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Latest News on Virtual freight exchanges

Virtual freight exchanges

Posted on  by Here4UCouriers

The active development of the Internet environment has led to the takeover of promising new business sectors, including the expanding field of goods and cargo transportation. Medium and large transport companies and private carriers offer their services on the Internet, taking advantage of the convenient possibility of placing ads on electronic boards. It provides many benefits – both for the airlines and customers of the car shipping service.

Virtual transport exchange

Specialized exchange is a site for effectively interacting with all parties in the cargo transportation process. This convenient site unites many stakeholders – customers and performers of transportation services. Representatives of transport, forwarding, and logistic companies, as well as companies dispatching cargo/goods, can communicate here…

Benefits for freight forwarders

Transport Exchange allows:

  • Optimize the process of delivering goods.
  • Significantly reduce the risks of empty runs.
  • Substantially reduce overall shipping costs.
  • Carry out preliminary planning of transport unit movements between different destinations.
  • Reduce the cost of transportation services by using groupage cargo delivery.
  • Constantly expand their customer base without raising additional resources, including outlays on advertising their services.

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