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The most challenging task while traveling to Alaska is to transport your vehicle along. While you can quickly get your car transported, it becomes challenging to find a suitable carrier. Additionally, if you need to move with heavy-duty vehicles such as box trucks, vans, coaches, and trailers. It is quite hectic to find a trusted transport service capable of open or closed vehicle transport to Alaska. In this shipping process, the safety of your vehicle is most important. You can connect with eShip to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your open or closed vehicle.With our team of shipping specialists and robust customer service executives, we make sure to help you get the best transportation carrier for your requirements. No matter whether you need closed or open transport, we can provide it for you. With eShip, unlike the local shipping services, you’ll never have to be worried about anything as you’ll get to enjoy our BBB-accredited service. This is not it, you’ll also get your vehicle insured throughout the entire shipping process. Call us today to get your quote.


Connect With eShip, the Large Vehicle Auto Transport Experts

Connect With eShip, the Large Vehicle Auto Transport Experts     With added auto carriers to our team, eShip offers you comprehensive Alaska auto transport options to choose from. Whether you’re shipping a truck or a van, you’ll get something suitable for shipping any vehicle with us. We offer a price lock guarantee, vehicle tracking, door-to-door service, open or closed vehicle transport to Alaska, and many more. We will also help you understand the difference between open or closed vehicles, their types, prices, offerings, and time frame! This knowledge will help you make an informed decision while choosing your shipping carrier to Alaska.

Are you still having any doubts regarding open or closed vehicle transport to Alaska? Connect with us to get the quotes. 

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What do we mean by open or closed vehicle transport?

Let us help you understand the difference between open or closed vehicle transport so that you can choose the most suitable one to fit your needs.

Open Auto Transport

As the name suggests, open auto transport includes the trucks that usually haul vehicles that are openly exposed to the air and other atmospheric elements. 

Three main types of open auto transport:

  • Single level/Multi-Car carrier
  • Two-level/ Multi Car
  • Dually Truck With Multi-Car Carriers

Pros of Open Auto Transport

  • Easily Affordable
  • Easily Accessible
  • Quick and easy door to door shipping

Cons of Open Auto Transport

  • Not safe from critical weather conditions: sunlight, wind, rain, hail, etc. 
  • Not safe from road debris, dust, or anything that may get kicked up from the road (although these are unlikely to harm your vehicle)
  • In view of onlookers

Closed Auto Transport

Again, as the name suggests, closed auto transport refers to totally closed carriers, unexposed to the weather and air. Are you looking to transport your vehicle via an enclosed carrier? If yes, just reach out to us. 

Types of Enclosed Carrier:

  • Single or two-car carriers
  • Multi-car enclosed carriers

Pros of Enclosed Transport

  • Protection from outside elements
  • Complete protection against all weather conditions
  • Assured protection and security for all vehicle types

Cons of Enclosed Transport

  • Less Fuel Efficient
  • Less available on the road, therefore higher cost
  • It May take longer to find a carrier

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How to ship my car to Alaska?

How to ship my car to Alaska?     Most car shipping services prefer to transport vehicles via shipping ports. This is not always necessary and can be more hazardous than transport via roads. We are one of few companies for open or closed vehicle transport to Alaska that make your auto transport convenient by providing you with a special dedicated agent throughout your entire vehicle transport process.  

Our knowledgeable, courteous & honest customer service team is always available and at your service.

This is not all. We provide door-to-door service whenever possible. You simply share your requirements with us, then sit and relax while we will take care of everything else.  Request an online quote now.

What is the cost to ship a car to Alaska?

What is the cost to ship a car to Alaska?     There is not one specific cost to shipping a car to Alaska. Each car is different, and quotes vary based on a variety of factors. Your specific vehicle specs determine the cost to ship your car. Two main factors for cost are the size of the vehicle and the distance needing to be traveled. 

As a reliable Alaska car shipping company, we utilize the most straightforward process to ship your car to your location in Canada, Washington, Alaska, and other places. 

Our drivers are experts, and they keep you informed of their progress to assure you understand the car delivery time frame. At eShip, we do everything we can to make your Alaska auto shipping process comfortable. We offer cost-effective auto transport services across the country, whether you are looking for car shipping to Alaska or Florida.

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Should I buy a car before I move to Alaska?

Should I buy a car before I move to Alaska?     Are you preparing to move to Alaska? If yes, make sure to buy a car before moving. You must secure transportation before you get there. 

Now, there are two options, either you connect with someone in Alaska to help you buy a car there, or if you already have a car, you can simply transport it with the help of an Alaska auto shipping specialist at eShip.

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What is the most cost-effective way to ship vehicles to Alaska?

 What is the most cost-effective way to ship vehicles to Alaska?     There are various shipping service providers out there who claim to offer affordable market rates when it comes to the price. Initially, people look to them for their car shipping needs; however, in looking more into cost, they realize there are many add-ons. Your Alaska auto transport can end up costing a lot more than it needed to! At eShip, our pricing is transparent, and we keep you informed of everything you need to know when shipping cars to Alaska.  

While choosing a service, you should be careful that you’re not compromising on quality. At eShip, you get an affordable price, along with 5-star rated service.

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