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Best Car Shipping Services Near Me

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but it is demanding as well. For many, it is a good idea to ship your vehicle as we all understand that life is a bit more complicated when relying on public transportation. What’s the first step? Whom can you trust for auto shipping services? Transporting your car with just any transporter is not a great option as, if done improperly, damage to your vehicle can occur. You should look for reliable car shipping companies to ship your car, such as eShip Transport.

If you are looking for Best Car Shipping Services Near Me, you can trust eShip Transport to get the job done right! We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited,  A+ rated auto transport company that provides easy auto ship services. We have been featured in the best car shipping companies in the country for years. We provide both open and enclosed car shipping at reasonable prices. Check our services.


How Do I Prepare My Car for Shipping?

How Do I Prepare My Car for Shipping?     When you need to ship your car to a different city, you must prepare it for safe shipping. Follow these tips to prepare your car accordingly before you ship the vehicle.

Wash the exterior properly

Washing your car is essential. Making it spotless helps you find if there is a dent or scratch. Take photographs or record a video of the exterior. It will help you understand if there is damage to the exterior during the shipping process.

Get it checked by a technician

Checking your car by a technician is recommended before you ship your car. It will ensure that your car is in driving condition once it is delivered to the new city. Leave no more than a quarter of the fuel inside the tank.

Remove any personal items

If you have any personal items, you should remove them before car transport. It will prevent any unexpected damage.

Inform the driver about any mechanical issue your car may be having

The driver must know if there is a mechanical issue with your car. It will help him understand the condition of your car and prevent any damage during car transport.

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Why is Insurance Essential During Auto Shipping?

Why is Insurance Essential During Auto Shipping?     Vehicle transport involves a lot of movement, which may damage your car. Although rare, there is always the chance of an accident or unexpected occurrence during your car’s shipping. If that happens, your car can get damaged and need repair. If there is no cargo insurance coverage, you will not be able to make a claim, and the damage has to be borne by you. 

We wouldn’t want that for our transports and know you don’t either! You can avoid that situation by choosing eShip! eShip is a car shipping company that offers insurance coverage to cover any damage during transportation.

Open and Enclosed Transport

Open and Enclosed Transport     One of the questions that come to mind before choosing a car shipping company is whether to go for open or enclosed transport. How do you know which to choose? Read below to know which one to choose.

Open Transport

If your car is a typical road vehicle you use daily, you usually would not spend extra money for enclosed shipping. Open transport exposes your vehicle to the elements as it is shipped across the country, but typically it simply needs a bath once it gets to its destination. Additionally, choosing open transport will save you about 40% of the transportation cost compared to enclosed vehicle transport prices.

Enclosed Transport

Choose enclosed shipping for brand new vehicles, classic vehicles, collector or exotic cars, or very expensive vehicles such as Lamborghinis or Bentleys. In the case of open shipping, the vehicle is exposed to the elements. Enclosed transport will protect your car from dust, debris, and potential damage during transport.

Which Car Shipping Company is the Best?

Which Car Shipping Company is the Best?     Finding the best car shipping company is not an easy job. You have to consider a few things to choose them.

With eShip Transport, you can get all these benefits and many more during car shipping

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What’s The Most Inexpensive Way to Ship My Car?

What’s The Most Inexpensive Way to Ship My Car?     When you look for car shipping companies, the most crucial question that comes to your mind is how much it costs to ship your car. You can reduce the cost if you keep a few things in mind. Open vehicle transport is less expensive than enclosed vehicle transport. Avoid shipping in the summer season as prices do become considerably higher, simply due to supply and demand. Moreover, you should book your car shipping at least one month in advance. If you schedule your booking at the last moment, it will cost you more.

How to Find a Reputable Auto Transport company?

How to Find a Reputable Auto Transport company?     Finding a reputable auto transport company is not difficult if you keep a few things in mind. Check for the customer reviews to understand the services they provide. You should also check if the auto transport company has a valid license and provides a price lock promise. The best car shipping companies are accredited by BBB, don’t forget to check that. In all honesty, skip the hassle and just call eShip! 

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Does eShip offer only car shipping?

Does eShip offer only car shipping?     eShip can transport almost any motorized vehicle. We can ship your vehicle within the USA,  Canada, or abroad. We offer both local and long-distance car shipping. If you are looking for open, expedited, or enclosed car transport, we provide all of those options. We also ship boats, RVs, motorcycles, and trucks! Additionally, we are one of the few in the auto transport industry with a price lock promise.

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Don’t wait until the last minute! We can transport your vehicle safely, regardless of the type of vehicle you need to be hauled. With eShip, you have one of the most reputable auto transporters in the USA. Contact us now and enjoy hassle-free car shipping.