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Auto Transport From Manitoba CA To US

Cross-country vehicle transport presents its own set of concerns, which are amplified when you have a vehicle you need to ship internationally. There’s a lot of information to take in between shipping methods and customs rules, all of which might be stressful. Fortunately, eShip Transport ships your vehicle safely and securely while also providing you with all of the information you’ll need. You can count on our years of experience providing quick and efficient auto transport from Manitoba CA to US.

At eShip Transport, we assist customers with a variety of auto transport needs. We work with a range of clients such as government transfers, automobile dealerships wanting to relocate inventory from Canada to the United States, and private individuals. Many clients simply need their vehicle in the United States snowbird season. Regardless of the reason, you can contact us for a free, no-obligation auto transport quote.




How does auto transport from Manitoba CA to US work?

How does auto transport from Manitoba CA to US work?

To begin with, at eShip Transport we walk you through the entire process of international vehicle shipping. Regardless of the form, we let you know what’s needed and when we need it completed to expedite your delivery. It is vital that you understand that there are very specific,  proper documents required to cross the border with your vehicle. Here’s a quick rundown of the forms you’ll need to submit, but again, we walk you through each of these:

  • Form 3299
  • A copy of your passport or a copy of your driver’s license
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of the vehicle’s title
  • A letter to the autotransporter informing them that they have your authority to transport your vehicle across the border

Trust eShip Transport to make your auto transport from Manitoba CA to US a seamless experience.

Call (800) 906- 6909 for a free quote.Call us at 800-906-6909

Preparing your Vehicle for shippingPreparing your Vehicle for shipping

We at eShip Transport prefer that you remove all personal belongings from your vehicle to make the border crossing as smooth as possible for our drivers. It’s also a good idea to check your gas and fluid levels before shipping, and please let us know if your vehicle has any specific requirements or characteristics. Fuel should be no more than ¼ tank full when loading onto the transport truck. It’s important to note that, under the prevailing US laws, Canadians can keep their vehicle in the US for up to a year with a Canadian registration and driver’s license. After a year, you’ll need to register your car in the United States to ensure it fulfils the local safety and environmental guidelines

Call (800) 906- 6909Call 800-906-6909

Trust eShip Transport for seamless auto transport across borders

Trust eShip Transport for seamless auto transport across borders

Do you need to transport a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles from Canada to the US? eShip Transport has assisted a large number of customers in shipping their vehicles from Canada to the United States. We can assist you with every step of the way, from the simple border crossing of your vehicle to transferring a fleet of vehicles for corporations. Contact us if you want to learn more about our auto transport services.

Call (800) 906-6909 if you need auto transport from Manitoba CA to US

Call (800) 906-6909 if you need auto transport from Manitoba CA to US

eShip Transport has been assisting people with smooth and hassle-free auto transport from Manitoba CA to US for over 10 years. Prior to your specific transport, we will discuss preferred shipping options and services, location destination, and expected cost. Once in the USA, our carrier will make sure your overall auto transport Manitoba to US is a success! 

At eShip Transport, we always stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations and make it a point to offer flawless customer service. We are an auto transport company you can trust!