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Moving to a New State? Here Are 8 Crucial Tips to Remember

One of the benefits of relocating to another state is the opportunity to experience a different climate, culture, and lifestyle. It’s also the best way to seek further education or find a new job. eShip Transport has the experience on handling any type of move to another state.

While this significant move can teach you something about the new locality and being self-sufficient, remember that the moving process goes beyond packing your things and entering the new home. Besides leaving behind the memories and friends made in your hometown, it also means ensuring that the relocating process runs smoothly. 

Learn Tips on Moving to a New State

If you want to keep your sanity intact, this article will enumerate eight crucial tips when relocating to a new state.

1. Set a Realistic Moving Budget

There are many ways to reduce moving costs. Using a moving cost calculator, you can estimate the average price and make wise decisions when selecting movers and supplies. You must also consider the costs of rent, security deposits, moving companies, and other fees associated with setting up utilities or travel.

2. Find a Suitable Moving Company

If you’re moving long-distance, research moving companies until you find one that best suits your needs. On the other hand, if you’re doing it yourself, educate yourself about the best shipping methods, especially if you’ll be handling bulky items. Though however bulky the item, eShip Transport has services near you for all your shipping needs. 

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3. Visit Your Destination

If you’re moving out of state, we recommend visiting the destination to scope out the area if you can. You can also use digital platforms like social media accounts, Yelp reviews, and Google Maps to learn more about your new destination.

4. Consider Your Job Situation

If you’re still working your current job and planning to move to another state, ensure they have set programs or policies to help ease your transition to a new location. Determine what support they offer to employees who have recently been in your situation, such as assistance with moving costs or if they’ll let the workers work remotely.

On the other hand, if you’re unemployed and moving to a new place, you should research potential job opportunities before arriving so you can reach there prepared.

5. Settle the Necessary Paperwork

This step is one of the most tedious for people moving to another place, but it’s necessary. You should update your billing addresses, cancel or transfer memberships, and proceed to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to update your new home address.

You must also update your credit cards, driver’s license, insurance, utilities, voting registration, WiFi, gym membership, and mail forwarding.

6. Find a Place to Live or Stay

When relocating to a new place, you can virtually walk through residences and create a timeline for moving there permanently. eShip Transport can assist with your shipping needs. In the meantime, you should consider staying in a hotel or an Airbnb.

7. Declutter Your Items

While moving to a new state can be a great opportunity, you should never let unnecessary items drag you down. You can move forward with a clean slate by taking a moment to rummage through your things and do away with everything that doesn’t spark joy. Consider donating your items, it’s a great way to help others and make your move much smoother and lighter.

8. Pack Your Things

You can ensure a smooth moving day by planning your packing process and making the essentials for your trip and arrival easily accessible with eShip Transport. That way, once you arrive at your new home you can just kick back and relax.


Moving to another state can bring overwhelming excitement, sadness, and stress. Fortunately, planning the process and working with a reliable moving company can help preserve your sanity.

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Moving to a New State? Here Are 8 Crucial Tips to Remember