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Whether you are relocating for business, education, or simply traveling for vacation, you will most likely not be leaving your motorcycle behind and may require motorcycle shipping services. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and affordable option for relocating your bike, partnering with a professional motorcycle shipping company is perhaps the best way you can avoid irritation and complete the task.

There are professional auto transport companies that render interstate and international motorcycle shipping services to make sure you get your bike where it needs to be. While transport companies leverage advanced resources and experts to ship your bike, there are a lot of things to be done on your end.

Here is how to prepare your bike for shipping:

 Outside Preparation For Motorcycle Shipping

While you are most likely going to be riding your bike throughout the vacation or across your town, you better give it a good wash, cleaning all of the heavy dirt from the mudguard and tires before shipping.

  • Second, you will need to get photographs of your bike’s current condition. You can even record a short video of your motorcycle to identify existing scratches and dents around the bike.
  • Motorcycle shipping companies won’t be responsible for losing accessories nor will any accessories be covered by insurance. It is better to remove all loose accessories such as luggage rack, bicycle rack, spoiler, GPS system, removable stereos, and toll tags, etc. prior to transport.

Note: If there is any major dent, damage, or part missing from your motorcycle, take a picture of it or note it down. It will further help you get hassle-free reimbursement from insurance providers.

Inside Preparation For Motorcycle Shipping

  • For safety reasons, you should reduce the fuel level of your motorcycle. 
  • Just like identifying outside issues of your bike, you should document mechanical issues your motorcycle may have.
  • To protect your bike while it is in transit, you should ensure that its tires are fully inflated.
  • Any leaks or mechanical problems must be relayed to the motorcycle company. Such things can cause unwanted damage to your vehicle or others in transit.

Insurance Coverage When Shipping Your Motorcycle

  • While insurance is not necessary for motorcycle shipping, it is recommended to get a claim for unforeseen accidents.

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