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Car Shipping throughout Hawaii with Quality Auto Transport to Hawaii

If you are planning an extended stay on the Big Island of Hawaii; you are probably going to want to bring your favorite vehicle with you. Where do you start? The process of executing an ocean move can seem intimidating and complicated. eShip Transport is here to help. We can transport a vehicle to Hawaii safely, efficiently, and at a fair price. Contact us today via our website or phone. We are ready to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease about shipping your vehicle overseas.

Booking Your Auto Transport to Hawaii with eShip Transport.

At eShip Transport, we pride ourselves on making the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible for vehicle owners. We offer a choice of port-to-port or door-to-port transport. The best choice for you may depend on where you are currently located on the mainland. Get reliable and friendly car shipping throughout Hawaii. Experience the experience of quality Auto Transport to Hawaii with eShip Transport!


If you live within easy driving distance from the departure port, this may be the most economical choice for you. You will drive your car to the port, turn it over to your eShip Transport agent, and your job is done.

Now all you have to do is meet your vehicle at the arrival port on the Big Island of Hawaii.


If driving a vehicle to the port yourself is not possible, we also offer our convenient door-to-port service. eShip Transport will take delivery of your vehicle at your home, place of business, or location that is convenient for you and transport it to the departure port. You will pick up your vehicle at the arrival port and be on your way- easy!

Once you have decided whether port-to-port or door-to-port is the better choice for you, contact us via phone or the internet and we will get your booking taken care of. We guarantee a competitive and fair price with the best customer service for car shipping throughout Hawaii. Call mean eShip Transport Specialist for quality auto transport to Hawaii

Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the transport of your vehicle to Hawaii such as:

  • Will my vehicle be protected from the elements? Yes, your vehicle will make the journey to Hawaii safely stowed in the belly of the vessel where it will be protected from saltwater, rain, or strong winds.
  • How long will it take for my vehicle to arrive? This answer depends on where your point of origin is on the mainland, but the window of delivery is normally between six and twelve days.
  • How will I know if there are any problems with my transport? All eShip Transport clients are assigned their own dedicated transport agent. If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like an update, your agent is always available to take your call and put your mind at ease.
  • What paperwork will I need to pick up my car in Hawaii? No additional paperwork is needed when picking up your vehicle in Hawaii. Once your vehicle has cleared customs, all you will need is your booking number, which will have been provided to you by your transport agent at the time of booking.

Getting Your Car Ready For The Trip.

Once your booking has been made, you will need to take a few simple steps to prepare your vehicle for transport to Hawaii. Completing these steps will ensure that your vehicle is not rejected at the departure port.

These steps are not difficult or complicated, but they must be completed to ensure problem-free transport. With safety at sea being of utmost importance, all vehicle owners are required to make the following preparations:

  • The gas tank must be no more than ¼ full. This is a universal requirement for overwater vehicle transport.
  • Your vehicle must be clean inside and out so that a proper inspection can be made before departure.
  • All personal items must be removed. The only expectation is attached infant car seats.
  • Your vehicle must be in good working order including properly inflated tires, fully functioning brakes, crack and chip-free windows, no leaking fluids, and all doors shutting completely.
  • If your vehicle has an alarm, it must be disabled, or the remote must be located and provided at the departure port.

The items on this checklist to ship a car to Hawaii are not hard to carry out, but failure to comply with even one will result in your car failing its inspection and being denied loading onto the ship.

Car Shipping throughout Hawaii | Quality Auto Transport to Hawaii
Car Shipping throughout Hawaii | Quality Auto Transport to Hawaii

Planning on Island Hopping? We Can Make It Happen!

eShip Transport also offers interisland auto transport. If you plan on dividing your time between The Big Island, Oahu, Lania, and Kauai, let us handle the transport of your vehicle. You can expect the same outstanding level of customer service, unbeatable prices, and commitment to a job well done that you have come to expect from eShip Transport.

Moving Your Vehicle Back To The Mainland? What You Need To Know.

The process of moving your vehicle from Hawaii back to the mainland is a little more complex. In addition to adhering to all of the guidelines for transporting a vehicle to Hawaii, there are some additional documents that you will need to provide:

  • Your transport booking confirmation
  • A government-issued picture ID
  • A copy of the current registration
  • The vehicle title or lien holder authorization if the vehicle is financed or leased
  • If the vehicle owner is not present at drop off, the drop-off party must show proof of power of attorney from the lien holder allowing the car to be shipped

This may seem like a lot of paperwork to keep track of, but don’t forget, your personal eShip agent is always ready to answer any questions you have and keep your transport organized and stress-free. Since Hawaii is across the water, transporting vehicles is more complex and requires dealing with Hawaii’s Port and Transportation services to approve transports back and forth.

Get  Quality Auto Transport to Hawaii with eShip!

eShip Transport is the premier provider of stress-free quality auto transport to Hawaii. Moreover, enjoy Island hopping with our interisland car transport service. eShip is Hawaii’s reliable car shipping service company to transport cars to. throughout and from Hawaii.

#1 Hawaii Car Shipping Services | Quality Auto Transport to Hawaii
#1 Hawaii Car Shipping Services | Quality Auto Transport to Hawaii