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Cost of Vehicle Transport in Canada

Canada is a massive country, and people often move from one city to another for a better lifestyle, education, job, lower cost of living, and many other purposes. Some people move to another city after retirement as well. Regardless of the reason, when you decide to settle in another city, you may need to ship your car. Having access to your vehicle is crucial when you arrive at your new location. Many are asking, “What is the price of vehicle transport in Canada, and which company should I choose?”

The company you should choose is easy – eShip Transport is a family-owned business that has been shipping cars for years! Charges are a more tricky question to accurately answer. eShip is recognized as the best car shipping company USA to Canada. It is important to note that the cost to ship a vehicle is dependent on various factors that we will discuss in the coming sections. 

Moreover, there are hundreds of vehicle shipping companies around, but all of them are not reliable. eShip Transport is a Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ car shipping company in Canada and the USA. We have helped thousands of customers with car shipping in Canada. Check our services here.

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Learn About the Cost of Vehicle Transport in Canada

Factors Affecting the Cost of Auto Transport

Factors Affecting the Cost of Auto Transport     The cost of shipping a car to Canada depends on various factors. We know you would quickly like to know how much it costs to ship your vehicle and are looking for car shipping quotes, but a shipping quote is not that simple. You can save a considerable amount of money on car shipping if you keep these factors in mind.


Distance is the most crucial factor that determines the cost of vehicle shipping. The more the distance, the higher the fuel consumption. It directly affects the cost of shipping your car.

Urgent auto transport cost you more

Shipping your car on short notice costs you more if you schedule the move urgently. You will also have limited car shipping companies available for immediate transport. When you plan your move in advance, you can save on the cost to ship.

Time of year

Vehicle shipping costs are higher in the summer season. If you have to ship your vehicle in summer, you have to pay more than other seasons in May, June, and July. This is simply because car carriers are busy. Try to avoid car transport in these months unless there is no other option for your vehicle shipping needs. The best time of year to ship a vehicle is spring or fall.

Enclosed transport shipping costs you more than open transport

Enclosed auto transport is more costly as your vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed trailer. This transport type will provide better security and will protect your car from dust and dirt, however, there are less enclosed vehicle carriers on the road, so this type of auto transport is more expensive. Unless you have a luxurious or a new car, choose open transport.

Make and Model of the vehicle

The make and model of your vehicle also determine the costs of car shipping. A luxurious and heavier car will cost you more than a basic model. Remember, the price to ship a car is dependent on the actual car being shipped. Modifications, weight, and size make a huge difference in pricing.

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

Your car is an asset, and you always try to protect it. Preparing your vehicle for shipping is a necessary process, as your vehicle shipment will go through jerks and jolts. It is essential to prepare the vehicle to ensure the safety of your car.

  • Remove any personal belongings inside your car as they may damage when the car moves during transportation across the country.

  • Clean your vehicle for inspection. It will help you spot any scratches or dents on the car, which might be a matter of contention later.

  • You should take photographs and make a video of the vehicle after cleaning. This process is to ensure that you can identify any scratches or dents during transportation.

  • Leave 25% of the fuel or less in the vehicle while shipping.

Things You Should Look for Before Hiring a Vehicle Shipping Company

Things You Should Look for Before Hiring a Vehicle Shipping Company     Shipping your vehicle involves a certain amount of risk as you will hand over your car to someone you don’t know. Safety is the biggest concern while you transport your vehicle, both for you and for eShip Transport. You must choose a company that has an impeccable record of providing excellent auto shipping service. 

Insurance is another factor to look for because, although unlikely, your vehicle may get damaged in case of an accident or simply during transport. 

Apart from that, customer reviews are another factor to check. Thousands of complaints are registered against auto transport companies every year. The best vehicle transport companies have excellent customer reviews. eShip Transport is a consumer affairs accredited company in car shipping. Check the reviews here about shipping a vehicle.

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Should You opt for Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal Pickup and Delivery?

Should You opt for Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal Pickup and Delivery?     Door-to-door pickup and delivery is the most convenient mode of auto shipping. Your vehicle will be picked up from your old location and delivered to the new location. We find the best car carrier for your door to door service. 

If your destination is difficult to access, please be advised that terminal pick-up may be the only option as the carriers can only travel where they are able. Moreover, terminal auto transport is less expensive. Choose the right auto shipping options while considering the vehicles needing to be shipped and average cost you’d like to pay.

Advantages of Insurance during Auto Transport

Advantages of Insurance during Auto Transport     Insurance plays a crucial role in the safety of your car. You must choose a carrier that provides auto transport insurance. There have been instances, although rare, where cars have been  stolen during car shipping, or they meet with an accident. If you have car shipping insurance, you can make a claim in such a situation. 

Some companies offer it free, while you have to pay extra charges with other companies. If it is not offered, you will have to bear a significant loss and that’s not okay with eShip. Insurance comes standard with each of our car shipping quotes.

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How much does it cost to ship a car from the USA to Canada?
How much does it cost to ship a car from the USA to Canada?