Cost of Shipping a Car

Do you want professional shipping companies for auto transport? Are you stressed about how much does it cost to ship a car? You don’t have to worry about it. At eShip Transport, we offer the best car shipping services at the best price. Request free car shipping now.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship A Car?

The price of Auto Transport varies based on a lot of factors. This makes it difficult to accurately provide an auto transport cost estimate over the internet without additional details. 

The simplest way to find out how much does it cost to ship a car is to submit your information on the eShip’s online quote request form and eShip will tell you exactly what your specific vehicle will cost! 

If you are trying to crunch your own numbers, you can estimate like this:

Short Distance Auto Transport $1.75-$2/ mile which would be considered up to 500 miles, Medium Distance Car Shipping can range from $.75 – $1.25/mile which covers up to 1500 miles, and Long-Distance Auto Transport would be over 1500 miles is priced at roughly $.50-.65/mile. These are rough figures, we will discuss the factors of shipping a car below to better understand how much it costs to ship a car.

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How Can I get a Free Auto Transport Quote?

Free Auto Transport Quotes are as simple as filling out the form on this page! Our fast Free Auto Transport Quote will be delivered to you in minutes. If you decide against filling out the form, but instead decided to call eShip, we will discuss over the phone your options. Easily find out how much does it cost to ship a car.

Always be clear with our team if you are in need of expedited car shipping, meaning you need your vehicle picked up immediately.

Before filling out the form or calling eShip directly, it is critical you have the following information:

  1. Vehicle Transport Pick up Zip Code and Drop Off Destination Zip Code
  2. Vehicle Year, Make, Model
  3. Open or Enclosed Trailer preference
  4. Does the vehicle operate properly?
  5. Earliest Pick Up Date available

How to Calculate the Cost of Car Shipping?

The cost of shipping your car will be dictated by several different factors including, but never limited to: distance of auto transport, size of the vehicle, condition of the vehicle, transport preference, locations of pick up and drop off, and the time of year you are shipping a vehicle. 

With all these factors weighing against your math, it’s best just to call eShip or fill out a Free Car Shipping Quote!

Auto Transport Math – Cost to Ship a Car

Auto transport quotes and the actual car shipping rates in the transport industry are calculated using the particular needs of the customer. To recap, the total distance, the car’s make and model, and the condition are just several of the cost factors that go into the auto transport math. Car shippers change prices frequently making it essential to work with an Auto Broker such as eShip to get the best rate on shipping your car!

When you submit your Free Auto Transport Quote with eShip, our calculator generates the quote based on the specifications entered by the client. eShip strives to keep the price quoted, the price delivered for. 

Some other auto transport companies might bid the auto transport job low on purpose to get the job, and then call days before the pickup day and give the customer an inflated number to draw more profit. Granted, sometimes costs do fluctuate in the auto shipping industry.

It’s important to be associated with an honest broker like eShip to avoid hidden fees and switch-n-bait quotes.

What are the Cost factors of Shipping a Car?

Shipping Date

Without a doubt, the shipping date needed for your vehicle will affect the price. Prime Times and weeks surrounding holidays definitely drive the price of auto transport up due to supply and demand. Book your auto transport as far in advance as possible to reserve your carrier. Having flexibility on an immediate basis will help control the price of an ASAP shipment.

Distance of Auto Transport

Cost of shipping a car? Really, the biggest factor is the distance in which the vehicle needs to travel. Even though shorter distances cost more money per mile, long-distance auto transport miles add up very fast! 

The total distance of auto transport is the main consideration when calculating the cost to transport a car. When you submit your information for a free auto transport quote, eShip ensures it’s the best price in the market.

No other auto brokers will match the price and service of eShip, regardless of the distance traveled! When considering international car shipping, for instance from the United States to Canada, many new cost factors enter into the equation, especially the overall miles the vehicle has to travel. These factors can alter knowing how much does it cost to ship a car until better details are gathered,

Vehicle Make & Model

Knowing the exact make and model of the vehicle needing transport is critical to know exactly how much space and weight the vehicle will take. Vehicles with modifications can also change the auto transport quote so if your vehicle falls into that category, it’s best to call eShip directly to discuss your needs! If you have a standard vehicle without modifications, the simple eShip Free Auto transport quote should be a breeze.

Auto Transport Preference

The majority of auto transport jobs are open car transport. The open car carriers are standard in the auto transport industry and get the job done at a cost-efficient rate! For cars that need extra shipping protection, eShip recommends the VIP Enclosed car transport services. Enclosed Auto Transport keeps the weather and road debris off the vehicle. This option will increase the open auto transport quote by an average of 35%.

For the vehicles that utilize enclosed car shipping, it is well worth knowing the car, be it luxury or antique, is transported safely! 

Vehicle Condition

If the vehicle is running, great! Your free auto transport quote is going to be a better price than if it is not running! When a vehicle is not running, it greatly increases the difficulty of auto transport. Most of the time winches are needed to get the car on and off the carrier. Only a  select few carriers have winches and can transport cars in unworking condition. 

Hiring eShip,  we will ensure that your car, regardless of its current state, will get to its final destination according to plan!

eShip Transport will quote cars for shipping if they can:

  • Roll, Stop, or Steer
  • Be loaded or unloaded by forklift/wrecker
  • Be loaded by winch

Some of our trucks have tools to load your inoperable vehicle and get it transported properly.

Time of Year

How much does it cost to ship a car from Canada to Florida in the winter? In truth, it’s more than in the summer. How much will it cost the same car shipper to move that car back to Canada before the summer? 

Depends on how many other snowbirds are flying back to Canada that month! Supply and demand fluctuate costs when it comes to auto transport. Seasons will affect the prices for transporting vehicles during peak months of the year.

To find out what the cost will be to move your vehicle, fill out the form above and eShip Transport will get back to you immediately with a price. It’s that simple to get a free auto transport quote! eShip Transport recommends requesting quotes for different date opportunities to complete your auto transport. It’s easy to see how seasons affect the shipping price.

eShip’s Auto Transport Serices

Nationwide Door To Door Auto Transport

Pick up anywhere in the world and deliver to any door in the world. eShip will ensure the smoothest door-to-door auto transport possible. Make sure you double-check all the information given and always try to give the carrier enough room to pick up or drop off the vehicle. Be kind. Sometimes, just parking these large carriers can be incredibly difficult. 

Door-To-Door auto transport means we come to you, get the vehicle, and transport it to whatever the destination door is. Super easy and super simple for the customer!

Open Car Shipping

The most economical way of shipping a vehicle. You can save an average of 35% when compared to enclosed auto transport. This option is the best bang for your buck as open auto transport has great value in its service.

Fast Auto Transporters

With the best auto shippers at your service, your car will be shipped as quickly as 24 hours after placing an order with eShip. Our teams can get your car shipped to you fast! We are the fastest auto transporters in the industry! If you need super fast service, call us immediately!

VIP Enclosed Auto Transport

VIP enclosed auto transport provides all the protection needed for vintage, exotic, or supercars. Enclosed carriers protect cars from road junk and the almighty weather. When you have an exotic, luxury car, the cost of shipping the car safely becomes irrelevant- luxury cars must be shipped in enclosed trailers.

Best Cost to Ship A Car – Call eShip Auto Transport

Contact eShip Auto Transport today! With over 30 years of experience, Craig and the team at eShip will ensure your vehicle gets picked up promptly and delivered on time and on a budget! When calculating how much does it cost to ship a car might have many factors, but trust is the one factor that means the most! 

You can trust eShip to get the job done correctly, without question. Check out the great reviews on Google for Eship Transport and get the average cost to ship a car and your Free Auto Transport Quote today!

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