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How much Does it Cost to Ship A Car? What is Auto Transport – Car Transport?

What is Auto Transport and What’s the Cost to Ship a Car?

Auto Transport, Car Transport, Vehicle Transport – These words describe the service of moving motorized vehicles from a pickup destination to a final drop-off destination. 

There are two main types of auto transport:

Enclosed transport is going to be used to add protection to the vehicle and is going to average about 35% higher in cost than the cost-effective open transport method. Eship offers options and tailors our car transport services to our client’s needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship A Car?

The price of Auto Transport varies based on a lot of factors when shipping a car. This makes it difficult to accurately provide an auto transport cost estimate over the internet without additional details. 

The simplest way to find out how much it cost to ship a car is to submit your information on the eShip’s online quote request form and Eship will tell you exactly what your specific vehicle will cost!

If you are trying to crunch your own numbers, you can estimate like this:

  • Short Distance Auto Transport $1.75-$2/ mile which would be considered up to 500 miles.
  • Medium Distance Car Shipping can range from $.75 – $1.25/mile which covers up to 1500 miles.
  • Long Distance Auto Transport which would be over 1500 miles is priced at roughly $.50-.65/mile. 

These are rough figures, we will discuss the factors of shipping a car below.



How Can eShip Help?

eShip’s online Free Auto Transport Quote makes it super easy to get a quote on cost to ship a car and start the process with your team at Eship! Our experienced team is standing by ready to assist you in transporting any vehicle to Hawaii or to the United States mainland. 

Find the Cost to Ship a Car Now! eShip Transport Agents are on standby to assist with quoting on the cost to ship a car with the best rates to ship a car.

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