Auto Transport Services

Auto Transport Services

Do you need to have your vehicle shipped across the country? Over the last ten years, we’ve built eShip up to become one of the most trusted auto transport companies in the United States.
Our service proposition is simple – we’ll give you the best possible service. We only work with professional carriers who insure their cargo. If your car is damaged due to their negligence when auto shipping to another state, you’re covered.

To make sure, if the carrier is not covered, we’ll pay for any damages to your vehicle. If your vehicle delivery is more than 48 hours late, for any reason besides weather or truck breakdown, you’re covered as well. We’ll pay for car rental services up to the value of $300.

These two features are all part of our value proposition for our clients. You don’t pay a cent towards the insurance mentioned above.

Why Our Auto Transport Services are Different
Your typical auto shipping company will ask for a fee upfront before they start working to secure a driver. The problem with this approach is that they’re assuming they’ll find a driver that will accept your transport at the price that they’ve quoted. We, on the other hand, wait until we’ve locked in the carrier with the best rate.

That means you only pay once we’ve confirmed that we can deliver.

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