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Car Shipping Minnesota

eShip Transport offers top-notch car shipping Minnesota auto transport services. Minnesota offers all the modern amenities for living. Affordable cost of living, delicious food and breweries, excellent infrastructure, parks, and lakes make this state a perfect living place. Many Fortune 500 companies are based in the state that employs thousands of people directly and indirectly. However, according to a Star Tribune report, migration from Minnesota is rising due to the high state tax and extreme weather. How will you go about car shipping to Minnesota if you are moving out of the state?

Can you drive it yourself? Well, if you are moving to a nearby city within a hundred miles, you may consider driving, but if you have to move to California, New York, or Texas, driving a car is not a good option. You have to drive thousands of miles which is not easy. Moreover, you have to invest your valuable time. Why take all these hassles when you can ship your car with eShip Transport at an affordable price? Do you want to know the cost of car shipping from Minneapolis, MN, to Los Angeles? Use our car shipping calculator for a quote.

Car Shipping Minnesota Transport Services - Summary

Why is Driving a Car Not a Great Option?

Why is Driving a Car Not a Great Option?   Driving a car to a remote city is an arduous task. You have to drive for days that are not only tedious, but you may suffer backache and other problems. You also have to spend a lot of time that you can use for other important work. Moreover, when you drive the car from one part of the country to another, it will be exposed to dust and garbage. 

If the road condition is not good, it will damage your car as well. Instead, hiring a car shipping company is the best way to ship a car safely. eShip offers the best car shipping services across the country. Do you want to know how much is the cost of shipping a car with us? Get no-obligation car shipping quotes.

How to Ship an Antique car?

How to Ship an Antique car?    Shipping your car is challenging, but if it is an antique one, it becomes more difficult. You must hire a reputed auto shipping company to ensure it does not get damaged during transportation. Open auto transport is not a great option as your car will get exposed to dirt and damage. The car will move more if you ship it through open transport.

On the other hand, if you choose enclosed auto transport, your car will not get dirty, and the chances of scratches and dents are also less. Moreover, your vehicle also is better protected in case of an accident. Enclosed transport may cost you more, but it provides better security. eShip offers affordable enclosed car transportation services. Use our car shipping calculator or call us to know the cost to ship an antique car.

Why is Insurance a Must for Car Shipping?

When you ship a car, it will be subjected to some scratches and dents. Sometimes it can get damaged badly. Moreover, in case of an accident, your car may not be operable at all. What will you do if you don’t have car transport insurance? You will suffer a substantial financial loss and won’t get any compensation. However, if you have auto shipping insurance, you can claim to cover the loss. It gives you peace of mind while shipping your car.

eShip Transport provides a free platinum protection plan that covers any damage during transportation. Want to know how much eShip Transport charges for car shipping from St. Paul, MN to New York, NY? Call us or get an auto transport quote.

How to Save on Car Shipping Minnesota Transport Services?

How to Save on Car Shipping?     You need to spend a significant amount on car shipping. So, you should know how to save on car shipping. Here are some tips to help you with vehicle shipping.

Schedule in Advance

Car shipping companies charge a higher amount if you book at the eleventh hour. You can save a considerable amount if you avoid expedited car shipping and schedule your move at least two weeks in advance.

Don’t put Luggage in the Vehicle

Many people put luggage in the car that makes it heavier. Car shipping companies charge according to the weight of the car. Keep your vehicle lighter if you want to save on car shipping from Rochester, MN to Houston, TX.

Choose Open Shipping if You Have an Old Car

Vehicle shipping cost is less if you choose open car transport. Unless you have a new or luxurious car, you should choose open car shipping

Avoid Summer 

Car shipping cost is more in summer as compared to other seasons. It’s because the demand is higher at this time and the companies are busy. Unless you don’t have another option, you should avoid the months of May, June, and July.

eShip offers the most affordable price on car shipping from Bloomington, MN to PA, irrespective of the season and mode of car transport.

Why is eShip Transport Recognized as the Best Auto Shipping Company?

Why is eShip Transport Recognized as the Best Auto Shipping Company?     eShip Transport moves thousands of vehicles every year across the country and ensures every car is delivered safely. Consumer Affairs has recognized our car shipping services with a five-star rating. The Better Business Bureau has awarded us with A+ for our service quality.

Apart from car shipping, we are number one in motorcycle and RV transport. Our drivers strictly follow the guidelines of FMCSA to ensure safety.

Don’t take the hassle of hiring a random auto transport company. Choose eShip Transport for car shipping Minnesota. Contact us now.

Get the Best Car Shipping Minnesota Transport Services!
Get the Best Car Shipping Minnesota Transport Services!