tips for hassle-free car shipping

Tips for hassle-free car shipping     Car shipping is a cumbersome task. If you do it yourself, you have to find a truck and drive your car to their office. It involves a lot of trouble. Can you avoid these hassles? Yes, you can, but you need to find a reliable car shipping company. Here are a few tips for that.


Comply with safety regulations

Hundreds of companies across the country are operating in the auto transport industry, but only a few meet the federal motor carrier safety administration. eShip follows the safety regulations to avoid any mishappening.

Know the liability of car carrier

When you choose a vehicle transport company, you must know the liability of your car carrier and get everything in writing. It ensures both you and your carrier are on the same page and avoid any dispute later.

Inspect and record your car condition

Before car shipping from Louisville, KY, to Chicago, IL, you must inspect your car condition and record it. It will help you identify any damage caused during the transportation.


Look for a door-to-door pickup and delivery

Terminal pickup and delivery require you to drive the car to the pickup location. Moreover, on reaching the destination, the car shipping company will deliver it to a predetermined place. You can avoid this hassle by choosing door-step pickup and delivery. eShip picks up and delivers the car from and to your home. Once you schedule a moving date, it’s our job to do the rest.

What is the best time to move your car?

What is the best time to move your car?     When you move to another city, you want to ship the car at the earliest. However, car shipping from Lexington, KY to New York, NY, can be troubling in the winter because of difficult weather conditions. You can face delays due to snowfall and other problems. On the other hand, car shipping Kentucky in summer is more expensive than in the other seasons because of high demand. 

Autumn and spring are the best times for auto shipping. However, eShip offers the most affordable car shipping in every season. Do you want to know how much does it cost to ship your car? Use the eShip car shipping calculator to get a free quote.

Benefits of enclosed car shipping

Benefits of enclosed car shipping      Enclosed car shipping from Bowling Green, KY to Houston, TX, helps to protect your car from dust, debris, and accidents. The vehicle is shipped in an enclosed trailer that protects it from damage not covered by car transport insurance. 

If you have a luxurious car or an RV, you don’t want a single scratch on it. With enclosed vehicle shipping, the risk of damage is minimum, and you can enjoy hassle-free shipping. However, enclosed auto transport is a little expensive as compared to open Transport. eShip offers the most affordable enclosed Transport. Contact us for car shipping quotes.

Which is the best car shipping company in the USA?

Which is the best car shipping company in the USA?     Finding the best car shipping company is not easy. Many companies are in the auto transport industries, and each claims to be the best. However, the Better Business Bureau receives many complaints about damage during transportation or hidden charges. It’s because most car shipping companies either don’t follow the safety guidelines stated by FMCSA, or they don’t have transparent pricing. 

eShip has been in the car shipping business for more than a decade, and we ensure safety, timely delivery, and guaranteed price. That’s why we have received an A+ rating from consumer affairs. Choose eShip for smooth car shipping from Owensboro, KY to San Diego, CA.

Things to check before choosing a company for RV transport

Things to check before choosing a company for RV transport        A recreational vehicle is like a mini home, and you carry a lot of things in it. Transporting your RV is not easy as only a few car shippers transport RV. Safety is the biggest concern while choosing a car carrier. You must check the customer reviews to know about car shipping services offered by the company. Online forums are a great way to know about customer reviews.

Moreover, you should ensure that the auto shipping company has a license from US DOT for car transportation. eShip possesses a valid license, and we take safety as the top priority. You also get a platinum protection plan that helps you claim compensation for any damage. Do you want to know the cost of shipping a car? Check with the eShip car shipping calculator or give us a call.

Why choose a random car transportation company when you can hire eShip for car shipping Kentucky at an affordable price? Avoid hassles and get a guaranteed price to ship a car. Contact us to get a car shipping quote.