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Shipping Cars from USA to Canada

Whether you need to ship your car from the United States to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, or any other city in Canada, eShip Transport is the international auto transport company that can get it done quickly and efficiently.

Cars are shipped from the United States to Canada frequently. It is, however, important to follow the requirements and rules very specifically or things can get messy. That’s why having a veteran international auto transporter by your side makes a huge difference! eShip Auto Transport is the top name in USA to Canada transport services. We have the experience and know-how to ensure that your car makes it to its Canadian destination without any unnecessary problems or delays.

Call us today and let our helpful transport agents walk you through the process and get your international auto transport started.

Why Use eShip Transport to Ship a Car To Canada?

There are many situations when you may need to have your car transported from the USA to a Canadian city. eShip offers auto transport to Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, or any other location in Canada to which you need your car delivered.

Some of the more common reasons to transport a car to Canada are:

  • Sending a car to Canada as a gift
  • Moving to Canada for work or school
  • Taking delivery of a car purchased in the USA
  • Taking a long vacation in Canada
  • Returning a leased vehicle to Canada
  • “Snowbirds” returning to Canada for the summer

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No matter what the reason for the transport, eShip will pick up your car in any state in the US and deliver it to any Canadian province or territory. From Quebec to Vancouver and all points in between, eShip Transport is the number one choice for international car shipping to Canada.

Why Is Shipping My Car To Canada Better Than Driving Myself?

If you are a fan of extremely long road trips, then driving your car from the United States to Canada might be the right choice for you. If you prefer to get your car to its Canadian destination quickly and easily, we recommend eShip Auto Transport.

When you let us ship your car to Canada you can avoid:

  • Long lines at the Canadian border
  • Excessive wear and tear on your car
  • Gas, food, and lodging expenses
  • Traffic-clogged highways
  • Tedious hours on the road

We highly recommend that you fly to your Canadian destination and let eShip Transport handle the road, the border, and all of the hassles of international auto shipping.

How Does the eShip Process Work?

We have compiled the most important things you need to know about shipping your car into Canada. Rest assured that your eShip Auto Transport agent will be at your side every step of the way to explain each part of the process.

  • Confirm That Your Vehicle Can Enter Canada.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that your make and model of car is allowed into Canada. You can find more information and look up your car on Transport Canada’s Registrar of Imported Vehicles.

  • Choose A Date And Book Your Transport.

Once you have selected the date of your car’s transport, simply call eShip Auto Transport, make a booking, and begin the paperwork process. You will need to have a valid photo ID in order to book international auto transport to Canada.

  • Complete Customs Paperwork.

The customs paperwork can seem a little intimidating but don’t worry, your eShip agent will explain everything and guide you through the process. Our agents strive to stay up to date with any changes that occur in the customs process so you know your international transport is in good hands. Canadian Customs will require that you send a copy of your car’s title to the Canadian border crossing at least three days before your vehicle crosses the border. Your eShip agent will let you know which crossing that will be.

Your eShip Transport agent will work with you to ensure that all Canadian customs paperwork is completed and approved before we send a carrier to pick up your car. This ensures that once your car arrives at the Canadian border it can be processed promptly. The specific border crossing where your car will be processed will be determined by where in the US your car is picked up and the location of its final Canadian destination.

  • eShip Picks Up Your Car

As our transport service to Canada is door-to-door, we will arrange to pick up your car at the United States location of your choice. No matter which state your car is currently in, our car transport driver will come to your location, load and secure your car and drive it to its Canadian border crossing.

  • eShip Delivers Your Car

Once your car arrives at the Canadian border, it will be processed and cleared through customs. It will then continue its journey to its new location. All you have to do is meet your driver upon arrival and take delivery of your car.

Expert Help And Guidance from eShip Transport

There is no denying that the process of shipping your car from the United States to Canada takes some planning and attention to detail. The paperwork must be completed correctly and your title must arrive at the correct border crossing three days ahead of your car. It’s a lot to keep up with. Try eShip Transport, a BBB Accredited vehicle transport company with high reviews for over a decade.

For these reasons, having the support of an international transport company with years of experience, makes your auto transport a much smoother process! eShip Transport can ship your vehicle from any point in the United States to all of the major cities in Canada. When you ship your car with eShip, you will be assigned a transport agent who will handle every aspect of your car’s journey from start to finish. 

Our services include guidance and advice about filling out Canadian customs paperwork. You can sleep soundly knowing your eShip agent will be available to you the entire time your car is on the road. eShip can answer questions, alleviate any concerns you may have, or simply update you on your car’s progress.

When you are ready to book your stress-free international auto transport from the United States to any major city in Canada, call eShip Transport. Our agents are ready to take your call and get the process started today. Contact Us Now!

Best Car Shipping Company USA to Canada
Best Car Shipping Company USA to Canada