Factors to consider before shipping various sized vehicles. eShip Auto Transport.

5 Factors to Consider Before Shipping Various-Sized Vehicles

Shipping a vehicle from one place to another is a challenging task. However, through auto transportation companies, people can now bring their cars to new destinations without driving them on the road. As a result, the process becomes seamless and quick.

But before transporting the vehicle, owners should consider a few things to ensure the trip succeeds. However, which factors should they look into before shipping various-sized vehicles?

Here Are 5 Factors to Consider Before Shipping Various-Sized Vehicles:

1. Vehicle Size

The size of the vehicle is an essential factor to consider when shipping it. Auto transportation companies typically have different-sized trucks and trailers. Therefore, it is necessary to know the size of the vehicle before booking the transport.

Knowing the vehicle size will ensure the company can accommodate the vehicle on the truck or trailer. As a result, the trip will be fine for the shipping company and the client and will go as planned instead.

2. Freight Options

Freight options are another factor to consider when shipping a vehicle. Several freight services are available, such as open, enclosed, and expedited transport. Open transport is the most common and cost-effective.

Meanwhile, enclosed transport offers more protection and privacy for the vehicle. Expedited transport is the fastest but also the most expensive. Choosing the right freight option best meets the client’s needs and budget.

3. Covered or Uncovered

Another factor to consider when shipping various-sized vehicles is whether to use a covered or uncovered transport. Covered transport provides more protection from the elements, such as rain and snow. Uncovered transport is cheaper but offers a different level of security.

When deciding between covered and uncovered transport, it is essential to consider the destination and the weather conditions. For example, uncovered transport may be a better choice for a short-distance shipment in a temperate climate.

4. Travel Distance

The distance of the shipment is an essential factor to consider when shipping a vehicle. Shorter distances typically cost less than longer distances. Longer lengths may also require special permits and additional paperwork.

Researching the cost of shipping a vehicle over a certain distance is essential to get the best deal. Some companies count distance from point to point. However, others also consider multiple stops along the way. Use this free shipping cost calculator for a fast and easy auto transport quote from eShip.

5. Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a necessary part of shipping various-sized vehicles. It is essential to ensure that the company you choose provides adequate coverage for your car in case of any damage. If not, find a company that covers damages acquired during shipping as protection.

Most transport companies will offer some form of basic coverage, but it is best to check with each company to determine what is included in their insurance policy. Some companies may provide additional coverage options at an additional cost. eShip has a Platinum Protection Plan is included at no charge on all vehicle transportation.

Why is Shipping Vehicles Better?

Shipping a vehicle is a great way to save time and money when transporting your car. It also eliminates the worry of driving a car long distances and the stress of dealing with traffic. Furthermore, it is much more convenient and efficient than other transportation methods.

When shipping various-sized vehicles, know that when you book with eShip transport, your vehicle is much safer than it would be driving it across the country. It is also much easier to track your vehicle as it is shipped, making it easier to anticipate when it will arrive at its destination.

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Before shipping various-sized vehicles through a shipping company, consider a few factors to ensure the vehicle is safe. Whether you are sending a car, truck, motorcycle or another type of vehicle, taking the necessary precautions to keep your vehicle secure and safe throughout its journey is essential.

eShip offers auto transportation services to clients in need of needing of shipping various-sized vehicles nationwide. Through our car transport services, clients can ensure a safe yet expedited trip in bringing their vehicles to a new destination. Learn more about the best car moving company by browsing our website today.

Factors to consider before shipping various sized vehicles. eShip Auto Transport.
Factors to consider before shipping various sized vehicles