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Open Trailer vs Enclosed Trailer: Which Option Is The Best? – eShip Transport

If you are looking for auto transport services, you will soon discover the two most popular shipping methods: Open and Enclosed Transport. But it doesn’t end here. You will face the years-old question: Should I prefer an open trailer or an enclosed trailer?

Most people will suggest the cost-efficient Open Trailers, while others would tell you the protection and utilities offered from enclosed trailers. While everyone’s auto shipping requirements are different, eShip Transport discovers the best carrier on-demand. In this post, we will elaborate on Open Trailer vs. Enclosed Trailer. If you are stressed about the cost of shipping, you can get a free auto transport quote here.

Open or Enclosed Transport Summary:

What is Open Auto Transport

Open-air or open auto transport is perhaps the most popular shipping method opted by most people. In this method, your vehicle is shipped ‘in the open’ exposed to natural elements as rain, debris, and more. The most common shipping for a few reasons is that open auto transport is relatively less priced than others. If you need to ship multiple vehicles at once and the budget is not so high, this is perhaps the best option. You can get an open-air auto transport estimation here.

What is Enclosed Auto Transport

In enclosed shipping, your vehicle is shipped on a trailer that is completely covered and protected. It has solid walls to safeguard your vehicle from any outer element or damage. Talking about availability, there are fewer enclosed trailers compared to open-air. That’s why eShip Transport provides enclosed trailers on demand. If you need a luxury or vintage car to be transported within the state lines or around the country, enclosed trailers are undoubtedly the best. However, they are a bit costlier as they hardly fit 2-3 cars.

Why Open Shipping Is The Best Option?

Are you a dealer looking to ship multiple vehicles at once? Do you need to transport a client vehicle around the country? Open shipping is unquestionably the best option. It is cost-effective and readily available. We have a vast network of bonded & insured carriers and can find you the most affordable open trailer.

Why Enclosed Shipping Is The Best Option?

The enclosed trailer offers the best protection for your vehicle. Be it an antique Lamborghini Miura or Vintage Ford Model T, shipping your vehicle on an enclosed trailer adds an extra layer of protection. However, the cost calculating factors remain the same here too. It depends on distance and the time of year. 

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