Best auto transport services in United States!

Choosing the best transporter to ship cars across the country!

Shipping a car across the country is often a daunting task, whether you’re traveling across the country, working long-term from another state, or buying a vehicle from a seller who lives a few hundred miles away. Hiring a reputed car shipping company for your cross-country auto transport is an easy way to make the entire process of shipping your car smooth. We at eShip Transport take pride in completing numerous cross-country moves while keeping the vehicle’s safety and security at the center stage. Request a free, no-obligation quote and get started if you are looking at shipping your car around the country.


How much does it cost to ship cars across the country?

This is a difficult question to answer since a variety of variables will determine costs. Anything from the mode of transportation to the time of year can have a considerable impact on the cost of moving your car from one location to another. For example, shipping a Chevy Malibu from Indianapolis to Los Angeles will cost anything between $900-$1,000. Look for the best deals from auto transporters you trust since it’s your car on the back of their truck. Get an affordable cross-country car shipping quote from eShip Transport if you are looking for a trusted partner to ship your car.

Open & enclosed transport

When shipping your vehicle, you will generally choose to use an open or enclosed transport carrier. Open transport is the most cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle. However, available transportation may not be the best choice for high-end luxury vehicles, expensive antique cars, or megabuck supercars. Usually, most people choose open transport as it is a relatively more affordable option to move your car across the country. But if you have an expensive car and money is not a consideration, choosing secure transport is the best. Get the best auto transport quote for closed or open transport from eShip Transport.

How long does it take to ship cars across the country?

Shipping a car a few hundred miles would likely take one or two days, while shipping the same car across the country could take a week to ten days. If you want an expedited delivery service or express shipping, you can expect to pay more. When you choose expedited delivery, your car will arrive quicker than it will with standard shipping. Contact us at eShip Transport to have a detailed discussion with our expert movers.

Why is eShip Transport the best cross-country transporter?

While deciding on shipping your car across the country, look for finding a reliable and affordable auto transporter such as eShip Transport. To get started with us, request a free, no-obligation auto transport quote.