Choosing the Right Auto Transport Carrier for Your Vehicle

Choosing the Right Auto Transport Carrier for Your Vehicle

When it comes to choosing an auto transport carrier, different types of carriers are used depending on the type of vehicle, the distance of the transport, and other factors. It’s essential to understand the types of carriers used by car shippers and the advantages and disadvantages of each one to ensure that you get your vehicle transported safely and effectively.

eShip Transport is a nationwide and top-rated transport company that has established trust and value. Here’s a look at the different types of auto transport carriers and their advantages and disadvantages.

Open Carriers

Open auto carriers are the most common type of car transportation and the most economical option. This type of carrier essentially consists of trucks with built-in ramps and tracks for loading vehicles. The car is loaded onto the truck via a steel platform and track system and secured in place with straps.

Open carriers are ideal for transporting a single vehicle as well as smaller vehicles that do not require extra protection from the elements. eShip Transport offers the best car shipping experience in America, with open auto carriers as one of our many services.

The biggest advantage of using an open carrier is that it is the most affordable option for auto transport. However, there are also some drawbacks to using an open carrier, such as the fact that cars are exposed to elements, like dust, wind, and rain, which can cause damage to the vehicle.

Enclosed Carriers

Enclosed carriers, also known as covered carriers, are the most secure way to transport a car. Unlike open carriers, these vehicles have all sides enclosed and feature no open areas that could expose the car to dust, wind, and rain. Additionally, as the name implies, the car inside is enclosed and usually sealed in an airtight container, so there is no risk of it being exposed to the elements.

Enclosed carriers are perfect for transporting luxury vehicles or classic cars or for anyone who wants additional security for their vehicle. The downside of this type of carrier is that it is typically more expensive than an open carrier.

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Flatbed Carriers

Flatbed carriers are similar to open carriers, but they are designed to haul boats, RVs, and trailers, which are much larger vehicles. These carriers usually feature tracks similar to the ones on open carriers, but the trucks are made to be flat and can usually transport multiple vehicles at once. Flatbed carriers are also ideal for vehicles that cannot be moved onto a regular car transport trailer.

The main advantage of using a flatbed carrier is that these vehicles can accommodate larger and heavier items, such as transporting an RV or boat. The downside, however, is that these carriers can be more expensive to use due to the size and weight of the items being transported.

Choosing the right type of auto transport carrier for your car is essential for transporting your vehicle safely and securely. Open carriers are the most common and economical option, but enclosed carriers provide the most secure way to transport a vehicle. Flatbed carriers are ideal for larger vehicles like boats and RVs but can be more expensive.

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Choosing the Right Auto Transport Carrier for Your Vehicle
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