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Best Car Transport Method – Enclosed Carriers are Safe & Reliable

Enclosed auto transport offers you the ultimate protection against any element of dust, dirt, or debris on the road. It protects your car against sunlight, hail, rain, and other natural substances that could affect its deluxe paint.

eShip transport has been in auto transportation for a decade now and is well-known for imparting pioneer services, especially car shipping. It provides two levels of enclosed transport for its customers. Besides this, we offer a platinum protection plan and free no-obligation shipping quotes for quick action.

Best Car Transport Method – Enclosed Carriers

When Should You Consider Going For An Enclosed Transport?

If you have heavily invested in your car, or if it’s a precious collector’s item, then it becomes your responsibility to help it preserve its mint condition. Enclosed transport remains the only option available in such cases for supplying high-grade protection to vehicles while in transit. 

Salt and other chemical treatments are used to prevent the roads from getting too slippery. What if your antique car runs on the road and kicks the salt up? It would stick right up to its hubcaps and damage them. It may affect the paint as well, bringing scratches on the surface.

It gets risky to handle a car having low clearance, as there are chances of its back end getting scrapped during the loading and unloading process.

Why Can’t I Drive The Car Myself To The New Location?

It may appear a plain and straightforward business to transport a car across thousands of miles. But it’s not, as a lot of management goes into the process. You may assume that you just need to drive for hours and you can carry the car yourself.

However, you may be falling for a false economy. When driving across state lines and around the country, you must consider fuel costs and road taxes that may add extra dollars to your budget. Besides this, you also have to pay for night-stays, refreshments at rest stops, food, etc. It will be practically impossible for you to drive that many hours without a person to take turns with. The wear and tear that the vehicle undergoes during the journey can cost you a good amount. Any superficial damage to a luxury car is enough to get the dollars running out of your pocket. Let eShip handle the expenses for you. Request a no-charge shipping estimation today.

eShip Offers Two Levels Of Enclosed Transport To Suit Every Need And Budget

1) Hard side transport with hydraulic lift.

This entails your car being carried in a metal container, with rigid walls on all four sides, accompanied by a solid roof.

If you own a car with low clearance, for example – a Ferrari or Lamborghini, this enclosed transport level will be the ideal option for you. During the loading process, the car does not need to drive up a ramp. Instead, it will be driven or pushed to a flat lift platform, which will get the car raised to a convenient position to be drawn onto the trailer quickly.

2) Soft side transport with ramp.

It is slightly cheaper than the above option, as the trailer is lightweight, and you get soft walls or tarps to shield the car from all sides. The tarps are attached to the frame of the trailer, using ropes pulled in through their eyelets. This option provides excellent protection to your car. But holes and gaps exist in the tarps, so the dust and dirt may still rake in.

We at eShip will provide you with the most accurate rates for the two enclosed auto transport levels. Order a free, no-obligation shipping quote today.