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Shipping a Car across the Country? eShip Transport is a leader in cross-country moves

While relocating, it isn’t always feasible for you to drive your car to a new place. If you’re flying, you’ll probably need your car when you arrive. Perhaps you’re driving one of your cars and want to ship your other vehicles, such as a pickup, or SUV to your new destination. Whatever is your reason for shipping your car across the country, it is always advisable to make sure that your vehicle is ready for cross-country shipping. And you can always contact eShip Transport, a leader in cross-country cars moving to see what is required to ship a car across the country. Request your free, no-obligation cross-country car shipping quote here.


The Most Affordable way to ship your car across the country

An open hauler transport service is the most affordable way to ship your car across the country. Open carriers will be a lot affordable and an excellent choice for cross-country transition for most vehicles. An enclosed carrier provides an additional layer of protection for exotic cars and collectibles from weather elements and other hazards, but it is slightly expensive. Contact eShip Transport and speak to our professional moving experts to know the kind of auto transport is best suited for you. Wondering how much cross-country car shipping will cost? Request for a free quote.

Ensure your car is ready for the cross country move

You know very well the random odds you keep in your car and trunk in case you need any work clothes, running shoes, shovel, or anything else while you’re on the road? Make sure these things aren’t in the trunk or the car’s interior. You do not want these objects jumping around inside the vehicle when it is being moved. Apart from these small objects, you may want to leave some valuable items in the vehicle, such as jumper cables, rubber bands, or other required tools, clean it out, and make sure your car is ready for the cross-country move.

Wash your car thoroughly before a cross country move

Your car should be thoroughly cleaned at the start of its journey, even though it will most likely accumulate some residue and dead bugs along the way. Since your auto transporter is responsible for any damage or changes made to the car while it is being transported, it would be easier to use a clean car as a benchmark for inspection when it gets delivered to your door. To get your door-to-door car moving quote for all your cross-country moves, contact eShip Transport.

Why is eShip Transport the best while Shipping a Car across the Country

If you’re looking at shipping your car across the country, make sure your vehicle is fully prepared and ready for the move. To get started in terms of your cross-country vehicle moving, contact us to get a free, no-obligation auto transport quote.