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Searching for a Top-Rated Auto Transport Company in America? Watch out for these red flags.

At times, you need to ship a car across states in America. Maybe you bought a car from a private seller or a dealership in another state online, or maybe you’re relocating for a new career opportunity. Perhaps you want to ship a car to one of your family members. Long-distance shipping can be expensive, but when compared to traveling to pick up a car and the time and expense of driving it around, it is also worthwhile. In all the cases, you want a top-rated transport company in America that you can trust to ship your vehicle. We at eShip Transport remain a preferred choice when it comes to everything in terms of auto transport. Get a free, no-obligation estimate of your auto transport right here to get started.


Price Lock Guarantee?

It is only about 1 out of every five car shipping companies that will give you a price lock guarantee. The majority of the auto transport companies will give you a non-binding quote or calculation that will increase later. This is very common for auto transporters to initially offer a lowball quote and keep on adding extra charges such as handling insurance and storage. Offering a price lock guarantee is something that makes eShip Transport a top-rated auto transport company in America. Contact us to get your fast, no-obligation auto transport quote.

Do they work on weekends?

Vehicles are picked up and distributed on Saturday and Sunday just as often as Monday and Tuesday or every other day in the auto transportation industry. You need to contact your auto transporter if there are problems with the driver carrying your car. You could lose time and money if you didn’t connect to your auto shipping company. Avoid hiring an auto transporter who does not reveal that they are available seven days a week on their website or Google listings. You can trust eShip Transport to have a dedicated personal agent available for you seven days a week throughout the process.

What if your vehicle is delayed?

If the transporter carrying your vehicle is not financially liable for on-time delivery, they have no contractual incentive to do so. In the event of an extended wait, we at eShip Transport offer rental reimbursement of $300 just in case your vehicle is delayed for more than 48 hours. This makes us a top-rated auto transport company in America and keeps us on our toes to provide the same outstanding service all the time to all our valued customers.

eShip Transport is a Top-Rated Auto Transport Company in America

We at eShip Transport consistently ranked in the top three of the National Consumer Affairs comparisons because of our excellent customer service. We’re proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating that we strive to preserve every day. Get your quote now.