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Get More Mileage For Your Money with eShip Transport.

eShip Transport is California’s premier auto transport service. Our philosophy is to get the job done properly, on time, and at a fair price. We are confident in our claim that we offer the best value in auto transport anywhere in California with service from all major metro areas including:
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento
Don’t see your city or area listed? Don’t worry! Our extensive network of carriers allows us to offer service from every corner of California. You let us know where your vehicle is, and we will come pick it up and get it to its destination.

Our All-Inclusive Pricing.

When you contact eShip Transport for a quote on the relocation of your vehicle, we fully expect that you will do some comparison shopping. We guarantee that you will get some quotes that are lower than ours, maybe even significantly lower. The difference is that our price is all-inclusive. Many companies will give you a lowball price upfront and then add on charges and fees after the booking has been made and you have paid a non-refundable deposit. At eShip Transport, we believe in complete transparency with our clients and the price we quote you is the price you pay.Every auto and vehicle transport job we quote will include all of the following:

Your own dedicated agent.

From pick up to delivery, your job will be managed by one specific eShip Transport agent. If you have any questions or concerns or simply need an update, your agent will be your trusted point of contact.

The eShip Transport Platinum Protection Plan.

This plan covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle in the unlikely event of it being damaged during transport. Also included in the plan is $300 towards car rental charges should the delivery of your vehicle be delayed by over 48 hours.

7 Days A Week Availability.

eShip is proud to be one of a very small number of transport companies who will take delivery of vehicles 7 days a week. We understand that your schedule is hectic and it is our goal to provide you with as much flexibility as possible during the transport process.

Free Storage.

As an eShip Transport client, you are entitled to free storage at our local, secure storage facility. If your schedule has you arriving a few days behind your vehicle we will store it for you, free of charge, until you are ready to take delivery.We understand that putting your vehicle in the hands of strangers can be stressful and you probably have questions. At eShip Transport, we believe in giving the client as much information as possible so they can make the right choice for the transport of their vehicle.

What Is The Difference Between Open Auto Transport And Enclosed Auto Transport?

Simply put, the difference is in the level of protection you feel is appropriate for your vehicle during transport.

Open Auto Transport.

This is the most commonly booked and cost-effective option. Open auto transport is less expensive because the car trailer can carry multiple vehicles at one time, thus reducing the cost per vehicle. eShip Transport then passes that savings on to you, our client. It is important to remember that your vehicle will not have a physical covering during this type of transport and you can expect your car to arrive at its new location covered with a layer of dust from being on the road. However, damage to vehicles is rare and this level of protection is sufficient for most vehicles.

Enclosed Auto Transport.

If the vehicle you are transporting is very valuable, rare, or precious to you, then we suggest you take advantage of our enclosed auto transport service. We offer both soft side and hard side trailers. Either option will protect your vehicle from road dust, grime, and harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or hail. Hard side trailers take protection one step further and will protect your vehicle from large, high-velocity debris. Although it is extremely unlikely, a hard side trailer will also keep your vehicle safe in the event of a collision or accident. Hard side trailers also boast smooth hydraulic ramps which further reduce the chance of your vehicle being damaged during loading or unloading.

What If I’m In A Hurry? Can My Transport Be Expedited?

Yes, of course!Simply tell us when you need your vehicle to arrive and we’ll make sure it’s there on time. Our expedited service costs more than our regular service. This is because we will have to work harder to connect with a transit partner who has immediate availability for your vehicle; however, if time is of the essence, you can trust us to get the job done.

Do You Transport Boats and RVs?

Yes, eShip Transport has ten plus years of experience with moving boats and RVs from one location to another. We understand the highly specialized nature of such transports and have access to the specific trailers and equipment required to get the job done safely and without damage to your recreational vehicle.We highly recommend that you leave the stressful job of transporting your boat or RV to the experts at eShip Transport.

I Need To Transport My Motorcycle. Can You Help?

eShip can transport any type of vehicle, including motorcycles. Our motorcycle clients typically do not want to add the mileage or wear and tear associated with a long-distance move to their motorcycle. That is where we come in. Choose from either our open motorcycle transport or our enclosed motorcycle transport. Each includes local pick up and loading on by a trained professional with experience in properly securing a motorcycle for transport.We guarantee that your motorcycle will be delivered safely and on time at your new location.

Did You Know; eShip Transport Offers Full-Service Household Moving Too?

eShip Transport also offers full-service household moving. Because our commitment to excellent customer service carries over into our household moving division; You can rest assured that we only partner with highly vetted movers with impeccable recommendations.eShip Transport procures moving space in bulk and that is why we are able to offer high quality, full service moving at unbeatable prices. From packing up your household to on-time delivery at your new home, you can rely on eShip Transport to take the stress and hassle out of your move.