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Looking for the best auto transport in America? eShip Transport have you covered

If you’re new to having your car shipped, you might be wondering why people don’t just drive it themselves. You are right. But there are some pretty strong reasons to choose the best auto transport in America instead. Your car is excellent for short-distance commuting, but you’re not sure how it would fare on a relatively long road trip. Or perhaps you love riding your car over short distances but are hesitant to drive it all by yourself across state lines. Whatever your reason is, we at eShip Transport have you covered for all your auto transport requirements in America. Wondering how much it will cost for auto transport in America? Get a free estimation.


Open carrier auto transport in America

The most frequent mode of vehicle transportation is open carriers. The term “open carrier” refers to a carrier that exposes your vehicle to the outside elements. There is nothing between the weather and the surface of your vehicle, unlike enclosed carriers. You’ve probably seen the typical 10-car open hauler on the freeway. These are 18-wheel double-decker tractor trailers capable of transporting 8 to 10 vehicles. This will most likely be your most cost-effective mode of vehicle transportation. Get a free, no-obligation quote for an Open carrier auto transport in America by filling in your basic details with us online, or you can call our 24*7 toll-free number.

Enclosed carrier auto transport in America

eShip Transport is your go-to auto transporter in America for enclosed auto transport if you need extra protection for your car. We have extensive experience, and we are committed to transporting your vehicles, including classic cars, luxury vehicles, exotic vehicles, and antique cars, across state lines. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be carried by the best in the industry, handled as if it were our own, and kept safe throughout the journey. To get a free quote for all your enclosed carrier auto transport in America, contact us here.

Should you ship your car in an open or enclosed carrier?

Whether you should opt for an open carrier or enclosed carrier for your vehicle transport depends on your auto shipping requirements in a broader sense. The most apparent reason for enclosed auto transport is for aesthetic purposes. If you don’t mind getting your car dirty and saving money, open carrier auto transport will suffice. Enclosed carrier auto transport is best suited for brand new cars that need to be delivered at your client address intact and all shining. Just in case you are looking at transporting classic, luxury, and exotic vehicles, opting for an enclosed carrier is advisable.

Best auto transport in America

eShip Transport, with over ten years of experience in the auto transport industry, understands that every car requires the same level of protection and safety while on the road. If you’re looking for the best auto transport in America, we are a name to reckon with. Get your free auto transport quote.