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Definition of Car Transporter & Its Services

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Do you know what a car transporter does? Most people can take a really great guess! Those big automobile carriers you see on the highway, yes that is a car transporter! In the industry, they are often called Auto Haulers, or Auto Transport. Today, we will address this service as a Car Transporter.

Car Transport companies are automotive transporting management firms known as Brokers. It is ideal that consumers work with these brokers in order to find the right carrier for the vehicle and route needed. The best Car Transport company in America is eShip – a family-owned and operated business that has been in the industry for many years! 

Car Transporters are categorized in two major ways – open auto transporters are the carriers you see with many cars on the massive 18-wheelers on the highway. Enclosed auto transport is a bit more expensive and customized to the client’s needs.

This auto transport method is like moving a car while still in the garage. Enclosed Car Transporters have all their cars in a covered trailer protected from the weather and road grime. Looking for the BEST car transport company in America? eShip Car Transport is the top-rated choice!

Definition of a Car Transport Company

What is a car transport company? As mentioned above, Car Transporters move cars from one place to another. The best car transport companies seem to have the most positive reviews in the market. Most of the top dogs have large positions on many of the leading review websites. The best definition of a Car Transport Company is this-

A Car Transport company, like eShip Transport, assists its customers in shipping a car from one place to another and being their single point of contact for this delivery process. There are a lot of turning gears when you hire a car transport company.

The best car transport companies make it seem seamless to transport your car from one coordinate to another. Anywhere in the world, if you need a car transport company, just remember eShip!

All Car Transport companies are not created equally. Be sure you do your homework before hiring anyone to move your vehicle. eShip Transport is the best car transporter in the country and the reviews left by its customers speak volumes!

Now that you are educated on car transporters and who the best car transporter is, let’s dive into exactly what you are getting with your car shipping service.

Services of a Car Transporter

 The main service of a car transporter is to get you a fast, free, and honest auto transport quote based on the job specifications supplied in the quote form.

Reputable car transporters will be able to give you a free quote rather quickly! If you want to learn more about the cost of shipping a car, we created a how-to guide for the cost to ship a car! There are several factors that dictate the cost to ship a car:

  • Vehicle Make & Model (Weight is factored in)
  • Vehicle Condition
  • Distance to Ship Vehicle
  • Pick up and Drop off Zip Codes
  • Type of Transport – Open vs Enclosed 

These factors create your auto transport quote. Some tips on getting the best price to ship a car:

  • Larger vehicles usually cost more than smaller vehicles to ship
  • Shorter transport distances cost more per mile but less than moving from state to state
  • Getting an expedited shipment will cost more
  • Common Transport routes can be more competitive than unique routes

eShip Transport has a quick and easy auto transport quote calculator. Finding an honest and reliable auto transport carrier is our job as your broker!

The best service of a Car Transporter is not having to drive the vehicle yourself from one destination to another. Not calculating in any price for the time it takes you to actually drive, the cost of gas to move a vehicle from one state to another almost costs as much as the entire transport! Here are some Fuel Costs vs Auto Transport comparisons:

  1. Auto Transport from Illinois to Washington state is going to consume at least 33 hours to drive and put roughly 2,000 miles on the odometer of the vehicle. This will cost roughly $250 in gas! Getting your car shipped from Chicago to Seattle will cost roughly $1050.
  2. Auto Transport from Illinois to New York is at least 800 miles and will cost over $100 in gas, consuming 13 hours of your time – or you can ship it with eShip for around $700.
  3. Auto Transport from Texas to Illinois can take up to 20 hours and clock over 1200 miles on your car! Gas could run you close to $150, but you can save the 150 bucks and the long 20 hours and ship with eShip for under $800!
  4. Auto Transport from Florida to Illinois can take a solid 24 hours and rack up almost 1400 miles on the vehicle. Gas can run up to $200 just to complete the 1400 miles! eShip can easily transport your vehicle from Miami to Chicago for about $850!

Our biggest tip for those needing auto transport is to book the transport as far in advance as possible to reserve your spot! Once you have confirmed plans, make a plan of pick up with eShip right away! No need to shop around once you call eShip, we will give the most honest, reliable price!

If we say we will be there to pick up one on a particular day, eShip will be there! Are you ready to get your car shipped to its next destination? eShip will make this next process super simple and seamless for you!

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Get a Quote From Car Transporter

1. Get a Free Auto Transport Service Quote

  • Where is the vehicle’s final destination?
  • What are the pick-up and delivery dates?
  • Contact eShip for the best-rated car transport company with the best car shipping cost!
  • Accept Quote, Book Transport

2. Get Your Vehicle Picked Up by eShip Carrier

Now, it is time to prepare your vehicle for shipping with our eShip Carriers! Some carriers have additional requirements, but this is a list of common guidelines to abide by when transporting a car:

  • eShip Carriers allow one piece of luggage weighing no more than 100lbs in the trunk
  • The vehicle should be clean and ready for inspection
  • Vehicle emergency brake in operating order
  • Inspect windshield for cracks or chips before transport
  • Keep no more than ¼ tank of gas for safety reasons. Please do not fill your gas tank before transporting your vehicle. Gas is an extremely hazardous material in ports – International car transport is very strict with this requirement

3. Vehicle Delivery

Your driver will be notifying you just before your vehicle reaches its final destination. You can request that they drop it right in the driveway or even park it in the garage. Be sure you are available to sign the release of your vehicle at the time of delivery!

Benefits of Car Transporters 

Transporting your car with a professional eShip carrier is way better than driving it yourself to its destination. We touched on the fuel cost and time factor above, but what about the unspoken risks of Highway Driving Safety? 

The NHTSA says that drowsy driving-related accidents cause more than 1,500 deaths per year costing roughly 12.5 billion dollars in damages every year! Why risk a drowsy driver on your car transport? Hire eShip Auto Transport to get the car there for you!

So many options are available for consumers to transport a vehicle, eShip can easily find a service that best matches your needs and budget! As the industry leader, eShip Transport has vetted thousands of auto carriers around the world.

Shipping hundreds of thousands of vehicles for consumers, businesses, and even government accounts.  There is no better car transporter than eShip to deliver your car on time, on budget, and with a smile!

Call eShip today or fill out our easy Free Auto Transport Quote to start this process. If you have special requests or concerns, do not hesitate to call our team! We will go above and beyond to ensure the level of satisfaction for your car transport needs!

Ready to hire eShip Transport to transport a car?

Our easy-to-use fast free auto transport quote will help us know exactly what you need us to do for you! It’s fast! It’s free! Additionally, eShip will not pressure potential customers to book their transport with us.

We have earned our customers for life by supplying the best possible auto transport services in the industry! eShip Transport is the Best Car Transport Company in America –  offering car transport service domestically and internationally, eShip will get your car there!

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National Auto Transport Servives. Find the best car transporter in transport industry.

Find the best car transporter in the transport industry! Are you searching for the most reliable car transporter in America? eShip Car Transporter Services offers the best transporters nationwide! To learn more please visit an Interpretation of a Car Transporter and Its Services.