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Every parent wants top-quality education for their children. That’s why many people migrate to different states. Some of the states in the US offer excellent infrastructure for education, while some languish at the bottom. According to a US News report, Mississippi ranks among the bottom ten states in education facilities, and some parents are migrating to other states. If you are also leaving the state, how will you go about car shipping Mississippi? Hiring a professional car shipping company is the best way to ship your vehicle. Many people are confused and often fall for auto transport companies offering a low price. However, they repent in the end for unprofessional services. eShip Transport is a five-star rated car shipping company by Consumer Affairs. We ship hundreds of vehicles every month and ensure each of our customers is satisfied with the services. Want to know how much does car shipping cost? Get a free car shipping quote today.

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Car Shipping Company

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Car Shipping Company     Choosing the right auto transport company from the crowd of hundreds is challenging. Many people make mistakes while choosing an auto shipping company, and they end up paying a hefty price or get the car in damaged condition. Here are some tips to help you avoid choosing the wrong auto shipping company. 

Check if the auto transport company has a license

Many vehicle transport companies are operating without a valid license. They don’t have trained professionals and are not registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). When you hire such auto shipping companies, the chances of damage to your car are higher as the drivers may not be well-trained.

Provides a car shipping insurance

When you hire a company for car shipping from Jackson, MS to New York, NY, confirm that they provide car transport insurance. If you have insurance coverage, you can claim reimbursements if the car gets damaged during transportation.

Ask for a fixed price

Many car shipping companies offer low prices and make you sign a contract for car shipping. However, they add some surcharges and other fees in the end. So, you pay up much more than what was quoted. eShip Transport offers a guaranteed price when you get auto transport quotes.

Check for reimbursement for delay

Most vehicle transport companies don’t deliver your car on time. If you don’t get your vehicle on time in a new city, it creates difficulties in traveling. Ensure that the car shipping company provides reimbursement in case of a delay in delivery. eShip Transport compensates up to $300 in case of more than 48 hours delay except due to bad weather conditions or vehicle breakdown.

Should You Load Luggages in the Car While Shipping?

Should You Load Luggages in the Car While Shipping?     Many people have a question if they can load personal items in the car while shipping them. There is no restriction in shipping luggage in the car, but you should not load it to the brim. Shipping a loaded vehicle will cost you more. Apart from this, loading heavy items in the vehicle can cause damage during transportation. So, you should avoid stuffing too many personal items during car shipping from Southaven, MS to Philadelphia, PA.

Choose Door-to-door Shipping for hassle-free Auto Transport

Choose Door-to-door Shipping for hassle-free Auto Transport     You hire a car shipping company to avoid the hassles. However, if you go for terminal shipping, you have to drive the car to a terminal point for pick up. You also have to receive the vehicle from the delivery location once it reaches the new city. 

Why take all these hassles when you can choose door-to-door car transport? You may think it will cost you a lot for door-step pickup and delivery. eShip offers affordable door-step pickup and delivery for car shipping from Hattiesburg, MS to Houston, TX. Use our car shipping calculator to know how much does it cost.

Should You Choose Enclosed Transport for RV?

Your recreational vehicle is nothing less than a home. You carry a lot of things inside and always want it safe. Shipping your RV is challenging. It can get poorly damaged when you ship it using open auto transport. So, it’s better to choose enclosed transport. It protects your RV from dirt and garbage that accumulates during transportation. Moreover, in enclosed RV transport, the chances of damage due to an accident are lower.

You might be wondering how much it will cost to ship a car in an enclosed trailer from Biloxi, MS, to Los Angeles, CA. Usually, enclosed transport costs you a significant amount, but eShip provides the most affordable enclosed vehicle shipping across the country. Do you want to know the price for car shipping Mississippi? Get free auto transport quotes.

Why should you choose eShip Transport for car shipping in Mississippi?

Why should you choose eShip Transport for car shipping in Mississippi?    When you have too many choices, it is not easy to find the best one in the business. eShip Transport has been awarded the A+ rating for top-class car shipping services for more than a decade. We have delivered thousands of cars and motorcycles to the destination safely. Our platinum protection plans help people claim in case of any damage caused during transportation.

We offer a vehicle tracking option and assign a personal agent during the entire shipping process. All our drivers are professionals and possess a valid license. So, you can rest assured about the safety of your car

Hire eShip Transport for hassle-free car shipping in Mississippi at an affordable price. Get door-step delivery of your car, motorcycle, or RV. Contact us for car shipping quotes.