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Shipping your vehicle from Canada to the US is not an easy job. You must meet all legal requirements, and then choose whether to personally drive your car or find a professional auto transporting company. Practically speaking, driving your vehicle thousands of miles is exhausting, expensive, and dangerous. The potential for withstanding damage to your vehicle or bodily injury increases with each mile you drive. 

If you do manage to reach your destination without incident, fatigue can set in setting you back days in reaching goals. So, the best option for auto Transport from Canada to US is going for a professional auto hauler company. eShip Transport has historically been and continues to be one of the most reliable auto hauler companies available for shipping a car. Check what our customers have to say about the service.

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping over a Long Distance?

When you need to ship your car over a long-distance, you need to take care of a few things to ensure safety. First of all, ensure your vehicle is clean, the inside and outside both. Cleanliness  will help you find if there is any existing damage or it has gotten damaged during transport. 

You also need to make sure there are no personal belongings inside the vehicle. If there is any pre-existing problem in the car, you should inform the driver as vehicle shipping typically requires vehicles to be in drivable condition. Last, make sure to leave no more than a quarter of fuel in the tank. This reduces car weight and stops any possible spill issues.

As far as paperwork, international paperwork can seem daunting. eShip is here to help! We have successfully shipped cars across borders for years! Regardless of the form required, you will be kept up to date and in the loop for everything needed for us to complete your delivery.

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How Much Will It Cost to hire an auto hauler?

Car shipping costs depend on many factors. It’s impossible to know the exact amount until very close to pick-up day as prices can vary based on gas prices and driver availability. There are a few things that weigh heavily on a car shipping quote. 

  • Type of vehicle- The larger and heavier the vehicle, the higher the charges. 
  • Open Transport or Enclosed Shipping- Please note that the cost of enclosed shipping is much higher than open shipping. 
  • Upgrades made to your vehicle- upgrades and changes made to a vehicle can change the size and weight of the vehicle. It’s essential to know your car’s specific specs beforehand to avoid any hidden charges and disputes later.
  • The distance being traveled- the greater the distance, the more your quote will be. 

Getting a free quote is a great way to know the cost. Are you interested in how much eShip will charge for Auto hauling from Canada to US? Get a free quote.

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Why Should eShip be Your Preferred Auto Transporter?

eShip has been among the top three vehicle shipping services in the USA and Canada. The Better Business Bureau accredited us as an A+ auto transport company. Moreover, our customers have rewarded our work with a five-star rating. 

With more than ten years of experience, we have learned how to deliver your car from Canada safely. Our trained professionals expertly strap and secure your vehicle to prevent dents or scratches. We also provide insurance to cover the cost in the unlikely case of any vehicle damage.

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eShip has proven itself to be the most reliable auto hauler for shipping your car. Our customer-friendly service ensures the safety of your car. We also offer the best price without compromising the quality of service. Schedule your move now. Snowbirds are welcome! Our clients trust our process to get their car across the border without hassle. 

eShip Transport is the auto hauler of choice for crossing the Canadian – U.S. border. We work around your shipping needs to get your auto transport completed quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Best Car Shipping Company USA to Canada
Best Car Shipping Company USA to Canada